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  1. holy cow-- my inbox is full....some from last year, lol. give me a minute to empty it out.....

  2. lol--- i thought it was interesting that when i was first banned, it was for a week. Then, when i accidentally signed on [knowing i was still banned] it was extended to the 30th. Pre-emptive banning, i s'pose. ;)


    Moderators have the right to be hyper-sensitive. I'm kinda surprised they are letting this whole pearl thing ramble on for so long tho.

  3. things are pretty good here-- thanks!

  4. oh man!! I get sidetracked by life and come back to find you've successfully gotten the evolution thread closed! darn you to heck! :D


    see ya around ;)

  5. ah, don't worry -- his words pretty much stand alone, lol.

  6. you might want to add CC -in subject line = Christian Content :)
  7. thankyouverrrymuuuch ;)


    some discussions are simply too circular to debate for very long. This is one of them.

  8. Hi Reya-- do you have a list of the history errors in SOTW and/or her other history book? Even just a couple that we could check out? thanks.

  9. lol! no problemo :)

    I can take it, wah-ha

  10. bwahaha!! when i used to lay out in the sun, dh used to tease me that he was gonna put a pop-out timer in my belly button ;)

  11. Hello :)


    no messages yet here?! woohoo! i get to be first! :D


    I just wanted to say that it has been fun discussing the issues w/ you; hopefully we'll get around to another thread where we actually agree ;)

  12. Hi genie!! it was nice to meet you today. at least, after the gunsmoke settled...... ;)

    email me and we'll swap photos.


    and everyone be patient! she's just been busy and offline lately. She promised to check in tho so i can post pics of us at each other's throats in real life -stay tuned!

  13. hey! i just saw your 'actual' pic -- if that's really you, you look as daring and cheeky as you sounded in That earlier thread, lol! you should use it!


    you go girl.

  14. I don't claim to be mature [how can you in a catwoman costume? lol!], but if someone makes a public statement, it's fair game in ANYONE's points. post on ;)

  15. aw, come on, lovedtodeath! :)


    Variety is the spice of life -- it would be kinda boring if we all agreed w/ each other. Even Parabola has some cool stuff to say every once in a while ;) Life's too short for an ignore list :D

  16. Parabola, as was shared in another thread, we do HAVE the freedom to express that we ARE insulted by the beliefs or actions of our President, President-elect, and/or those who support them. Such is life: there will always be someone insulted by what we do, say, or think.


    Since neither SWB nor the mods have said anything about my comments about your sig, maybe they find my own position acceptable?


    The fact that a few people find our positions 'acceptable' doesn't mean that they ARE acceptable to everyone. I mean, plenty of people find my own posts acceptable too --I'm sure others would disagree.


    And those disagreements are what fuels discussion and continued thought.

    Just because we disagree w/ each other doesn't mean we're out to 'start trouble" --we just notice different things.


    i look forward to seeing what the rest of the week brings :)

  17. blessedfamily-- thanks, but i'm only good at this w/ a few soap box issues ;) I don't think i could write an entire book! :D

  18. hey gal --no worries! I'm not one to walk on eggshells, lol..... ;)

  19. hey gal --no worries! I'm not one to walk on eggshells, lol.... ;)

  20. meow back atcha MamaG ;)


    and NO, gardenschooler, i did NOT start the Duct tape group, lol! I just found out about social groups last night :)

  21. Howdy!!

    I'm still trying to figure these new features out.

    Hope you are having a good time -see ya later!

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