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  1. My non-mathy daughter took Hon. Physics 1 with Jester as a sophomore. She loved it. I was really surprised! My son is taking the same thing this year as a freshman, concurrently with geometry. It has really worked out well for both of them. My daughter's sequence ended up being biology (Landry), physics 1, hon. chemistry, and now AP biology. She really enjoyed physics 1 and chemistry.
  2. My daughter also ended up with Colvin for Rhetoric 1 and we have been pleasantly surprised (though M. Vierra will always be one of her favorites, which is funny because she hated him for the first 4 weeks). Looks like my son will have Colvin for Logic 2 because Vierra's Logic 2 sections conflict. I am good with that. I'm amazed that there are 3 or 4 sections of Logic 2 and only one Latin Readings. Aaarrrgh. I mean I know why, but it's frustrating.
  3. We love Vierra. My daughter had him for GC 4. He challenged her in a good way. My son hopes to take him for GC 4 next year. I wish he could do Logic 2 with him, but there are class conflicts. I would say Mr. Vierra is deinitely in the top echelon of Wilson Hill teachers.
  4. She is one of my daughter's all-time favorite teachers. My daughter is NOT a math/science student, but Dr. Bailey is a great teacher, and she did very well in the Hon. Chem class last year. My son will be taking her next year.
  5. Has anyone had a child in a Wilson Hill course with her? What do you think?
  6. Props to you for asking questions to the point about Islam!

  7. Thank you for posting so eloquently what I would like to say.

  8. Why? I suspect you are not being serious anyway, and that this is a "gotcha" question straight from the handbook; but if I am wrong I will gladly reply again.


    You are good! Count this as a green square. ;)

  9. Oh, yeah...we think alike! :)


  10. Warren Buffett can donate his OWN money to the US Treasury, thank you very much, but hands off what little I have, lol. I knew you had to be my friend after those posts. ;-)

  11. Had to see if it worked! LOL

  12. Hey, I'd rep you if I could. I despise the trolls on the board who, I have come to think, are deliberately picking fights. Thank you for posting your response to Karen NC.

  13. Lol- straight from Brian McLaren maybe?

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