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  1. Somahttps://www.soma.com/store/category/all-brands/store/category/swim/cat2060003
  2. My son is the one who doesn't want to see any of the movies. Grandpa would sit through almost anything.
  3. My parents are going to be watching DS5 for a couple of days and want to plan a special outing. However, my dad can't walk long distances so that rules out things like the zoo, aquarium or children's museum. There aren't any movies he wants to see. Any ideas for something special they can do? They will be near Cincinnati if you are familiar with that area. Thanks!
  4. We've been doing http://arttango.com/ and really like it
  5. It didn't click with my son. He also didn't care about the story so we moved on to something else.
  6. We have good friends who just moved back to the area. Their youngest is almost 10 and they have all girls. Our son is 5. What are some things we could all do together that everyone would enjoy?
  7. After a whole whopping 5 months, I wish I had known that even though it would be rough at first, we would find our rhythm in time.
  8. Our 5 year old son also needs loose routine . Here is ours for school time-- -Exercise -Warm up sheet (dot-to-dot, maze, hidden picture, etc.) -Math -Rotating activity (art, history, etc.) -15 minute break -Phonics -Handwriting We read books through out the day.
  9. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was an extra in one of his movies. He seemed like a really nice guy...chatting with the extras and hanging out with crew. The other big names were much more standoffish.
  10. We are first year homeschoolers and just doing Kinder so no testing or anything yet. However the plan is start in 2nd or 3rd even though it isn't required here. The main reasons are just to make sure we are on the right track and the "get hit by a bus" scenarios mentioned above. I got extremely sick a few years ago and everything changed literally overnight. I want to make sure that he is somewhat set up to move to a different schooling option if life throws us another major curveball.
  11. Cara4497


    Our only is in K. We do math, phonics and handwriting every day. Mondays we add in art. Tuesdays are social studies. Wednesdays are 'creative writing' or some other fun thing I find. Thursdays he has a homeschool class. And Fridays are science.
  12. Continue for the foreseeable future-- AAR adding in AAS when we finish level 1 CTC Math Art Tango DK Geography workbooks interest led science This summer--Knowledge Quest Around the World Considering for the fall-- More formal science (this kid LOVES science) Beautiful Feet Early American History Foreign Language (he wants to learn Spanish, Korean and sign language so we will have to pick one)
  13. Actually the Great Homeschool Convention is doing a small one in STL this year. It was just announced a few days ago. https://www.greathomeschoolconventions.com/locations/missouri/
  14. Keep your eyes and ears open. Sometimes opportunities come to you. Last December I was at the eye doctor when a very upset woman came in to double check the price of her mother's new glasses thinking they couldn't be THAT expensive and she must have had it wrong. Well, she was wrong...unfortunately they were MORE and there was no way the family could afford it. The woman was devastated. After she left, I told the receptionist that I would like to help. I couldn't cover the whole amount, but we had budgeted for a couple 'angel tree' gifts and I used it for that instead.
  15. A little of both, but mostly him being home. We do have a little income so finances aren't as big an issue as they could be. It wasn't so bad in the summer and fall when we spent a lot of time outdoors. But now that we are pretty much stuck inside, we are constantly getting on each others nerves. I told him the other day that something has to change after the first of the year...one of us is getting a job or the kid is going to school. I have health issues that make working difficult and have been out of the work force for over a decade. I could work a part time job that didn't require too much physically, but I don't think I could even handle a typical retail position at the moment. Also, I am waiting for some medical test results that could require intensive treatment if it is the worst case scenario. He has a job offer that was supposed to start months ago, but keeps getting put on hold due to governmental issues that are completely out of the control of him or the company. He applied for a seasonal job with UPS, but never heard back. This time of year there isn't really much other hiring going on anyway. We are basically just in a waiting game and it is driving us all batty.
  16. How I can I be supportive? How can we not all turn into giant grumps from being together all the time? Thanks!
  17. Thank you all so much. This has been very helpful to read. He is making progress so we will just doing what we have been and get an evaluation done. It is just hard because he beats himself up over being 'stupid' and sometimes adults and especially disapproving family members expect more out of him than he is capable of.
  18. DS is in Kindergarten and this is our first year homeschooling. It has had its ups and downs and few rough spots, but overall I felt it was going well. That was until I started volunteering in his Sunday School class on occasion and seeing FB posts about what other Kers were doing. The other kids are light years ahead of him...like they are writing sentences and doing addition and DS is still working on counting and can't even write his name. Most of them I know in real life and some he even went to preschool with so I know they all started the year in about the same place. Our pediatrician did put in a referral for some evaluations for possible learning issues. But I don't believe that would put him this far behind. I feel like I am failing him. HELP
  19. My son takes forever as well. And he is really going. It just takes a while. My dad loves to tell about the time DS was 3 or 4 and they were in a public restroom. He was trying to hurry the kid up, when DS loudly announced "Poppy, I'm just a long pooper" and the man in the other stall couldn't stop laughing.
  20. I was going to recommend his Thomas Edison one A Wizard from the Start. And one we just read today The Boy Who Loved Math the Improbable Life of Paul Erdos by Deborah Heiligman.
  21. I think they have fallen into the trap of having to make each death 'bigger' and more shocking than one before. This only seems to up the gore and decrease the emotion. The character death that struck me the most lately was on Fear the Walking the Dead. I didn't even really like this character, but his killing was seemed so mundane and pointless that it had more of impact IMO.
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