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  1. Somahttps://www.soma.com/store/category/all-brands/store/category/swim/cat2060003
  2. My son is the one who doesn't want to see any of the movies. Grandpa would sit through almost anything.
  3. My parents are going to be watching DS5 for a couple of days and want to plan a special outing. However, my dad can't walk long distances so that rules out things like the zoo, aquarium or children's museum. There aren't any movies he wants to see. Any ideas for something special they can do? They will be near Cincinnati if you are familiar with that area. Thanks!
  4. We've been doing http://arttango.com/ and really like it
  5. It didn't click with my son. He also didn't care about the story so we moved on to something else.
  6. We have good friends who just moved back to the area. Their youngest is almost 10 and they have all girls. Our son is 5. What are some things we could all do together that everyone would enjoy?
  7. After a whole whopping 5 months, I wish I had known that even though it would be rough at first, we would find our rhythm in time.
  8. Our 5 year old son also needs loose routine . Here is ours for school time-- -Exercise -Warm up sheet (dot-to-dot, maze, hidden picture, etc.) -Math -Rotating activity (art, history, etc.) -15 minute break -Phonics -Handwriting We read books through out the day.
  9. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was an extra in one of his movies. He seemed like a really nice guy...chatting with the extras and hanging out with crew. The other big names were much more standoffish.
  10. We are first year homeschoolers and just doing Kinder so no testing or anything yet. However the plan is start in 2nd or 3rd even though it isn't required here. The main reasons are just to make sure we are on the right track and the "get hit by a bus" scenarios mentioned above. I got extremely sick a few years ago and everything changed literally overnight. I want to make sure that he is somewhat set up to move to a different schooling option if life throws us another major curveball.
  11. Cara4497


    Our only is in K. We do math, phonics and handwriting every day. Mondays we add in art. Tuesdays are social studies. Wednesdays are 'creative writing' or some other fun thing I find. Thursdays he has a homeschool class. And Fridays are science.
  12. Continue for the foreseeable future-- AAR adding in AAS when we finish level 1 CTC Math Art Tango DK Geography workbooks interest led science This summer--Knowledge Quest Around the World Considering for the fall-- More formal science (this kid LOVES science) Beautiful Feet Early American History Foreign Language (he wants to learn Spanish, Korean and sign language so we will have to pick one)
  13. Actually the Great Homeschool Convention is doing a small one in STL this year. It was just announced a few days ago. https://www.greathomeschoolconventions.com/locations/missouri/
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