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  1. suggest headphones - IMHOTV is more distracting than a computer unless they are streaming shows which effectively makes it a TV
  2. https://www.insidehighered.com/news/2018/08/10/cuny-initiative-sees-early-success-remedial-education Of course ultimately we should fix K-12 education but I agree with a commenter couldn't this be done cheaper through a HS post-graduate charter school (my invented name just now)? My mother taught math many years at an expensive prep school which is known more for it's sports than it's academics. It has a long standing post-graduate (PG) program where the wealthy or low income (scholarship) talented students play their sport in a very competitive prep school environment and take remedial classes to try to qualify for D1 college programs. So this idea is very old. The regular middle class students are pretty much shut out. The CUNY colleges could even provide classroom space and teachers (such as our hard-working adjuncts) to provide similar services skipping the sports aspect completely. I would just like to see this needed remedial effort moved out of colleges to somewhere more appropriate.
  3. "Fiske Guide to Colleges" has something like that but only for a few hundred colleges - try to borrow it
  4. DS moves into the dorm this coming Thursday - I have most of his "supplies". Got a few text books but waiting for his class to start because many optional books listed. His Math/Calc text is digital but I think a used hard copy is available. I asked DS to email the instructor but he is wary about doing that.
  5. Not a must. There are many virtual tours online these days. For example: https://www.campustours.com/ https://www.youvisit.com/collegesearch http://www.ecampustours.com/
  6. Which AP are you looking for C or the 1&2 series? By the way, if you take AP Physics 1 and/or 2 college STEM majors do not get credit for this class. My DS took AP Physics 1 and 2 as an "honors" type algebra based Physics but he did not take either AP exam. He starts his Honors Calculus based Physics 1 Mechanics class on Aug 20th.
  7. please also look at: there are some reviews there - I wish folks would add more!
  8. Hopefully the sales are still on - I think Target had it on sale - look for $90 or less sale price update not looking good for online purchase $119.99 at Walmart.com (sold by Office Depot) - Amazon was higher the B&M Walmart or Target stores may have them at the back to school price depending on where you live our high school students are ALL back to school here but back-to-school seasonal area still there in store - picked up some notebooks for DS' college classes Staples https://www.staples.com/ti+84+plus+ce+graphing+calculator/directory_ti+84+plus+ce+graphing+calculator $124.99 for all colors - Walmart charged more for colors Staples emails me discount coupons all the time so maybe sign up for their program they closed the B&M stores here so I don't shop there much anymore I just looked - coupon excludes graphing & scientific calculators - what a scam they do have a good price on TI-Nspire CX Graphing Calculator for $119.99 (much different interface so not recommended in this case) Item #: 321965 | Model #: TINspireCX https://www.staples.com/Graphing-Calculators/cat_CL90003 ebay for used etc - they are pretty durable https://www.ebay.com/b/Calculators/9972/bn_1643100
  9. many colleges use placement tests for foreign language - this student would be rusty if they did not review at some point while actually in high school they may want to take the CLEP test for a particular foreign language - easiest way I know how to get credit - I would check with the colleges on how old a foreign language CLEP exam could be https://clep.collegeboard.org/world-languages/spanish-language
  10. Love it - this kid ain't no dummy! ? But my DS had more female friends at his B&M Charter Science HS than guy friends. The school was about 50/50. Observation: More of the female students went Pre-med versus the males in the last couple of years (while my son was attending).
  11. This is a positive trend for D1: https://www.ncaa.org/academic-based-revenue-distribution?division=d1 on same site: ========================================================================================== The myth All Football Bowl Subdivision athletics departments net millions of dollars and pour more institutional money into athletics than other Division I schools that are not in FBS. The reality Believe it or not, big names, big wins and big facilities don’t necessarily equate to big profits in the world of Division I athletics. This myth is not only inaccurate – it’s far from the truth. Only 20 Division I athletics departments out of nearly 350 – just over 5 percent – generated more money in 2013 than they spent. A profit is not a given even among teams in the so-called “revenue-generating sports” of football and men’s basketball. Only 56 percent of FBS football programs last year operated in the black, and in men’s basketball, 53 percent of FBS schools did. The second piece of this myth is equally off the mark. In terms of average institutional dollars spent each year on athletics in FBS, Football Championship Subdivision schools and Division I schools without football, the numbers are nearly identical. Each year since 2004, the amount of institutional funds invested in sports at FBS and Division I non-FBS schools has increased in increments that are striking in similarity. Regardless of subdivision, the average Division I athletics department spent approximately $11 million more than it generated in 2013. ========================================================================================== IMHO Colleges spend too much money on sports teams. Of course they have seemed to have cut back on Intramural sports from when I went to college a few decades ago.
  12. I'm a STEM person (who loves history) but it seems that critical thinking over memorization is what is desired. When I see blogs against AP it usually boils down to that. What "gaming" - yes review books probably give general tips but in the end the essay prompt on a history AP exam could be any covered topic.
  13. my son's best friend is wrapping up a challenging theoretical physics class at Harvard summer school - PM me if you want more details taking sophomore level math classes at CC is probably fine - if your student wanted to be a math major then NO
  14. public schools pushing students into AP classes that are over their head etc - it will bring that class down some levels because the teachers will be forced to dumb it down this is leading to lots of 1s scored on AP tests
  15. looks like some good stuff - with all of the discussions about creating AP courses worthy of being college level - it would be great if folks here would use materials like this and hopefully not just cram for the AP exam?.
  16. good point and I have no issue with Dartmouth's approach to AP see for details: https://math.dartmouth.edu/undergraduate/first-year-students/ap-info/ https://math.dartmouth.edu/undergraduate/first-year-students/suggested-courses/
  17. This is a bad trend and not all schools follow this - for example they use honor courses as pre-reqs. Not everyone makes the varsity basketball - we all have are gifts.
  18. I will disagree in the use of the term "watered-down". My DS took both parts, 1 at his B&M charter and 2 at UC Scout online via his B&M charter. Yes they force you to take two classes to cover similar content ( I believe that 1 & 2 cover a little more material than B but the approach is less plug n chug) because it seems the CB's newer philosophy for math and science classes is to cover one college semester over the course of one high school year. As a STEM major in college DS did not take either AP exam since no credit or advancement would happen. Will they apply this philosophy to AP Physics C in the future? Many high schools and online courses cover AP Physics C over one complete high school year. I think this is best for all but the really smart and motivated students. His best friend took DE math through the local CC which is a pretty good school but his Calc 2 and 3 were "watered down" versus most flag-ship state Unis per his father. DS' B&M charter dumped C because not enough students signed up for it. They now offer these through UC Scout since I gently harassed them into adopting UC Scout APs for ones they don't offer. If only UC Scout would improve their courses year to year (they seemed to ignore any small improvements we suggested to them oh well).
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