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  1. I hope this is allowed. I have been answering questions about buying textbooks for my local moms so I wrote a blog post to help out anyone new to buying college textbooks. Let me know of anything I forgot.;postID=6835218134752473169;onPublishedMenu=basicsettings;onClosedMenu=basicsettings;postNum=0;src=postname Edit with new link; Sorry
  2. I will be entering all my info manually if I can not see the results to check for errors!
  3. We reused a math book from her sister and bought the access code online. It save us about $50.
  4. My DH taught sophomore level Electrical Engineering classes for 5 years. He saw a pattern some students who only took AP Calculus did not get a strong enough foundation for the required math in his class. Both my dd are going into engineering and have/will take Calculus I again. It is easier to take Calc I as a freshman that have to relearn/refresh later in their college career.
  5. I strongly encourage everyone to go to the first class before buying the code. My dd had a class that listed the need for online access but the individual teacher did not use it. Grrrr. Last semester we did have a Pearson Math book from her older sister and her teacher did use the on line access. She was able to log onto her class account as a guest (available as a guest for 2 weeks) then click on a link to buy the access directly from Pearson. It save us about $20 from buying from the bookstore.
  6. My freshman just does not mention it until she gets to know someone. She is at a school where 60% of the students are from in state so she just tells them she is from out of state. Funny enough, she is now dating someone who has a best friend who was homeschooled. LOL.
  7. Move in was relatively easy, well organized. However, we choose an older room for a discount and all the power outlets are on the other side of the room. The dorms do not allow extension cords. :mellow: So we had to find a power strip with a long cord. The ethernet outlet is also on the other side of the room. Luckily we had a 50 foot cord at home. I sent off my first care package yesterday, including her lab coat and goggles they failed to tell us she would need for chemistry. I packed chocolate bar in her stuff in envelops. Each one labeld for open after: first week of classes, after first exam, thanksgiving (not coming home), birthday and after final exams.

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    I bought this for use this year but now I am using a Co Op instead. Both items are brand new. Coursebook includes "This comprehensive lab course includes a wide variety of lab experiments and hands-on activities while emphasizing skills in scientific inquiry, verbal and written communication, and scientific argumentation." I paid $200 for both but I will sell both fo $110 postage paid. I will include the online code which is good until 8/10/2017. Paypal, please.


  9. We have rented text in the past, it was easy. I just ordered a text for next fall two days ago and received it today.
  10. I have bought a refurbished model and it lasted a long while.
  11. I love my Saeco. I have had various models over the years.
  12. My answer key was with my test. I really made a costly mistake.
  13. I moved last year and I lost my Kolbe Dragonfly test for biology. (I also lost my Alg II test and had to rebuy the package.) Currently, Kolbe is using Macaw and they do not have any lesson plans/test listed for sale. How can I purchase the test for Dragonfly or should I just purchase Holt Biology Homeschool Package from Rainbow Resources? TIA Melissa
  14. Clemson University Major: BS in engineering. Everyone takes general engineering the first year then the faculty helps the student decide which discipline in engineering to persue. Reasons for choosing this major: She was born an engineer, like her parents. She often came up with creative solutions to problems. Reason for choosing this school: Deciding to study engineering limits which school to attend. We looked at schools within a radius of home. Clemson has a beautiful campus that she will feel comfortable. (Nothing against the college she was accepted at in a big city, but she is a small town girl at heart.) Clemson has a great diversity of engineering and sense of community. Go Tigers!
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