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  1. This thread has moved on, however... I recently had my 8 year old evaluated. The center I found offers neurofeedback and interactive metronome. We are going to try those first before medication.
  2. Where can I find some info on this method? I need to do this!
  3. I don't want to sound like a corporate shill or anything, but I saw an ad on facebook for a disposable disc and went to their website. The facebook ad was good, showing how a tampon, cup, and their product fit in the body. They also sell a cup that when you pull on the tail, the suction is broken. https://flexfits.com/ There is also a product called Instead Softcup/Softdisc that has been around for a while and is available at regular stores. It's the same thing. Anyway, I thought based on the little video that people who find a cup uncomfortable might find this to be a better fit.
  4. I haven’t worn tampons in about six years. They got to be painful, and the very last time it caused me to wet my pants!! I switched to a cup. For what it’s worth, I very rarely need to attend to it in a public place. You can leave it in a lot longer than a tampon.
  5. This name sounds nice when you say it, a bit like Chastity without any connotation to sex. When I look at Abcde, it is not immediately recognizable as a word, much less a name. It looks like an accident to me, like someone entering data didn’t know the first name so just put a string of letters.
  6. If it’s the standard amount they give you, that seems fine to me. I ask for chick fila sauce even when I have some in the car. I like to always have one in case they forget in the future. I do specify just one though, the standard is two. That said, a friend once told me that her mom would take a handful of straws home from fast food restaurants and that is what they used at home. That’s not cool. Extreme cheapskate and not ethical.
  7. I put my 25 pounder directly into the fridge when I bought it on Wednesday. I doubt it will be fully defrosted in 7 days. In your case I would probably move it Sunday. Or really just do it now. It can sit in the fridge thawed for a couple says. The “fresh” birds at Kroger this week were frozen solid.
  8. That's right, optional. We have Mario Kart, and you can play up to 8 people. The switch is for the kids, so we have no online play. I don't really know anything about Smash Brothers or how you play it! I don't know if it's the kind of game where you would want to play online.
  9. You do have to pay to play online with other people, looks like $20/year - A good bit cheaper than Xbox. https://www.nintendo.com/switch/online-service/pricing/ I suggest pre-ordering the smash brothers bundle if possible.
  10. For some reason, I found myself on pinterest. Now, I hate pinterest. It is just pretty pictures that often don't lead anywhere, or you have to click 5 times to get anywhere. Anyway, I saw a million and one 'pictures' about how to clean a menstrual cup. Every one about how to 'deep clean' the cup, as if your period is somehow going to kill you if it gets on the thing you are using to hold it. Or maybe just because stains on the cup would make it unusable? Basically, nowadays you are supposed to wipe it with a "cupwipe" every time you empty it, and wash with special pH balanced "cupwa
  11. Thankfully, my parents and in-laws are in good health. However, I do have experience with TBI. My husband has one, it happened 14 years ago this weekend. If I think too much about that time, I cry. It was unbelievably stressful, and I didn’t have kids then. You really can’t give full time care to your mom. I’m so sorry you are going through this. I think you should have a talk with her primary doctor, or case worker. Let them know what is going on. If she can’t manage on her own and can’t rely on her husband, then she needs to be in care- maybe just assisted living. I also think you
  12. I prefer tide free and clear. For stinky towels, put vinegar in your softener spot. Set a timer and dry thoroughly afterwards. A bit of bleach every now and then is probably good for towels, too.
  13. Last night while selling popcorn with my cub scout, we had two eagle scouts buy from us and one was from our pack! It was nice to see. My older son crossed over to Scouts this spring, but he is only sort of into it. I think he likes it, but he doesn't have any motivation to DO anything yet.
  14. I really did laugh out loud at this one. I'm hoping Yet Another Mom at the Park did not hear the full conversation or was trolling. One can hope, right???
  15. I order slim sizes for my son online. Children's Place works best for him as far as pants/shorts. They go up to 16 now. Skinny fit has never worked, those basically are super slim legs and regular waist/hips. He tried on a pair last year and they didn't fall off, but the fabric at the waist did not touch his body at all - just stood up all the way around! My son still has to adjust the waist a good bit on slim pants so they can appear a bit baggy. He is short in the torso and long in the leg so shirts generally cover it up. I feel like he gets a better fit with children'ts place than old
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