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  1. He is 6 in September, so should be in K, just among the oldest in his grade. And for the past year has been begging to learn to read. I didn't want to teach him because then what would he have done in kindergarten? :P But I finally caved and started using the SWR flashcards and he probably knows 30-40+ phonograms, at least. I really need to to quiz him to find out for sure. Well, with the few phonograms he knows plus sheer determination, he's reading pretty well. So that boosted my confidence and I decided to homeschool him after all. I would have encouraged him to keep going with his quiz this morning except the 15 month old was climbing all over us on top of the kitchen table and the 4 year old was screaming at me because the lines he was making weren't straight. When I sent the 4 year old to play with legos, DS6 had to follow and I was too frazzled at the point to object. I think I need to lower my expectations for homeschool even more. :P
  2. So, it says they aren't writing the first few pages of their spelling notebook until 2nd grade. DS would be in kinder, though he's almost 6. So do I write the first pages in his notebook? Or do you just wait to write them when he's older? And how does this work in a homeschool setting? In PS, my kids would get a brand new notebook at the beginning of each year and write those first few pages again. Do you just keep going? I know, I know. I must keep reading. But my reading retention apparently is terrible at the moment. Three days of homeschooling with 5 kids ages 8 and under has been physically and emotionally exhausting. And the Ker is just not being patient with me. *sigh*
  3. Okay, I've read through the book once. Only two more times to go. However, I promised DS6 we'd start "spelling" today. He knows a lot of the phonograms already. He can write all the letters, though he does need to work on correct letter formation for a few of them. I know I still need to keep reading, but since he was demanding we do something, I sat him down with a piece of paper and started quizzing him on the phonograms. I said the sounds and he wrote them. He got through about 10 of them and was lured away by the sound of legos in the other room. However, later in the day he was FURIOUS at me because we never did spelling. He wants to be writing words. He is reading pretty well already, so he's capable of it. But the book says he's got to get through a certain number of phonograms before beginning his spelling notebook. Anyway... it's been a crazy day.
  4. I'm in the same boat you are. I just got my copy of WRTR in the mail and I'm working through it. I did have the benefit of watching my oldest two kids in Ker and 1st at the public school learn the Spalding method. They started out Ker practicing the lines and circle and there's a huge emphasis on holding the pencil right. Then they spend several months memorizing the phonograms. Their homework at night was to copy the day's list of phonograms (no more than 10 at a time, I think) several times. At the very end of Ker they start sending home easy reader books and the kids really do just take off reading. It's pretty impressive. My oldest jumped several grade levels in reading in a matter of months. He only had any interest in non-fiction books, and the vocabulary in those are more difficult. But thanks to Spalding the foundation was laid and he was able to decode the more difficult words. I'm totally a believer in Spalding, even if I don't know how to implement it yet. :) I don't think they started writing in their own Spalding notebook until 1st grade. I have a kindergartner at home who is reading pretty well, but I want to do this method with him. He knows a lot of the phonograms already. I think part of my confusion is that I want a program that says "on day 1 do this, on day 2 do that, etc, etc." Also, my recently turned 4 year old has declared he wants to learn to read. (I may have rolled my eyes at him... I have so much on my plate already)
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