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  1. I like a larger ziploc bag filled with rice, to put over my eyes. Hang in there!
  2. Yeah, I never find things at garage sales or thrift stores. Maybe if I invested more time in it - but I can't stand hauling the kiddos to types of things. Any savings I might gain I would instantly loose in "treasures" that had to be brought home, to later return as a donation. ;)
  3. I am looking for clothes like these, but in larger sizes (2tor 3t): http://www.potterybarnkids.com/shop/b/baby-clothing/girls-dresses-pants/index.cfm
  4. Where do you go to find classic, beautiful, toddler girl clothes?
  5. How exactly did this all play out? Were you watching from below? Yelling up? Sounds awful! :grouphug:
  6. I haven't used the TC courses (although I always drool over the catalog) and my kids are younger, so maybe I'm not that much help. However... The things I remember are the things that were taught to me with PASSION. When someone is passionate about a topic it comes through, it makes it impressionable and memorable. I would rather learn (or have my kids learn) three things deeply, taught and learned with passion, than twenty things checked off a list.
  7. Can you post a link? I searched the blog but didn't see it. I'm curious!!! :lol:
  8. And did you feel like the chat added to the text? Or actually covered material? Did it seem class-like or more like a check in to say what work students should do?
  9. Why??? Chats online are not slow. So it is not the technology, or the speed of student typing. If I was a teacher for an online chat class I would have my materials prepared. It is not like she doesn't know what she wants to cover. She could just cut and paste for the teaching parts, and type in real time answers to student questions.
  10. I am taking a SO class - beginning Latin. Today was our second chat. I am frustrated, but I don't know if my issues are legitimate. I expected the chats to be more like a class. Sort of like a more informal version of reading a transcript of an actual class. I find the chats to be very slow. I can go upstairs to change a diaper and when I return I have maybe missed one sentence. And I am not that speedy! Also the teacher says things will be covered, but then doesn't get to them. It is a VERY small class, so it is not like a bunch of time is wasted on crowd control. I just feel like I am not getting ANYTHING out of the chats - but I can't decide if it is because it is still close to the beginning, or because I am an adult learner, or because my expectations are too high or wrong. Thoughts please???
  11. Library stuff I don't worry about too much. I just try to add in LOTS that are good. Worst case it is gone in two weeks. Books that are given to us - those sometimes "disappear". :lol:
  12. It kind of makes me misty eyed for Isla Vista - in that stale beer smelly, couch on the front lawn, bare foot wandering, ghetto kind of way. :laugh:
  13. My oldest child is five, so I have a couple of years before he will start Latin. I would like to start now, and hope to have gained some mastery before he begins. I currently have a couple of options, and am looking for advice. 1. Pick up a book and attempt a self guided study. (Not sure if this will be enough pressure to get me going.) 2. Buy book and try to participate in a free online group. (LatinStudy has been suggested, but I find its format very confusing. I am not sure that I would get enough direction this way.) 3. Buy a book and find a tutor. (I have looked for a local tutor and haven't found one, however I am sure that with enough digging I would find someone. Am guessing that I would need to provide a lot of direction of what I wanted to study, as it would be a tutor and not a teacher. However it would be an easy option in terms of schedules etc.) 4. Take the upcoming Scholars Online class. (I have no idea if I would be able to pull this off as the class meets online during a time when I have both my kids with me with no backup. More expensive than other options. Not perfect for our schedule. Perhaps overdoing it?) 5. Something else? Any ideas, suggestions, or advice??? I am kind of going in circles on this topic! TIA! :001_wub:
  14. We just got a big box from Timberdoodle. :)
  15. I would like to use Singapore Math's Earlybird program with my son. Only I can't figure out what I need to order! The Singapore site makes it seem like I need a text and an activity book. The Sonlight site makes it seem like I only need the text. Help!
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