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  1. Hi Lori. I know I haven't been around for a while. Kids are grown, and I have moved into a career I am thoroughly enjoying. However, with HSing popping up in the news, I thought I would visit to see what you all are up to. I did a couple of searches and eventually landed on a comment you made during a discussion of the Hobbit back in January.

    I dug around on an old hard-drives and actually found those videos. I watched them this morning and can't thank you enough for mentioning them. Happy Times to be sure!

    Hope you and yours are doing well!

    Thank you,


    Enjoy your little people

    Enjoy your journey

    .... even when parts of it are over 🙂


    1. Lori D.

      Lori D.

      Howdy Janice! So very nice to "see" you on the boards again! Love hearing updates about what your family is doing when you pop in and out -- and the links to the organ concerts! 

      Oh, those videos of your grammar lesson on the opening sentence of The Hobbit are fantastic! Wish there was some way you might link or post them on the boards so this new generation of homeschoolers could appreciate that Grammar is not an isolated topic, and what heights homeschoolers can soar to when they dig in to teaching a topic. 😄 

      I just recently linked your "Jane Eyre and boys" thread in a Chat board ("I'm so mad at Mr. Rochester I could spit"), with a lady who was struggling with it, not too unlike you did in your thread. 😉

      I re-read that thread and realized how the boards have changed since we have both graduated all our kids (getting close to 10 years ago for me!) -- your thread led to some great deep thinking and discussion; that recent thread led to a lot of comparing of emotions. 😢

      BTW -- it would be so fun if you wanted to pop in occasionally onto the Book a Week threads with a comment about something you've been reading lately or just wave hello. There are several "old timers" (retired homeschoolers?) who post occasionally there, and it's always so delightful!

      So glad you all are doing well, and have all moved on to the next stage of the journey! Wishing you all health and peace in these unstable times. Warmest regards, Lori D.

  2. Hi to All! Catching up on email this morning and saw this in my inbox due to an old hit to the Subscribe button. I agree with Karen and Ruth; however, my philosophy was a mix of self-directed and horse-to-water coupled with a bit of shove the horse's face into the water till it drinks (when necessary). All three of my kids are grown; our youngest is in grad school. In fact, he is a perfect example of how this worked. He is working on his Master's in Organ Performance at Rice University. His day in high school started with travel to a nearby church with an instrument and then two hou
  3. Yes. A wonderful place. He has had a fantastic four years there. Hope things work out for your daughter! Peace, Janie
  4. Hi Sue, It's odd. I'm convinced it's an auditory thing with him. My parents have a piano that is ridiculously out of tune, and he has trouble playing it. In general if you take the black dots/lines away from him, his playing shifts. Everything opens up just a tad. All those years playing violin in an orchestra and listening to orchestras like the one at the Met take over. I think that's part of the reason he loves the organ so much - you have four limbs and TONS of orchestral-like options. What do you want people to hear and when and how? And can you pull it off? You choose the bank
  5. Hi All, I'm a bit late to the party with the wrap-up; DS made his decision about a month ago. This fall he is headed to the Rice University's Shepherd School of Music to pursue a Masters in Organ Performance. Full ride, and it looks like he will be slipping into a pretty decent part time position at one of the churches in Houston. He is over the moon, and we are pretty psyched for him. The lad played in chapel last week. The board of the AGO (American Guild of Organists) was on campus for a special event, so the faculty asked him to close the service that morning. It's a long piece
  6. This is FANTASTIC, Gwen! Congratulations! My guy finished his last audition this past weekend. Now, he waits. Fingers crossed for that funded/stipend combo here as well! Boy, do we need it. LOL! Once again - please pass my congratulations along to her! WooHoo!! Peace, Janice Enjoy your little people Enjoy your journey
  7. No. St Olaf operates on a fall-interim-spring calendar. The interim semester last for a month (January). Students use the time to take one time-intensive (typically inter-disciplinary) class, and many students use at least one of their interim sessions to do this abroad. More here: https://stolafadmissions.wordpress.com/2011/01/21/interim-classes-on-campus/ This year, interim ended on January 30th, and the choir left for tour the following day. The spring semester began on Thursday, February 8th, and the choir students returned to campus late in the day on Tuesday, February 13th. They usu
  8. Good Morning, More music from the lad (younger DS). The St Olaf Choir finished their West Coast Tour with their usual February Home-Concert in Boe Chapel. DS (music major - organ performance) is the bass section leader so he was asked to be a part of the recorded intermission interview. He also accompanies a couple of pieces. In a couple of our conversations this fall and winter, we have talked about students handling their schedules. Here are the fruits of the boy doing something that he not only receives no credit for but also isn't directly tied to his major. Tangentially tied, of c
  9. Good Morning, Every Aug and every January, I made/make my college students mock up a sample schedule. Classes - in one color Study time - in another. Two hours outside class for every hour of class. Intelligently placed. Class on a Monday @ 10 AM? It is probably good if you can hit your first study-block within a couple of hours of that. (To review your notes. Write 4-5 sentences that summarize what the lecture was about. Start homework or reading/notes for next lecture) And when planning your study-schedule, pay attention to office hours. Plan your schedule with the intent of using
  10. Thanks so much for all the kind words. You guys are the BEST! While I used to be around daily, I pop in probably at least once every couple of weeks to see what everyone's kids are up to. I really do miss being in the thick of it all with all of you. You guys really made the difference for me. Hope everyone has a great day! Peace, Janice Enjoy your little people Enjoy your journey
  11. Thank you so much to everyone for the kind words. You all are the best! Every couple of years there are a batch of us with kids moving on to the next thing - four years ago it was trying to make the decision about where he should go as an undergrad. And now he is casting about trying to figure out where he should go to start his graduate work. I was a part of the day-to-day four years ago; it can be hectic - trying to juggle all of the current responsibilities with the added pressure and WORK (and money!) associated with applying to school. And then the waiting... and then the decision-ma
  12. This is our younger son, a senior undergrad. Two pieces on this week's radio show. (Bolcom's What a Friend We Have in Jesus and Ferko's Mass for Dedication) They were both at the top of the second hour if you feel like checking them out. http://pipedreams.publicradio.org/listings/2018/1805/ Michael Barone will be interviewing him on the show after he plays this July at the AGO National Convention. Happy Times to be sure! Hope you have a nice night! Peace, Janice in NJ Enjoy your little people Enjoy your journey
  13. Hi! Chiming in with Gwen here. All applications have asked for a transcript; however, I suspect it's more of a sniff test. If you are seeking a Masters in Music Ed, most we have seen ask for a GRE, but it's not requested from performance majors. They do ask for a repertoire list with explanations - what was performed, etc. So if your student hasn't been tracking that, she should. Gwen mentioned a recording round prior to an audition. We have found that depends on the instrument. For example, piano and voice departments have asked for a recording; however, my student plays pipe organ,
  14. ... before you start counting on having the extra cash laying around... Our boys needed extra money for food in college. Until they reached about 22/23 years of age, the boys ate more than 3 squares a day. Younger son (20) is in his senior year of undergrad, and the dining hall is closed by 7:30 PM. He tends to eat his last meal of the day between 10 PM and Midnight. So some of the money saved from our food budget here at home gets shoveled in his direction. Peace, Janice Enjoy your little people Enjoy your journey
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