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  1. Time Left: 14 days and 7 hours

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    Beast Academy - 3A Guide & Practice (has had binding cut & spiral bound), $20 shipped OBO 3B Guide & Practice (has had binding cut & spiral bound), $20 shipped OBO 3C G uide only, $11 shipped OBO Art of Problem Solving Pre-algebra, Student text & solutions manual, 3rd printing. A little worn in, cover torn, no writing. $27 shipped OBO Intro to Algebra, Student test & solutions manual, 2nd edition, good shape, no writing. $30 shipped OBO


    Las Vegas, Nevada - US

  2. My best hack is to make the kids do it :laugh: I have a system that they pretty much manage themselves involving craft sticks labeled with chores. There are two main sets, colored coded, and they switch off each week. There's another set for things that don't need to be done as often, like wiping out the fridge, cleaning out the vehicle, washing walls, etc.
  3. There's always OneNote. It takes some setup time and might have a little bit of a learning curve, but I love it.
  4. I had lower abdominal pain several months back. It was almost like period cramps, but not quite, dull and achey most of the time, other times, bad enough I just wanted to curl up into a ball in bed. I went to the doc to talk about the same things - reproductive issues, digestion issues, etc. It turned out to be musculoskeletal and some physical therapy did the trick (or rather, physical therapy exercises I did at home after ditching the PT).
  5. I've been using the GBC ProClick P50 for years (same one since 2009). The ProClick easy edit spines are my favorite, but I think the max is a 45 sheet capacity (I use them with considerably more though). I have some larger 3:1 pitch spirals that I use when its a notebook that won't be used often (like for reference), or if I have a huge notebook to bind (available in much larger sizes). If I can though, I'll split a notebook into A & B and use proclick spines. I reuse the proclick spines and my notebook backs/covers over and over (kind of a linen cardstock for the back, an empty laminate pouch cut to size for the cover). I just toss the spiral coils. For the basic spiral coils, a pair of coil crimpers to finish off the ends is well worth it. Best homeschool purchase I ever made :D
  6. Another resource to look at is The Virtues Project, and in particular, their book The Family Virtues Guide. I have both the book and the set of cards but have not put them to use yet. I have the same plan to start a short devotion to virtues during morning time.

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    http://s29.postimg.org/z2ohql7xz/image.jpg The photo shows pretty well what is included. What can't be seen on the right are the K books (My Blend and Word Book, Our Week, I Learn to Read A, B, C, and D, I Do Read books 1, 2, 3 and 4, I Can Read Well books 1, 2, 3, and 4), Grade 1 Aesop's Fables and Handbook for Reading, and the answer key for some of the 4th grade books. Make me an offer :)


  8. I always buy R&S materials from milestonebooks.com Same here. We use R&S English 5 & CAP W&R Fable. We skip the writing assignments in R&S but I do have him read the lesson (questions pertaining to those lessons do pop up in the Review & Practice sections of future lessons). I also have him just do odd problems. He went through Abeka Language 5th last year (which he did fine on). I just love R&S so much, I thought going through at a quicker pace was better than skipping 5 (he's in 5th grade this year). If he hadn't done Abeka 5 last year, I'd probably have him work through R&S writing as well. I also plan on using Killgallon soon. I haven't decided if I want use it with R&S 5 or after he's finished.
  9. I've used Let's Go Learn's DORA test a couple of times. You can get it for about $15 through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.
  10. I really like Your Rugged Constitution (Bruce & Esther Findlay). A reprint will be available on Amazon next month, but you can find it used in quite a few places.
  11. Your situation sounds just like mine. My 7 year old dd used Abeka last year for 1st grade and we are NOT using it again this year. Abeka has turned her off completely from workbooks (page after page after page). We are going to use English Lessons Through Literature Level 2 this year. As soon as she finishes up Headsprout Comprehension I consider her done with phonics. She is at about the same level with grammar too - familiar with capitalization and punctuation. Now its just time to read great literature, do some copywork, and learn a little about grammar. I plan on using Grammar Land as a read aloud as well. I'd consider starting spelling (not included with ELTL) but she needs to really focus on correct formation in her writing. I'm afraid the extra writing during spelling will either frustrate the both of us or re-enforce poor formation just trying to get it done. I guess I could go with something computer based. Hmm. Anyway, spelling is off the table for us to start with. I think ELTL is going to be a great fit for us, it would be worth a look.
  12. Well, this ins't strictly about helping others and appreciating what you have (or books), but I think it might have the same end goal. I got a set of Family Virtues Cards. Each one has a virtue (there's 52, many do apply - compassion, humility, helpfulness, generosity, gratitude, service, etc), a Bible verse (they have a set without), an explanation of what it means and a list of "signs of success" (for example, generosity lists "I am thoughtful about the needs of others", "I give freely without hope of reward", etc). I got them from virtuesproject.com. I plan to use them during "Morning Time" (few threads around here on that). So far my plan is to have everyone in the family choose one at the beginning of the week and spend the week thinking/practicing/discussing/praying about it. I'm hoping giving everyone the opportunity to choose their own will encourage them to choose something that speaks to them and that they personally need to work on. The set was $20, very pricey, but it saved me a ton of work over making my own. If you don't want a deck of 52, you could always make up a handful that are specific to helping others and appreciating what you have. Unfortunately, my family could use some practice with ALL of them :p I think I'm going to take your idea and all these great book suggestions too!
  13. I would have to consult The Google. The easiest ways (which you are probably already doing) are just making sure she gets plenty of sleep, vitamins, fruits & veggies, probiotics, etc. You could also try echinacea (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off). We use Celestial Seasonings Echinacea Wellness tea. I'm not sure if it actually helps, but the kids love it. Good luck! I'm getting ready to start this process with my son.
  14. I tried apple cider vinegar, tea tree, banana peels, wart removers, etc (under duct tape) along with removing the dead layers of skin. None of it worked. I got some very potent oil of oregano off Amazon (this one) added a couple drops to cut up cotton rounds (for makeup) and kept it on with duct tape and it worked! Watch out though, that oil of oregano is very strong stuff! I imagine feet (even children's feet) aren't nearly as sensitive as the face (which I accidentally got straight oil on - ouch!). It could be diluted with another oil too (maybe castor as mentioned above). Look into boosting her immune system while you go through the process too. Our doc "prescribed" duct tape and explained that what is actually happening (with applying duct tape adhesive, oils, etc) is the skin surrounding the wart is getting irritated enough to trigger the immune system which ends up attacking the wart too.
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