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  1. I have not yet joined a TOG co-op but have looked into them extensively. For whatever reason, there are at least 3 different TOG co-ops within my vicinity and they are very popular. I have thought of switching curriculum and joining one, mainly just to have a regular group of kids my kids can "do school" with. But so far, I haven't actually participated in one.
  2. For next school year, I will need Rod & Staff spelling & english. We used to live near a convention and each year I would purchase from a wonderful booth there. We recently moved. There are not any area conventions that are within driving distance for me with R & S. Where do you usually purchase them from?? Thanks! Melissa
  3. Hi, I have a gifted 10 year old that will be officially in 5th grade in the fall. I am trying to nail down what to use for math with him. Math is definitely his best and easiest subject for him. He is doing Horizons Math 4 right now, coupled with Singapore Math 4. He's doing just the student book in the Singapore "just for fun" and by choice. He is good at self-teaching, which is great since math is not my best subject. For fall, should I continue with Horizons 5? Should we do Singapore Math 5 too, as I am sure he will ask for it? Or, I also had someone ask me if we were starting him in pre-algebra, which is what he would be in if he was at the local public school. I know nothing yet about pre-algebra material or curriculum. What is the best age to begin that? Any tips or advice? Since math is not my best subject, I would prefer to either have it set up to where he can learn on his own or where it requires minimal teaching. :) Thanks!
  4. I need to purchase the next level of Writing and Rhetoric. I am curious if anyone has a free ship or a % off coupon that they could share? Really trying to save some money :) Thank you!
  5. I have an avid reader that is 9 yrs old (but can read at a much higher level). He has requested books that will teach him about the US government. For example, about the branches of government, etc. I would love book suggestions! Thank you!
  6. Hi, my almost 9 yr old is always looking for new learning opportunities. I was curious if anyone knew about free online classes or resources that he might enjoy? Thank you!
  7. We have completed MFW K, MFW 1st, MFW Adventures, and are about to finish MFW ECC. Here's what I would do (and plan to do with my 2 year old probably), as I do think MFW K is fairly easy and simplistic... PreK 4: MFW K Kinder: MFW 1st 1st: Adventures Adventures is a VERY sweet and so far my favorite of the MFW we've completed. I think it would be perfect for a 1st grader. I probably would not do CTG with a 1st grader (as the oldest child) just based upon the books I've seen with it.
  8. I wanted to try out MCT and found Sentence Island on sale. I would like to use Sentence Island next year with my 9 yr old along with FLL4. After receiving the Sentence Island books, I am curious how to schedule it....the TM is not very clear. Any suggestions on how to implement MCT Sentence Island with FLL? I also might try to add in CAP W&R, maybe. Or maybe WWE.
  9. We've not used Writing with Ease yet, but thinking about switching to it this fall. After looking at the website, I am confused as to what I need to purchase. There's a main book, workbook, and student pages?? Do I need all 3 at each level? I will have a 4th grade and 2nd grader I would like to start using this with.....so I know I will need 2 different levels. I am also interested in finding any of it used that I can. Thanks
  10. I would love to "borrow" it, to start in August with my 4th grader. Is your offer still available??
  11. We are using MFW 1st this year along with MFW ECC. Last year we did MFW Adventures with MFW K. I do add a few things and change the science. Overall, I like that it is planned out for me each week and each day. I also like how flexible it is. You can PM me any specific questions.
  12. My son loves to read classic books and he requested that the Jungle Book. I thought it would make a great Easter gift! (YAY books!) But online there so many different types/editions to chose from. Which is your favorite and why? I would prefer one that is hardcover if possible and that will survive life with 4 kids :)
  13. My DS, also 8 years old, is also finishing FLL3. I too have the same question you do about FLL4. Mine has been a tad bored by the repetitiveness of FLL3.
  14. We are also doing R & S Spelling a grade-ahead for my "natural speller".
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