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  1. Okay, so I need some ideas. :) I've used Abeka Phonics for kindergarten and first grade with my 7 year old. It's just too much work for both of us. I'm sick of switching back and forth between this book and that workbook and that book, etc. I did reduce the seatwork, quite a bit, but it's still a lot of work. She did well with it overall, but struggled a little with phonics. I was not taught phonics myself and struggled with reading until it "clicked." So I don't have any phonics experience of my own to go on. She's reading well (short chapter books, like Magic Treehouse, Polk Street School) o
  2. DH has worked "normal" hours, second shift, and third shift. Second shift is my least favorite. He's out of the house from 11am to 10 pm (he also works a lot of OT). Third shift (2 pm-11) is not so bad because he can eat lunch (breakfast for him) with us, then go to work. We're all asleep when he gets home. He has time to spend with the kids when he gets up and I can run an errand sans kids. He's on second right now and it's very frustrating. I try to stick to "normal" school hours, but we're in a small house and invariably, someone will be asleep at the wrong time. In the past, I ran errands
  3. We are members of a contemporary Baptist church. We have Sunday School for kids during the service. That's it. I don't like that aspect; I'd really like to have Sunday School for adults as well. We have "home groups" at night for adults, but that is difficult, if not impossible, for us to attend due to dh's work schedule. I think this is a "trend" in a lot of contemporary churches right now.
  4. For me, the progesterone was just the last thing I had left to try. I had already done the diet and lifestyle changes, for *years.* I had basically tried everything short of a hysterectomy and that was next, as I couldn't function half the month. I noticed that I only felt "normal" during pregnancy and as the pregnancy hormones faded, I felt worse and worse. You can get blood tests or saliva tests to check your progesterone level if you don't think you need it or if you want to try other options first.
  5. My DD got glasses this year. She is also farsighted, which was shocking to me, as I am very nearsighted and had no idea she couldn't see! I knew she could see far away, so I thought she was fine. Anyway, we stopped reading and handwriting while we waited for her glasses to come in. I realized why she was getting so frustrated in those areas; she couldn't see what she was supposed to be doing! It did take her longer than I expected to adjust to them. I expected this instant improvement in handwriting, etc, but it actually took a couple of weeks. After a couple of weeks, her reading just took of
  6. I have used progesterone for about a year. It is the only thing that has worked for me for PMS. I mean the *only* thing! I've tried everything else, lol. I never had any side effects, but I have heard sleepiness can occur. I started out using 1/4 both morning and night, but I've been able to cut back to 1/4 just at night. I use it three weeks on, one week off (period). I can really tell when I am off it because my thinking is so foggy. Other than when I was pregnant (and making it naturally, I suppose), I haven't felt this "normal" in years. I hope it works for you! It has seriously given me m
  7. We used SL this year for kindergarten (Core A). I *hated* the LA. Hated it. I *do* feel like my DD was behind her peers, both homeschooled and in PS, in reading and LA. That's the main reason we stopped using SL. The history was great. I did like it and felt she got a good overview. But we're having to "catch up" now in LA and that frustrates me. (It wasn't a matter of her being incapable of doing more; I was just blindly following the IG.) The read alouds weren't bad, but they weren't great, either. Several really bored DD because they were so dated. I don't mean dated as in historical fictio
  8. I used Core A LA with my kindergartener this year. Well, I used it until I sent it back. I agree that it was very disjointed. We had the kindergarten readers, too, and they were way below DD's level, even though she was just working through the second set of Bob Books. It was also very boring, to be honest. The worksheets were dull and seemed pointless. We did 12 weeks before we just couldn't take it anymore. I really felt like she was behind in reading/LA compared to her peers. We switched to Abeka's K5 phonics and it's so much better. (I know, I'm shocked, too.) I really, really wanted to li
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