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  1. Ok So I am in the minority here but we do actually take Juice Plus. We had lived in Alaska and were experiencing some issues from the lack of sun as well as having two that had just gone off to college. I knew they would not be sleeping or eating well. I decided to give JP a try as my sister had been taking them for a couple years and another friend I knew on Fb had recently turned 40. She posted in response to friends asking what she did to keep her skin looking so healthy that all she could say was she took JP and her skin looked glowing. I thought well lets try them. The kids JP was free with our purchase of them so I figured we got 4 for the cost of 2. We have been taking them for over a year and I had a lag recently in our shipments due to having a CC replaced that was stolen. My husband was not happy to be without his fruits....he came in one day and said I am not could you let me run out of fruit? He was skeptical at first and not happy that I had signed us up.....a year later he does not want to go without them. I do not sell JP so this is not a pitch....just to tell you what we have experienced. We have noticed an increase in energy. Our skin is nice and youthful and we have not had any illnesses this not even a sore throat. I was recently given a gift of a facial and the girl asked what I do for my skin...I told her I honestly wash with water and take JP. It is ok to let her know you are aware of how passionate she is about JP but you are not really in the market for any products so you would love to come enjoy time with her but your not interested in hearing about any products. I recently had to have that conversation with a friend that sells RF.....I have freckles and it seems everyone I know that decides to sell RF automatically thinks about me and wants to help me with my skin concerns. I have to tell them " Why would I want to get rid of the things that make me unique? Also my husband likes my freckles...he celebrates each summer when they seem to come out a little darker. He smiles and tells me how pretty I am....I would be crazy to get rid of no thank you."
  2. We used them two years ago with great success. My Dd enjoyed the fact she could follow along in the book and did not have to do the long readings as the instructor covered all the topics. The dvds made the year not painful at all. I cannot say enough good about them. I was very happy with my decision to purchase them. I think I got them used online for a little less.
  3. The Dave Ramsey curriculum is discounted through homeschool is free to join and then you get the group buy its $66 for the high school course. I ordered it for my daughter this year
  4. In high school do you grade by quarter or by semester? We started last school year in Alaska and to get money for her school we signed up under an umbrella school that we sent her sample of work and they then assigned grades. In Ca I am going to be assigning the grades and making her transcript. I noticed the records from Alaska has her subjects by semester grade. I am wondering if I should continue giving her a semester grade? Also does anyone have a sample of a report card?
  5. I do not think you would be giving him his diploma. He has been learning and applying himself the last 12 years, so much that he has earned a 30 on the the top 95% of those tested. Some staes like Ca have tests a student can take to graduate early and start college....his scores say he would have qualified to do that....meaning in Ca he could take that test now and get his diploma as he would show mastery of graduation requirements. I understand setting goals and requirements and not wanting to have him feel like his diploma was given to him. I would talk with him and would focus on what he has accomplished and earned. I love the idea of letting him put his debate skills to work in arguing for why he has already earned his diploma although he may not have met your class requirements. This happens in RL when a military servicemen goes to college and argues for credit to be given for time in their field. I love that you talk about him being 18.... I remember the frustration I felt with our seemed for such a smart young man (he too scored a 30) he made so many dumb decisions....many were illogical. I would remind myself to breath and give him time....he is not a man yet but growing into one. Two years have passed and I am happy to say we are seeing steps in maturity and wise decision making......maturity takes time. It sounds like you have given him a good foundation now it has to simmer, have faith the skills you have taught him will manifest more and more as time goes on. It sounds like he became board his last year and did not feel challenged so he just rolled along. I am glad he has found something that interests him and keeps him engaged. hugs to you and your husband as you navigate the wisest way to acknowledge what he has earned.
  6. Thanks for the info. I will pass it on........She is also wondering if the online monarch course by AOP has closed captioning.
  7. my DD is going into 10th grade and has asked if she can take a computer course. What is available? Do any of them involve game design? Do you have a recommended computer course that is good for everyone to learn?
  8. If so did you and your student like it? How user friendly is it? Did you have any difficulities or things you did not like?
  9. I am just starting to really use my IP. I love that It does not heat my house up. We have a gas stove so even cooking on the stove top makes the house so hot....not to mention the oven! I love the sauté option as well as being able to throw chicken in the pot and have it finished in half an hour! I will try tacos in pressure....I have just sautéed the meat but that is standing over the dump and cook would be so you put the taco seasoning in wih the meat! Then stir to break up and mix?
  10. I have a friend that just asked me about curriculum with closed captioning for hearing impaired. I told her I had no idea but knew where we could ask. Do any of you know of any curriculum with closed captioning? I am thinking she is meaning an online boxed type curriculum. Thanks
  11. My DD is in 9th grade and is young for her grade at 14 so I bought the DVD to go along with her Apologia biology for this year. She has been doing very well with biology this year. I am not teaching it, she watches the DVD. I did also purchase the workbook to go along with the class. She enjoys having the textbook to read and the workbook to write in. I think your son could do this on his own and I do not think it would be bad. It has been a very good experience for my DDNd thus for me as well.
  12. Another resource I used was th biology 101 dvd. I really enjoyed the way he presented biology to line up with the days of creation. He was very engaging and we had several aha moments when he explained classification.
  13. I am sorry, I cannot really comment on the books and videos as DD is doing this on her own. I asked her about it and her responce was" we are not talking about the earth. They do not really mention that." I hope this is helpful.
  14. Apologia Biology has a DVD you can purchase to go along with the text. The instructor goes over all the concepts in the order they are in the book. She uses a lot of visuals as she is talking to explain and illustrate concepts as well. This has been the best money spent this year. I do not have to remind my DD to do her work. She looks forward to doing each days assignment. Just wanted to put this out there for others that may be interested in this resource. I hope they offer the DVD to go along with chemistry as well.
  15. We are using Apologia Biology for my 14 yr old. They offer a DVD of the course that I purchased for her to go along with the textbook. It has been a wonder. She enjoys watching the DVD, the instructor covers all the concepts in the text in order so she does not necessarily need to read the text. She can listen to the instructor explain it all. There are a lot of visuals as well. All in all that has been worth every penny I paid for the DVD's. I also bought Biology 101 (faith based DVD) that we watched in the summer. It was very informative and broke the concepts down in an interesting way. It set the stage I feel for her enjoyment of biology this year.
  16. My older two complained about geometry the whole year. This year DD is using TT and has not complained once. I like that the instruction is given and then she is able to work the problems. The graded quizzes and tests is a huge plus for me as mom. Just another option but it may not work with your plans for your DS.
  17. Just a few thoughts from my own experience. Take it as you want to or throw it away. :lol: You only have so much time with you son. I say do not voluntarily give that up now. You have invested a lot in his training and keeping him at home longer is better in my opinion. When my older two were graduating made huge discovery. I was not worried about all the things I have worried over for 12 years. Most of those things could be impacted by a computer porgram or app.....bad speller? Spell check. writing skills need beefing up? computer programs will check your paper for you. Slow reader? Audio Books for the win. The thing I worried about as it came time to launch them into the big world was character issues. Did they understand the value of working hard for something? The value of money? They were going to be paying big $ for each class....would they just skip classes or realize that each class skipped was $ they wasted? Were they strong in who they were as individuals so that they could stand on their own two feet when presented with pressures from others? Had they learned to balance and manage money? Did they know how to make snacks in the dorm? Wash their clothes? Did they know how to pick out friends? I did not wait until they were graduating to teach them these, we had worked on many starting in 8th grade. They knew how to cook and clean. I t was just what I worried about when it came time to send my kids away. My big concerns were character and life skills.....not academics. I would say his senior year is your last year to parent really. From then on you will be his coach sitting on the sideline cheering as he calls the plays. Focus on the last year at home in making each moment count. If he finishes school in December have him work a part time job....he will learn about taking orders from someone else. He will see different leadership styles and what makes a good boss or a good comrade in an employee. When he works with someone that does not pull their weight that will challenge him to not be that type of student or employee. He will probably have group projects in college....having worked with others will help him get a head start on what to look for in picking people to group with. The money he makes can be his spending money for the first semester. When W2 come out the next year he will be amazed at how much he made and wonder where it went.....great lesson. My daughter worked full time starting in Jan and was able to pay her own way the first semester with what she earned and scholarships! What pride she had.....and BTW she will not skip a class...she found out each one costs $98.86 and she worked hard for that $. :hurray: Her dad and I love it. When our kids learned to walk they wanted to do it on their own all the time. As parents we knew that while they could do it by themselves they still needed us to hold their hands to cross the street. They were physically ready but not ready in wisdom and experience. I think the same is true of many teens. They have so much academic learning but are they ready at 17 to be an adult? I think of them more as being adults in training. I picture a little bird that has come out of the nest but is sitting under it not quite ready to fly. Mom and dad provide protection and encouragement as they exercise their wings and get stronger. I found my very smart 18 year old son looked like a man (he had a full beard) but in many ways I was amazed at how his common sense was lacking. I had to chuckle when watching an episode of Bones she commented about a 19 year old....oh his judgement is impaired as his front oxcibital lobe is not fully formed yet. ( I have no idea how to spell his brain was not fully formed therefor his judgement was impaired.) l called my husband to say look we are not imagining it.....we are not crazy....he is acting less rational than he should be and its normal. L O L All that to say consider the big picture not just academics when you make your decision.When he is gone....he will be gone and it will never be the same. It is what we have been preparing them for and we rejoice when the time comes just do not hurry it along. Just my humble opinion.
  18. We are using Notgrass American History and decided to use the tests as a review of material covered where she uses the book to answer them. I love Sweet homes idea of projects geared toward their interest. I think one of the greatest gifts we give out kids is a love of learning thus I do not focus to much on tests but on exposure and interaction with the material. History is my daughters least favorite subject so we read it together and discuss it. She answers the question as we go along. I count that as enough.
  19. I have to say YES! This! I have two freshmen in college this year. It was funny as graduation approached and I looked back at the last four years and the looked forward to the future I noticed different concerns. When they were in High School I was concerned about what classes they took and what level the classes were. I worried over her spelling and his vocabulary. Yet, with graduation approaching I did not worry about any of that. Instead I found myself worrying about character issues. Were they mature enough to handle the pressures and pull of socializing and balance that with the need to study? Did they know who they were and were they confident in that knowledge so they would not be swayed by the ideas they would encounter? Was their faith strong enough to withstand the fallacies they would be pushed to acknowledge as truth? Did they have the character to work hard with a long goal of graduation in mind without support near by to keep them on track? Would they be wise in their selection of friends? Did they have an appreciation for money and would they spend their time wisely studying for the classes they were paying an arm and a leg for? The interesting thing I found was so many of the concerns I had during their schooling were things that could be fixed with a computer program or an app. I mean there is spell check for bad spellers and computer programs to help write papers.There are audio books for the slow reader and quicken for someone not great at budgeting. However, character issues were another thing. An app could not fix that. My question as they were getting ready to leave home was have I prepared them for life? Not did they take the right classes. I wish I had focused a little more on that question in the years leading up to graduation. I think of a little bird that has flown the nest....sitting on the ground under the tree....they are out of the nest but not yet ready to fly away or to be alone. Our society says when they finish school they are ready....17 or 18 years old? ok you are an adult! That is not really so......they are adults in training. They still need our support and encouragement much like they did as preschoolers who knew how to walk yet needed us to hold there hands to cross the street and in crowded places. Do not be in too big a hurry to let go of his hand just because he feels he is old enough to walk alone. As mom that is your call to evaluate his maturity. So, as you look at the coming years do keep your options open. There is a big difference in being academically ready for higher scholastic study and being emotionally and mentally ready for higher levels or responsibility and freedoms that come with being finished with high school.
  20. I have enjoyed reading responses and if I knew how to quote many I would. Congrats to those that have lost weight. My DH was not saying all braces are for only cosmetic. Our Dd needed to widen her mouth and it also helped with her breathing but my main thing was in how the narrow squirrel mouth affected her self image. I am 43 and had 3 c sections.......I well remember the pain! I knew a woman a few years ago that had a tummy tuck and she said it hurt has kept me from seriously thinking about it. Then 3 years ago a neighbor he her girls done and lypo...going to stay with her and seeing how much pain she was in for the first week makes me think hard. Both women are glad they did it. I wonder about DH...he hated for me to go under anestesia when I had to with my babaies!not sure he will love that reality. The risks are real. We have disposable income and could afford the procedures. I have not lost a ton of weight and I could stand too. Our life has been so stressful the last ten years and I have stayed about the same weight??I have lost then gained and lost then gained. It seems every time I set out to loose the end result was a size larger! I told my DH I am not dieting again. I would like to get rid of the belly so it will just be me and my DH having s*x and not me, him and the belly. He is a very supportive DH and tells me how beautiful I am and that he loves my curves....I just look at my belly and wonder how that, thus me can be s*xy. I do have two teen girls nd I wonder how this will impact them???what message they may get. We never talk about weight or dieting...only eating healthy. It is not a must have but would be a great to have!
  21. i have been thinking about my hubby's comment after a friend had a boo b job and lypo. He said" we do not think anything of a person spending $5000 for braces for self esteem reasons so why not boo bs or a tummy tuck? It is the same type of thing". That has made me think about getting a mommy makeover. I talked with DH and he would support me in having some work done. How would I go about starting this type of thing? Have you thought of it? Researched it? Had the procedure? If you have are you glad you did? Where would one start to find a Dr?
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