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  1. Looking to buy a microscope for DD's high school career. Searching through what's available on places like Amazon is making my eyes cross. :-) Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions to narrow down my search. Things I should definitely make sure to look for? Things not too important? Would appreciate any advice you can give me!
  2. I've searched the group for old posts about online planning. I've found a few but not a ton. I'm specifically looking at either "Homeschool Manager" or "Homeschool Tracker". Anyone have any insight to either program? Good, bad, and ugly? Starting 9th grade next week and need something more than the iPad app I had previously used. * I've tried Scholaric before and really don't care for it. Thanks, Eryn
  3. I find myself doing biology at home next year vs doing it at a tutorial class. My plan at the moment is to stick with apologia. Having said that, I can't find many people who have used the instructional DVDs. I'm looking for an opinion on those. Is it worth the extra cost to buy them? Or did you find yourself not using them after a bit? I'm not a science person at all so I was wondering if the content of the DVDs really added a lot to the class. Thanks for anything you can share :-) Eryn
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