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  1. We let our kids choose their schooling. If they make a decision about school that ends up being a poor choice then we override the decision. We are the parents. So far we haven't had to do this, but I have changed my stance on different scenarios based on our previous experiences - I won't be sending anyone to the award winning vocational school again - too many bad influences.
  2. My 12dd still plays with hers & asked for another for Christmas. She absolutely loves them though. My 15dd has hers on her shelf & won't part with them. I never bought the expensive clothes or accessories. I'd always try to find similar items at Target for much cheaper. The doll clothes there won't fit the AG dolls, but I can get other accessories. We made our own clothes by taking in baby clothes.
  3. Thanks for sharing that. I think this experience will make an impact on her for the better. I do plan on getting back into the extra kid game probably by January. I may do some respite foster care work over the holidays to give other families a break. Respite is very rewarding. I get to spoil the kids and we get to be the fun house.
  4. I've been super stressed out the last few weeks with family issues. I've even been a bit sorry for myself - totally not me. I normally count my blessings to get myself out of the funk and I'm about to start doing it again, but until I am up for it post what you are thankful or tell me how you are blessed. I need some positive, happy thoughts people. So share please. :001_smile:
  5. I'm sure it's not all teen girls. There is a higher propensity though for difficulties because they are more emotional and tend to hold grudges. Pair that up with language issues and it can be a powder keg. The guys shrug and let things roll off their back. I will be honest and say that most of the kids in our program are very, very wealthy & privileged. There are also cultural differences that are the norm for them, but are unacceptable here. I am really laid back so I don't normally have issues, but I can't let my family be victimized either. Some kids are sent here by their parents
  6. He's a guy and it has to be very, very simple. LOL I sent him a good calendar from amazon, a student planner, recommended a great app, sent a short article on organization for the college student, and told him to find the most organized guy in his house and see if he can help him get organized (there are actually quite a few). Yes, I am probably still mothering him too much. Yes, I am still emotionally emeshed with this child. I have backed off a lot. When the kid texts me in panic mode on a Sunday night after all the drama of my week already with teen girls here it sends me into a panic.
  7. Oh sorry. I mean no I wouldn't but that doesn't mean they won't move in next door. We only know about the Level 3 offender. It appears to be a group home and so we suspect there are others at lesser levels. I looked up all the offenders in our area and there are 7 more withing a mile - one a woman. I was very, very mad when they moved in. I've gotten over it for the most part. The kids around here do not walk alone on our street anymore. Our worst offender next door raped a 3 year old. :(
  8. He asked for a calendar. He asked for help. All I can do is offer suggestions at this point. I am sending a him a calendar, planner, and told him to find an app.
  9. Yes, I plan on calling in the morning. Surely there is somewhere they can go to get some organizational help.
  10. Sunday night of course. I just saw him Saturday. Sigh. Okay, he is struggling with procrastination and organization. I knew this was going to bite him in the butt. He missed a class where there was a test. He would have an A, but now will have to settle for a B probably. Still doing great in his other classes but finding time to do homework & focus as well is a problem. Yeah, I gave him advice - more sleep & being organized & less socializing. His biggest problem. HUGE. Is that he is not organized. He doesn't plan. I fought with him and tried to make him learn how to organi
  11. She came by to get the last of her stuff and gave me a hug and cried. So frustrating. She chose to get a new family because she couldn't follow some basic rules (I am not strict or unreasonable). Makes me so sad.
  12. Yes, but when they come here they are a my kid in my heart & I invest a lot of time and energy into them and it's always been worth it. Thanks for the hug.
  13. Malware bytes is the best. Be very careful though there are sites that mimick them and are actual viruses/malware.
  14. I'm still in contact with them and they call me mom, so yes you are right. :001_smile:
  15. Thanks. I'm feeling a bit down & heartbroken about it mixed with some anger. Being kicked in the teeth never feels good. I'll be over it in a few days I suppose.
  16. Yep, this is what I'd do & I even send pics of the kids using or wearing items. Relationships are hard. Think positive as much as posible and if necessary move farther away. :D
  17. I'm so glad I have always told people to think once, twice, and again about hosting. I have loved it for the most part, but the kids aren't angels - they are other teenagers in your home and they will have issues as well. Some will have issues that are complete deal breakers. I've been doing this a while and am pretty flexible but it didn't work out this time - my first teenage girl. I may go back to hosting boys when or if I do. I'm sad and angry at the same time about the issues that have come up.
  18. We hang up all clothes except pjs, shorts, underwear & socks. My kids don't have dressers. They have plastic drawers in their closet.
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