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  1. In my state though a homeschool family can be with a ps virtual program at 99% and still legally be considered a homeschooler. They have to fill out a letter of intent to homeschool. We just had a debate in my area with veteran homeschoolers and homeschool/public school joint program administrators. By law if a homeschooler is not registered at 100% then they are in fact legally a homeschooler.
  2. I love the diversity in homeschoolers. I love that I can have friends from so many walks of life and different beliefs. I have a friend that sounds a lot like you and she's felt some backlash. Its a shame because she's so incredible. People who prejudge miss out on so much.
  3. Yes, because they want to concentrate on the resurection. These Christians also don't celebrate Christmas as Jesus' birth. They aren't mormon.
  4. Just so you know, some Christians abhor the wearing of crosses. So that may not be a clue either.
  5. I love: 1. Putting money into college funds even though we need to fix my kitchen floor, 2. Seeing my oldest dd finally bloom socially, 3. Finally getting over the flu.
  6. I agree. In WA its a homeschool class that might be needed. Really easy and I don't think its too much to ask because the point isn't to discourage homeschooling. I think getting certified as a teacher is something totally different and really its to discourage us from homeschooling.
  7. Not I. But I've heard from people that have taken it that it helped them immensely with homeschooling. The instructors are usually former homeschoolers.
  8. Yes, it redistributes the "curves." I liked the look better but it was torture. My dh would rather I go natural because I'm nicer. LOL
  9. WA homeschoolers only need 45 college credits or to take a homeschool cert. course. Its not 6 weeks. In fact, it varies depending on the institution or person giving it. I just looked up one course that was 2 days long.
  10. I didn't like it. It was very uncomfortable. It rolled down sometimes. It felt like a girdle. I'm a spanx flunkie.
  11. But it isn't really about being certified. Its about discouraging homeschooling. If we jumped through the hoop of certification there would certainly be more hoops to come. It would be neverending.
  12. I'll go look up the Ikea lamp again. I may also call them. Thanks!:)
  13. Do you know if it stays cool? I saw it online and am not sure about it. Knowing my youngest she would keep it on and brush against it. The girls really want added light for reading and writing. I have searched and searched and the only product other than the ikea light was a bunky bunk bed light sold only in the UK. If there is one here in the US then the marketing department is really falling down on the job! Grrr.
  14. We put our bunk beds back together and the kids want a light. I can only find ones sold in the UK. Where are they sold online in the US?
  15. Thank you for caring for those kids. Your loving kindness is so important to them.
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