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  1. I guess that must be it. My oldest daughter says that some of her guy friends trick-or-treated until 14/15. The woman who wouldn't give them candy was older, so we can let that go, but my husband is absolutely livid about the man who spoke specifically to my older son.
  2. My oldest son is 12 (I have two older daughters) and he went trick-or-treating tonight with his younger brother and a few friends. Twice he was told that he was too old to be trick-or-treating. He was really shaken up when he got home about how aggressive one father was about it. One woman would only give candy to my younger son, and not to any of the 11/12 year olds.:confused: My older son is a little tall for 12, but really doesn't look any older than he is. They were all dressed as the Flash. My daughters trick-or-treated until they were at least 14, but is 12 too old for boys? After
  3. Our official start date is November 5th! I will! :001_smile:
  4. Thanks, I'm not sure yet whether we'll study any languages besides French, but I'll keep that in mind! It does! Thanks for the SWB link - I think my expectations were a little high, so the questions aimed at the Logic stage should be very helpful! I took a closer look at Hake, and I'm impressed with both the writing and grammar portions! I'm still going to go with WWS, but I've ordered Hake and we'll see how it goes!
  5. We've decided to take our two boys out of school in just a few weeks, so I have to make up my mind very soon! They're both very strong readers and seem to be good writers for their ages. The older can write a basic 5-paragraph persuasive or literary analysis essay. Younger can write a good paragraph and writes really well creatively, but hasn't done essays yet. Neither has done research papers. I'm thinking WWS for both of them? Possibly Teaching the Essay as well, if that isn't covered explicitly in WWS? For grammar, I'm leaning toward either KISS or Stewart Principles Plus. I don't p
  6. Thanks! You've convinced me to at least have them do the placement tests. 5 does look like the right place to start though.
  7. Barring a snowstorm, ours is always on October 31st. :)
  8. I've seen a few toddlers out the last few years around 5:30, but most kids seem to start trick-or-treating around 6:30. When my older kids were small, it was later. We get a few older kids as late as 9:30 or 10.
  9. Thanks! I'll have to give Singapore another look, but I'm not sure about starting it this late. My boys are really good at math, but it still looks a little tricky to jump into. I've been looking into AoPS for the older one and it seems perfect for him. He's been playing around with AoPS, Volume 1 for a few months and really likes it. I only discovered the videos and Alcumus today, but I think he'll love them. My youngest doesn't really love math, but is good at it. Key to, Teaching Textbooks and Math Mammoth all look like good options. I'll get him to take a look at the samples toni
  10. Do you use a homeschool or homeschool-friendly curriculum that follows the American sequence, or do you use a Canadian public school textbook? Something else that I'm missing? If you use the American sequence, do you plan on your children ever going to public school? My boys are in grades 6 and 7, but based on the placement tests I've seen, it looks like my older son is ready to start Algebra 1. Thanks!
  11. Thank you all so much for the honesty and encouragement! I've just e-mailed the two homeschool groups I know of to see whether they have anything to offer us and for information on other resources nearby. I don't think there are any co-ops within driving distance of us, but hopefully I'm wrong. I'm thinking now that with the right combination of materials this could work for us. I wouldn't be comfortable with all computer-based or online courses, but that might be best for a couple of subjects. The boys don't have any friends in our neighbourhood and their best friends are their frien
  12. Thanks everyone, I'm still thinking everything through and your comments are actually really helpful. :) Both boys handle almost all of their homework independently, and have for a few years now. They can't stand big, artsy projects (I'm pretty sure my son is doing more colouring in grade 7 than he did in kindergarten), so I help with those to make them more bearable. I wouldn't say they're "intrinsically motivated" to do schoolwork, but they do their work without complaint (unless it's colouring :tongue_smilie:), one does math for fun and both go through spurts of reading everything they
  13. My husband and I have begun to seriously consider homeschooling our two youngest children, who are in grades 6 and 7. We're only six weeks into middle school and, well, I won't rant, but it isn't a good fit. My younger son doesn't seem to mind his K-6 school, but he really has outgrown it. Our biggest issue is that I work full-time, and it's not possible for me to leave my job right now. My husband owns his own business and has flexible hours during the day, but he isn't at all confident in his ability to teach the boys. If we were to go ahead and homeschool, I would do any necessa
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