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  1. It is, but since I am so very old I think of wrecked like wrecking a car - a bad thing.
  2. He does usually have an accurate picture, however I am obviously not up with the lingo. LOL
  3. Thank you! Where were you 2 hours ago when this brat texted me and didn't return my texts? I've been fretting this whole time. So all you moms need to know that wrecked=aced. :lol:
  4. I was thinking that, too. I don't want my kids punished because I didn't see the point in an IEP/504.
  5. I had a neuro psychiatrist eval for my younger ds years ago. This psychiatrist is heavily recommended by our therapist. I could go out of town and see someone else I guess.
  6. The pediatric psychiatrist wants my dd to get an IEP evaluation. He says that will pinpoint her deficits better since she's a complex case - she has just enough of everything for it to be a problem, but not enough of one thing for a good diagnosis of how to help her. So I call the specialist at the middle school she would attend and the person asks what the point would be because it is specifically used for services. I am interested in getting both my younger kids 504s since they have adhd & other issues. The 504s would give them accommodations in educational settings like college
  7. Same here. But I was reading that 1x a year is sufficient and there is no evidence to support 2x a year.
  8. When we worked at the food bank we were told not to push the whole grains and healthy vegetables available because so much of it was left outside or returned. We wanted it available for the people actually looking for it, and it wasn't many.
  9. I searched and didn't see a list. What are you getting your kids, especially teens? I'm out of ideas for them. :tongue_smilie:
  10. My dh travels and so often we have the family get together when he is home. I also encouraged my dh to go on a guys weekend the same week my kids had a big performance because he never, ever gets the opportunity. We sacrifice so much for our kids that I don't see the problem. The actual day doesn't matter to us as long as we do celebrate the event. I do have a birthday celebration for whoever is here that day, but the family one is scheduled for when dad is home.
  11. Eh, everyone has an opinion. I'm a mom first. I have kids with special issues and so I have to be. Don't post controversial things on fb. If someone is a jerk block them or unfriend them. I tell dh when he wants to get a vent in on fb that it would be simpler to just mount a marquee on the back of his truck like the poor schizophrenic lady down the street (she has 3 on her car and fills her windows up with stuff, too. Mainly about not judging her.)
  12. Take her to counseling is a good idea. I have a difficult 12dd so I really feel for you. Oh, our counselor has no problem with parents looking in a kids room or reading diaries. I do look at some things of my kids because that is one way I can make sure they are okay and staying safe. I don't care if others disagree with it. Good luck.
  13. Okay. I use coffee grounds in my coffee pot. The Keurig needs coffee powder? I didn't know there was a difference. I'm such a coffee dork. LOL
  14. Maybe I will tell grandma he needs one of those water filtering pitchers so he can have some on hand.
  15. Sounds good. Can he use any coffee grounds or is there something special?
  16. Yeah, you learned a hard lesson. When it comes to money you have to wait for people to pay you first. Maybe she is delaying replying to you until she has the money? I'm sorry you are going through this.
  17. Ds is hinting he'd like one, but I'd rather wait and give him one at Christmas. Which one is best for the money - I'm cheap. :D
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