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  1. I need to get caught up on this thread but I have to get this off my chest. I was raised in the UPCI (her denomination) and, thanks be to God, converted to Catholicism recently. She is NOT the face of conservative Christianity. I think if people knew exactly what she believed and stood for they may hesitant a little on making her a martyr for Christianity. This woman believes that the Blessed Trinity is paganism and a heresy, that you must be baptized with the "in Jesus' name" formula and speak in tongues or you are going to hell (along with all Christians who believe in the Trinity), that if a woman so much as TRIMS her hair her guardian angel leaves and her husband is likely to commit adultery, that women who wear make-up are akin to Jezebel and are liars, that women who wear pants are an abomination to God...need I go on?
  2. This is interesting to me. My daughter is on her third year with Derek Owens and he also offers free tutorials. When my daughter has problems with an assignment he always sends her extra videos to help and several times has even made additional videos for her. So I would say that is incorrect that he offers no tutoring.
  3. I'm giving up Facebook. *sob* Pray for me!!! It's a huge distraction though so it's a good thing to give up. And our parish is doing the Oremus prayer study from Ascension Press which is really great.
  4. OMG. Be my BFF please? I was started to think I was the only one that felt this way.
  5. My 15 yr old dd said 1 and 3 but only for playing in the snow. She doesn't like #2 at all.
  6. Just an FYI about the aspirin...it needs to be *chewed* not just taken regularly...per current ACLS guidelines. It makes a difference in the effectiveness so it's good to remember.
  7. Shortly after my mom had a hysterectomy (and still had staples) I was curious how babies got out of the mother. My mom said there was a special way that didn't hurt the mom or the baby. Naturally I concluded that it was through a zipper since my mom clearly had one on her belly. Lol!
  8. It's working for me this morning. Weird...
  9. Someone go try the PHP site and tell me what you get. For me it just wants to download a file. I'm trying to figure out if it's the site itself or my computer. I tried with both Firefox and IE. :confused1:
  10. We just bought this a couple of months ago and love it! I wish it had the apocrypha though.
  11. I want to do it but someone told me that it's mostly retired people because the workload is so intense. Have you guys found that to be true? What's the time commitment between class and homework each week? Is it feasible to do this, homeschool, and work part-time?
  12. I would just ask people not to include fresh fruits and vegetables at all. That should cover you whether she is neutropenic or not.
  13. I want to do EFM but I'm hesitant because of time issues. I work 2 12-hour shifts a week plus homeschooling and I'm not sure if it would be doable on top of that. :-/ Do you think it would be an appropriate class for a homeschooled high schooler?
  14. We don't have Wednesday night anything except boys' choir practice. Sometimes we have an adult class series but that's it during the week.
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