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  1. It may not be so bad, although I've heard high maintenance young girls are high maintenance teens. Just so you know this dd was very low maintenance. She's not super high maint. now but she is easily annoyed. :)
  2. I send scanned math work that ds helps tutor dd. I name it Bratty______. He laughs and I burn off some steam.
  3. Love it! I'd never wear it of course or I'd never hear the end of it. The only revenge is when your dd has a dd of her own. Really. :lol:
  4. Very true! I was much worse, but I also didn't have the involvement that my dd has. I also agree that it helps cut apron strings. My ds was wonderful, not perfect, and he put us through fits the last few months. Finally, he got cold feet about university and needed a nudge. He is so stinking happy now at college. :D
  5. Oh, yeah. If I walk on egg shells and am not my annoying self then she is much more tolerable. :tongue_smilie: I'm just much more annoying than I every dreamed. LOL
  6. She has a good heart at her core, but holy moly her self-centeredness lately has been ridiculous. I'm one that bends over backwards for my kids and I have had to just reign in my generosity since she's been such a pill. My oldest teen son was not perfect, but he was always open and loving toward me. Not so with dd right now. :glare:
  7. Oh. my. word. Are the other people lonely? Don't they have a life, too?
  8. Yep, we have seen those. We still have our congrats sign up from my ds getting into his first choice. It's hidden in the trees and vines now though.
  9. Yes! Every activity expects to be the child's life. It is so annoying.
  10. Oh, both kids have never held hands before now and have never kissed at all, not even each other. They are waiting until he can "officially" date her. My dd was the one to make this decision and he went along with it. Now, dd's best friend is wonderful, but her parents are very strict. No dating for her until 18 they say. She plans on dating and just not telling them. It's so important to have close relationships and not just restrictions, otherwise parents really set themselves up for dishonesty.
  11. I agree. I've also been the mom that didn't want young dating. My oldest didn't date until he was 17. My 15dd is seeing a boy 2 years older and his parents say no dating for them. Well, call it what you want but the two are an item. Just because people don't call it dating doesn't mean it isn't. My requirement is not to be alone, but to be in a group and they have had no problems finding friends to tag along.
  12. The two I know that have done it have gained half or all the weight back. One is now a shopping addict and the other spiraled out of control into drugs (she was very young when she did it). I think the problem with food addiction is that it is addiction period. Often when a person turns from food then other addictions replace it and they are not healthy either.
  13. I feel your pain. I have 2 on adhd meds. Had them off them for a few weeks for summer break. They need those things to function though. :glare: Wait, banking doesn't count as math??? But, moooooooommmmmmm.... :lol:
  14. Wait, I thought being a dork was just another part of being a mom. It's in the job description somewhere.
  15. Yes, handwriting can be a bear. Tell your kiddo that my 8th grader is having to do remedial handwriting since his has gotten so bad. It's easier to get it right the first time. :001_smile:
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