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  1. I hope so. I looked it up and it appears that ultra skinny is important in their culture.
  2. Really? I will watch her. So far it isn't a big deal, but I also know her parents expect a lot out of her.
  3. Our Chinese student would be considered almost too skinny by American standards. She is constantly on a diet and exercising. She's 5'6 and 110 lbs last week. Is this normal for Chinese girls?
  4. You may need to take him to an adhd specialist. My pediatrician is a specialist but doesn't normally see homeschoolers. She saw us because we've been with her for years and years. To be honest the first dx we received was from a psychologist. I was firmly in the "I don't believe in adhd." camp. Sigh. Even now I will be bringing my dd to a pediatric psychiatrist soon. Praying you get a good provider and the help you guys need. Sometimes there is a quick fix, sometimes not. Hang in there.
  5. I love her. She's also an ex-ps teacher and ex-school counselor and is pro-homeschooling. I guess she's seen enough kids that need to be removed from their school or change schools. I really feel good about this, and also realized I've become too wimpy in my parenting. Having special needs/sensitive kids has made me probably too empathetic and I have to toughen up a bit with them. I've been an enabler. Tonight I showed my backbone to 15dd and she acted like she was relieved. Where oh where did I go wrong? I wasn't always such a parenting wimp. Oh, well nowhere left to go but up now.
  6. My dh works a ton. He does the house maintenance, car maintenance, some yardwork because he is a perfectionist with that, and he loves to cook. He does most of this on the weekends. At 7 & 10 my kids wiped down bathrooms, swept, cleaned their rooms, vacuumed, dusted, etc. Yeah it wasn't always to my satisfaction. I did and do have to check. We lead very busy lives here and I do a lot of running kids around. I wonder if your standards are too high for yourself and your home?
  7. Yep. This happened to us once and I confronted the person. He was an appraiser.
  8. No. I do go through my stuff and pitch what is broken or not used.
  9. I love all my kids differently but equally. I have a picture of my dog on my iphone because I am least upset at her. LOL
  10. Yep, we've been through that as well. You might want to get the pertussis shot next year. We did this year because it is horrible. The shots don't last long and some don't even work.
  11. Not as much as I would like so we are starting behavioral therapy soon.
  12. Those sound like my dd's symptoms. My dd is also very creative. A lot of the drama, negative behavior has to do with impulse control issues.
  13. I was almost ready to text that grandma wanted to know if he needed money just to see if I heard back from him. :lol:
  14. Now I feel even worse. He just texted me back saying he was sorry. He's been at a concert all day I guess. :confused:
  15. We text, but he is too busy it seems even for that.
  16. Oldest ds is at university. He is very, very happy which is what I want since he was apprehensive about going a couple weeks beforehand. He doesn't have time for his mom now. Dh says I need to give him his space. I'm sure he's right, but it still hurts.
  17. I consider 6 or more big, although people think my four are a lot. When they are all teens that is fun - cause mom to go insane fun.
  18. That makes me laugh so hard. I love it. Babies are a blessing. Some come earlier than others. ;) I was the first in my family to get pregnant when I was married. Stupid infertility issues.
  19. I'm not a techi person but I love my iphone 4. If my dh got me an iphone 5 for Christmas I'd be thrilled. He's cheap and I won't ask for one so I won't get one. He's not an apple fan. I am an absolute iphone fan.
  20. The good news is that daughters stick around more from what I've seen and read. If we can survive them we may become their friends. I really hope so.
  21. Me, too. But right now only the one makes me grind my teeth daily. Always a crisis here. Ugh. :D
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