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  1. I sent mine ages 12-15 & a 6'2" friend that is 17 out tonight. I sure hope people aren't snotty. This the first and last time the 17 year old goes out for it.
  2. We talked more. He told me there is one more room he could move into with friends. It would be a triple, but he likes the guys. Ds is also going to talk to one of the leaders in depth Monday & figure something out. Thanks everyone for the advice.
  3. This is an engineering/STEM fraternity that is dry. Of course people can drink off property, but no drinking parties are allowed. All of the rooms are taken except for the basement rooms and ds doesn't want to move down there. He honestly likes his roommate a lot until last week. He loves his fraternity. The kid destroyed several rooms & almost jumped out a window when everyone else in the house went on a retreat a few weeks ago. That is when he called 911. His parents know and encouraged him to go off his meds. I do not know for a fact that he is bipolar, but from what I am hearin
  4. I don't have a problem with bipolar, but the kid went off his meds and is self medicating with alcohol. He's manic half the time and depressed the other. He was taken to the emergency room one time for combining his meds & alcohol & almost killing himself. So he went off his meds & is just drinking. :glare: He was much better when he was on his meds & NOT drinking. The kid's friends from high school said he was stable until he hit college 2 months ago. Any suggestions?
  5. Both Thors I've known have been 6'2" or taller and blonde. They were also of Nordic decent, common in our area, so perhaps family names.
  6. I love Boston Terriers. We have a pug and it took her about 4 months. She still wants to sneak over and pee & poo on the carpet in the living room. I guess she considers that indoor grass. All dogs are banned from the carpeted area in our house. Our shepherd/husky mix trained in a couple weeks. Never had an accident.
  7. I hsed 4 at one time, now I am back to only hsing 2. I make a weekly lesson plan/chart & include chores on it. It is an at-a-glance type of document. I need simple so we can stay on track. We don't always get everything done and so I will move things to the next week, but more than not we can get caught up on Friday which I make a lighter day for just that purpose. It helps because the kids can see what they are expected to do that day and know what to expect as well.
  8. Small dogs are hard to potty train. Some just don't from what I understand. If you are adverse to a prolonged training and would get rid of the dog then I say don't get one. I don't mean that in a mean way. Maybe you want a cat.
  9. I wouldn't choose it, but I've known 2 people named Thor now & while I was at first surprised, now I just think of it as a strong Nordic name. As long as I can say it and spell it I'm ok with it.
  10. Amen! My older girl did not have any problems, but our local 12-14 girl hs christian girls are nasty and mean. The moms are oblivious.
  11. Yep, I'd say dd dodged a bullet, so Karma is doing her job (if you believe in it).
  12. You have a good enough relationship that he is willing to tell you that. That is huge. I have a kid in therapy right now. I haven't regretted it. :grouphug:
  13. Update: In case anyone cares, Famous Footwear will send the size shoe to your home for free if they have it in their warehouse. So things worked out.
  14. They are very cute. I don't think they had her size. We may just have to return them & keep looking. There are other nice silver dance shoes in the world. LOL
  15. Thanks everyone! I thought it was too big, but dd says it isn't. We should exchange them.
  16. I bought these for dd and took a pic. I didn't have my glasses on at the time. What do you think?
  17. I hope so. We do have a good school system and all the specialists, therapists, psych, and even the school IEP person is supportive of homeschooling. We live in an area where there are a lot of hsers.
  18. Here they will test based on referral, but I don't know how it will go or if it will be useful. I think it is worth it to try and then we can always move on to the Children's Hospital if needed. I'm new at this though.
  19. Yes, we just got back from our pediatrician. She questioned the IEP evaluation, but she also said that it might help. She hinted that maybe the psych should do the eval. He may be trying to save us money. The eval may cost a lot from the dr.
  20. Thank you! Yes, she'll need an iq test. I don't know where all this is going to lead.
  21. I'm going to have to start doing that. Our main form of communication is texting and it leaves a lot to be desired at times.
  22. 12dd didn't know it either. I think it's more a guy teen term. :001_huh:
  23. I texted him back saying "How do you know you wrecked it?" I just assumed wrecked meant bombed. He finally told me it meant he blew it away. I need to start asking him to translate.
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