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  1. I agree with the others that if it's something you don't think you are capable of then your dh may need to get over it. Can you share what the request is? That would help immensely.
  2. For years I would burst into tears when dh brought out the videos. I don't want to go back to that time, but I miss those little people.
  3. I agree. Our new therapist is absolutely lovely and she is pro-homeschooling. She's seen enough bad school situations where kids needed something else. She was a ps teacher and ps school counselor. I'm very thankful to have found such a wonderful therapist for my dd.
  4. I like their books. Your library should have them. There are some good ideas in them and like anything take what you want and leave the rest. I use my teenage edition as a reference book by looking up the scenario we are facing at the time. It gives me another viewpoint I may have forgotten and saved us from reacting too harshly to a disappointment and to really think about what our goal was - not punishment but a change in the child's heart or behavior. It's really good to use if your dh was raised more authoritarian and reaches for the same tools his parents did when issues arise. Good luck
  5. Thanks, everyone (sorry I posted and didn't come back, had an unexpected emergency). It's interesting to read the different viewpoints. So many other cultures do it and make it work. Here large multi-generational families of Samoans live together and make it work. I don't know if it would work for us. I can definitely see the drawbacks.
  6. Wife, mom, Christian, hser, mom to a university student, animal lover, loves kids and teens (mostly), daughter, etc.
  7. I would love it if my kids married and decided to take up residence with us. We could all work less, save more, and there would be less childcare worries. However, I lived with both my parents & in-laws when we were young marrieds and it wasn't fun. Now it was also a temporary things with all of us knowing that. I wouldn't want my kids and spouses living with us if they didn't want to. I would like to think living with us would be more pleasant than our experiences with our parents. But we also grew closer being in our own place. Is this just not a concept most Americans can grasp
  8. Yes, emergency room vets charge ridiculous amounts. I often wonder how many animals end up euthanized instead.
  9. I love it! If we can get past our differences we are such a cool group.
  10. I think a cute episode would be a bunch of moms looking at curriculum in the evening. A few have wine, one has a wheat grass smoothie, others diet coke, and another mom sneaks off to smoke a joint. LOL
  11. Exactly. Plus, a lot of hs families adopt in country and out. I dropped my kids off at a hs class and remembered how many adopt from all over as the diverse faces came out of the building. Oh, and we consistently have foreign exchange students or other kids with us. It is a lot of fun.
  12. Show all the different types of families. We are the laid back Christian eclectic ones, but in our immediate group I can name these: the hippie mom with dreads and birkenstocks, new age religious leader (mom btw) with deaf dh adhd son & lesbian daughter, all natural food mom who is constantly tearing up and rebuilding things in her home - unschooled and then didn't understand why her kids made choices different to hers (we all wonder that about our kids) and became the stricter parent, mixed black/white couple whose boys are very, very mechanically inclined - they have a mechanic business
  13. It's quite possible the lady is mentally ill or has dementia. Some people are just jerks, too.
  14. I'd deal. My dh spent our first anniversary deployed. It was hard. Stay busy for sure. While he's gone lose weight or start exercising to tighten your buns or any other special area. Get a makeover so when he comes back he will be doubly happy. ;)
  15. Yes, she referred us to one and he will check her out. It's exhausting. I sure hope the right meds help her.
  16. That is true. Nowadays they turn themselves in via media. Stupid kids.
  17. It's not new. We were stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio when I was in middle school. It was a whole new experience let me tell you. Gangs jumped teachers and beat up old ladies. These kids were middle schoolers and yes, in the 70s.
  18. Thanks. I actually had her with another therapist, but used that one in an emergency for another child. That one was adequate, but I really feel God led me to this one. I went back to the list my dr. gave me and she was highly recommended with our issues. She's much farther away of course but if she helps us like I'm hoping she will it will be a small sacrifice.
  19. It is hard. Some days I understand why parents quit trying. :grouphug:
  20. Thank you. It's still the beginning, but I love her style and she's very supportive. She was asking me things about aspergers and bipolar. Ugh. I don't care any more what it's called I just want her to be happy and capable of meeting whatever goals she has as an adult. Oh, and a pleasant home life would be nice, too. :D
  21. Is he overweight? More than just the roll in the middle so many boys get before they grow a foot. He may very well need every single calorie. I'd make sure there are things he can eat every day at any time that aren't off limits if he is of a healthy weight.
  22. I agree. Or look for another. Counselors are all so different. It can be a pain to find a good one.
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