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  1. Actually I think it is okay that she knows your frustration with math. I struggle over word problems and this mental math stuff is all new to me... I'll tell my kids this directly, but then I tell them that hopefully we can prevent them from struggling in the same areas as me... we can work on it together ... funny but once they start to get it they are easily quicker then I am! lol
  2. hmm, since she likes LOF maybe some other stories that highlight math ... check your library for: Cyberchase videos or the Magic School Bus videos/books There are plenty of literature books that could be used ... a simple internet search for "math literature" yields several sites. try:
  3. well... it will affect her ability to take science classes in high school and college. High school level chem really needs PreAlgebra as a pre-requirement. Plus knowing basic math is handy in life when shopping, dealing with discounts, cooking, paying bills, picking insurance packages, etc. So yes, I think math is really important. My kids fell 'behind' in math and I didn't think too much about till it affected their ability to take upper level science classes... oops! Not getting their facts down really showed when their upper math took even longer then most because they were thinking about 8x7 in addition to the entire algebra or calculas problem at hand. I don't think she is too young to pause and work on this... maybe even consider a tutor. My oldest and I clashed over math for awhile before I finally got her a tutor. It wasn't an overnight explosion of knowledge, but it was helpful! BUT I do think that you are doing GREAT thinking this through for her while she is so young! You have already tried a few different options and you are still looking... she probably doesn't know to say this yet so I'll say it .. way to go Mom! (she'll get there though..) hmm, she likes math if it is story ... does she like games? maybe RightStart would help?
  4. I've used many of these for all my kids. I like them because they are straight forward to use. They build the skills, show them how to check their work, and review. I like how the skills build. They teach the curve, then the letters with that curve. So the letters are not taught in alphabetical order but grouped by method of drawing. This is for both the print and cursive...For example in print you will learn the 'c', the 'a', the 'o', .... hmm I don't remember but probably the 'g', and the 'q' BUT not the 'p' at this point because it starts with a line. They show they how to check their work for things like spacing, slant, etc. Let's see... The cursive books also review some print.
  5. That's a good point. Hmm, I think Classical Writing is also parts to whole... I know in the upper levels they teach the specific paragraphs one at a time and if they write a whole essay before they are done learning all the specific paragraphs, they skip those till they have learned how to do those paragraphs. Although they do have them read an example essay with all the parts early on. So they do see the whole picture but they work on it part by part.
  6. We have done CW through Herodotus here, one way or another. Interesting, this is the first time I've heard CW get linked to creative writing. I usually find myself explaining how the students of CW can be creative within the writing assignments without the need for creative writing lessons. CW has both fiction and non-fiction models. There are even plenty of weeks where they write across the curriculum and can pick a model from their history, science, current events, etc. I just had my ds take a class that used the Herodotus book. Although I've been looking forward to this book, I wasn't able to be as involved with him as I would have liked. They ended up not using the student guides with it and just going through the book. This is doable but I'd suggest reading the intro pages first so you can understand all the additional work that can go along with it like maintaining a Commonplace book, doing the Traditional Logic I book before the logic chapter in the text, etc. It is also worth noting that the full essay assignments for the whole book are at the end. It's a very straight forward text. My ds seems to be understanding it just fine. I think he learned a great deal from it.
  7. Hi Susan,


    I've been off the boards also, obviously since I just saw your message. Hi back at ya! 8)


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