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  1. Hello all. I just have to say that I really appreciate these boards. This is where I go when I carve out a few moments for *me*. My dh thinks I'm nuts to want to keep reading about various curriculum and talk about homeschooling methods and tools... but that's what I like right now. We pulled out kids out of private school when my oldest dd was in 2nd grade because of a move. It's funny but I didn't like the idea of classical ed when I first read about it but when I tried to explain it and the other methods to my dh, we both felt pulled toward it. I got and full read the WTM and took off from there. We now have 4 kiddos (dd13yo, ds11yo, ds8yo, and dd-turning 3 tomorrow!) Life here never seems to follow my wonderfully made schedules and plans but somehow the kids are learning something. God is merciful!
  2. Ack! What a question. If my mil is reading this then the answer is 'of course every day.. at least!'. For everyone else, it's as needed. My 13yo dd showers on her own schedule... what I need to watch with her is the time IN the shower... she'll take an hour (easy) if I'm not on top of her! ug. My ds (ages 11 and 8) only seem to think of a shower when they are reminded to take one (2x per week?). The baby (age 3) gets a bath as needed or as time permits.
  3. I haven't heard of this book. Can you share some of the ideas it talks about? It sounds interesting.
  4. My plans for 7th going very sluggishly but if we manage to get thru them, here's were I think (at this point) I'm looking to go for 8th grade: continue/finnish Lial's BCM CW Homer B & ?start one of the poetry books cont with Harvey's Grammar ?Lightening Lit 8? (don't know if we will get thru 7) Thinking Toolbox (unless we get to that this year/summer) continue with Apples Daily Spelling or switch to MegaWords (she still needs spelling work) Vocab from Classical Roots (probably will still be doing A) ???History? I'm at a loss here something for formal logic (?Traditional Logic?) outside class: Debate Science (Apologia Bio?) Art? Music? Other: Soccer team
  5. Susan, I too would love to read that overview of your new writing program. I have one ds in FLL, one who finnished FLL and is now in CW Aesop B and a dd in CW Homer A. I really like the idea of following the progym for writing. I've been debating on taking my youngest son into FLL 3-4 or starting him on CW next year. He doesn't like the physical act of writing and he isn't quite there on typing yet, but he can retell a story without difficulty. One of the things I like about CW is that it incorporates grammar in the lower levels, rhetoric & logic in the upper levels. Will your writing program also incorporate logic and rhetoric? That is, will it give the student a chance to apply what they have learned in their logic and rhetoric studies? I really believe in teaching English grammar, logic and rhetoric as skills but would love the chance to really apply those skills and pull them all together. I'm thinking a writing program would be a great place to do this. What do you think? Thanks in Advance
  6. if you need them... although they reduce your score. Once you get how they work, they are doable and fun. They do get hard as you go thru the series... at least that's what I'm finding. I let my kiddos do them on their own (computer does the checking). When they get stuck (and don't want to use a hint) I'll give it a try. It takes some work but sometimes as I'm talking my way thru it to try to understand it... they get it before I do! Good luck. hth
  7. I can say that I finally finnished Les Miserables after the holidays.... but I started it back in September. Pretty lame uh?
  8. I taught both ways. I never knew there was a rule on which one to use! I just said that it could be pronounced either way... whichever way sounded right.
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