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  1. That's a good point. Hmm, I think Classical Writing is also parts to whole... I know in the upper levels they teach the specific paragraphs one at a time and if they write a whole essay before they are done learning all the specific paragraphs, they skip those till they have learned how to do those paragraphs. Although they do have them read an example essay with all the parts early on. So they do see the whole picture but they work on it part by part.
  2. We have done CW through Herodotus here, one way or another. Interesting, this is the first time I've heard CW get linked to creative writing. I usually find myself explaining how the students of CW can be creative within the writing assignments without the need for creative writing lessons. CW has both fiction and non-fiction models. There are even plenty of weeks where they write across the curriculum and can pick a model from their history, science, current events, etc. I just had my ds take a class that used the Herodotus book. Although I've been looking forward to this book,
  3. Hi Susan,


    I've been off the boards also, obviously since I just saw your message. Hi back at ya! 8)


  4. Hi Kathie,


    I just saw the message you posted to the Nova group in ... January. LOL. I have been off the forums for a while. But, I'm out in Loudoun County too and just wanted to say hello!



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