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  1. ITA w/ all of the previously mentioned ideas. When the kids start getting tired, I would get them all comfy on a couch and then have some kind of passive activity going on... a movie or book on tape, something like that. Then hopefully they can drift off into dreamland.
  2. My kids currently participate in Odyssey of the Mind. AFAIK, Destination Imagination is a similar but separate program. Was National History Day already mentioned?
  3. Wow, thanks. You guys are much more creative than I am. :tongue_smilie:
  4. There is dirt and such trapped in the ridges around the 'n' key on our Nook Color. Any advice for cleaning it out? Thanks.
  5. :iagree::iagree: (Sorry, didn't see this until after I posted and couldn't figure out how to insert it into my earlier post)
  6. :iagree: Is it possible to have him be doing schoolwork while he eats? It sounds like his meals are sucking up most of your time, but when he's eating he's a captive audience for read-alouds, oral work, lectures, explanations, independent reading, etc. I would also crack down on reading in the bathroom. My kids read in the bathroom, too, so I feel for you. But this really is where a ton of time is lost. And is there any independent work that he can be doing in the morning before you get up? Maybe assign him independent work and tell him that it needs to be done by the time you are out of the shower.
  7. So what is your question? Are you wanting us to recommend a history book for you? Yes, is this your question?
  8. Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding (sorry, can't link on this device) will not take you through high school, but it is really worth checking out. It has the hands on that you are looking for and IMO is one of the *best* programs out there for developing scientific thinking skills. It is not a hold-your-hand type of program but can be a great guide as long as you are somewhat confident in your science teaching abilities and are willing to put in little extra planning effort.
  9. :iagree: This is a great book, very doable, easy to use, and effective. I really like it.
  10. Same for us. :lol: Funny how so many of us agree with that statement. :iagree: Now that this thread has 11 pages, would you consier it to be 'medium' or 'large' :tongue_smilie:
  11. What about giving her an "experience"? Like a trip to a cool museum, or a nice dinner out, or something like that. The only other idea that I can think of is a gift to charity in her name... but I don't think that is the kind of special thing you are looking for...
  12. I have heard nothing but positive feedback about The Six O'Clock Scramble (I think that's what it's called) - can't link on this device, but it should pop up on Google. Might be worth a look?
  13. :iagree: Nagging won't help. ETA: I was unclear. OCD and skin picking are related but are not the same thing.
  14. At risk of derailing this thread... may I ask which software you use? :bigear: Thanks!
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