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  1. I remember it well...it was driving my daughter crazy that all of her friends knew where they were going and she hadn't even auditioned anywhere yet! The school she ended up at said they email decisions by April 1st. They weren't kidding, just after midnight they pushed out their decision and scholarship letters. It was a very stressful time for her and a huge relief when it was finally over.
  2. I like this, we can tie the science course into physical/mental preparation for esports. He's already signed up for Intro to Psych at school next year, but I can work the the anatomy and physiology and cell bio and maybe some brain studies (optimizing mental performance) in there as well. The professional players have sports psychologists, nutritionists, wellness coaches, and fitness trainers to prepare them for competitive matches, so it definitely ties in. Thank you for the great ideas!
  3. That's on the table as an option as well, although some classes have prerequisites. Bio is listed as a 9th grade course at his school unless you were on the honors track where they do Physics and Chem first and then Bio. Not sure if we could get an exception to that or not since he will be a junior next year. But he could do Earth Science, US History and a few other social/science courses that don't have prerequisites.
  4. Thanks everyone. He really doesn't want to leave the high school he is at since he has lots of friends and he really loves the activities that he is in. I am going to see if he wants to take a college course online and see how that goes. It would be nearly impossible with his schedule to take anything live at any of the local community colleges. They run a block schedule at the high school, so right now he is there every other day. Some days its MWF, some its T, Th, and weeks where there is a holiday, well, forget about having a regular schedule week to week. So far we have only done ansy
  5. Sooooo...my dear son, 16 and currently at the public high school part time as a sophomore, is truly miserable in the work he does at home. Basically he is at the high school for "fun" classes like band, drama, choir, sports management (next year psychology, civics, band, choir and sports broadcasting), and is at home for the hard stuff like english, math, science and social studies. He enjoys going to school, mostly for the extra curriculars he partakes in (marching band, speech team, theatre productions, esports club) and the social aspects of school, so he does not want to give that up. Howe
  6. I think 9th grade might be a little young for a lesson with a conservatory professor. Also keep in mind that not all college professors give free lessons to perspective students. When my daughter was visiting schools (public, private, and conservatories) she had to pay for at least two lessons with professors at well over $150 for an hour.
  7. My daughter has a friend who is a freshman at BoCo and also one at Tufts and they both said that there are so many schools within a few square miles of each other that they often fraternize at each other's schools on the weekends. My dd does not like to "party" and has no interest in drinking or smoking so I think she's a little worried that she will be the only one in the dorms on a Saturday night, but I find it hard to believe that there won't be others (especially at BoCo) that don't party. I don't think BoCo has sororities or fraternities, but I'm sure there will be no shortage of social e
  8. Yes, what Klmama said! Most professors will do a trial lesson for applicants so the student can get to know the professor and vice versa. This prof made it clear that he would not be helping her out in any way other than to listen to her play and determine whether she was good enough to be in his studio. Not the kind of attitude she wanted in a professor she would have to work closely with for four years. Professors at other schools gave her well thought out critique and help that she was able to use when practicing for auditions. Some of them even commented on how much growth she showed over
  9. Our kids will be a mile from each other, MIT is just across the Charles River from BoCo! I don't know if you have family in the US, but if there is ever anything you need (or really that your son needs) that I can help with, please let me know. We will probably visit at least three or four times a year to see her perform in concerts and musicals and visit friends in Connecticut, where we lived prior to moving to Chicago. I know we don't know each other, but I have been on these boards for 5+ years and have gotten much wisdom and insight from you over the years. Would love to help in any way I

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  11. I'll chime in to say that their first "offer" of a scholarship may not be set in stone, as many people I know go back and ask (some more than once) if there is any more scholarship money to be allocated. My dd has a friend who was accepted to a school with a $20K scholarship (school is $58K to attend) and when she talked to the music professor again they asked her how much more she needed to go there. She said $10K and that's what they gave her. So you can always go back and ask if there is any more scholarship money for your student.
  12. That's so cool! She loves playing the bassoon, I think she'd marry it if she could :) Her plan is to get a doctoral degree as well. My hubby and I both have chemistry degrees so we're not sure where all this musical talent came from, certainly not us!

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  15. I know you've gotten lots of answers but thought I'd chime in since I think every experience is different. My daughter plays bassoon, so her experience might be different than someone who plays a different instrument, since there are fewer students that play her instrument. A flute professor may not be able to give lessons to everyone that inquires since so many more kids play the flute, and there may be less scholarship money for that instrument as well. 1) Did your student sit-in on ANY classes at that school they applied to? IF so, did they sit in on a music class, or a gen ed class? Y
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