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  1. Thank you - very helpful. Good to know. Not many assignments, and they are difficult....hmmmm. I am also thinking about letting him type stuff. Good idea.
  2. I'm trying to decide what to do for 6th grade writing, and have been looking at MCT. It kind of blows my mind. I'm not sure if I don't really get it or if it's awesome! Probably both. Anyway, after spending about an hour reading through it all, I'm now thinking that maybe I should use the whole LA program rather than just the writing portion. But if we do that, I'm not at all sure what level to go with. So if anyone could make suggestions, I'd love that. I'm also wondering if it's a bad idea to mix the components from a couple different levels. I think we should probably do Town or Voyage - please correct me if you think that's wrong! Grammar - we are currently doing Rod & Staff 5, so I think that doing Grammar Town next year would be nothing new at all and potentially too easy as far as the grammar book. It seems like Voyage would be a better fit. Vocabulary - currently doing Vocabulary from Classical Roots 5. The MCT vocabulary books look pretty advanced to me. I guess it isn't really the words, but it isn't super-simple like VFCR but has difficult reading passages. I suppose Caesar I would be a slightly better fit here, not sure. Writing - omigosh, my son HATES to write. I mean the physical part of it. He actually likes creative writing, and on his own has written stories (heavily influenced by "Redwall", which is pretty adorable). When we do Rod and Staff, we do as much of it orally as we can since he takes so long to write it out (mostly due to messing around/;becoming distracted), and he hates it. This is good and bad. Good because it is less tedious for him. Bad because it requires more of my time to go through each question with him. Anyway, we are using IEW SWI this year. He is doing ok, likes it ok. He LOVES to read, reads all the time and at a fairly high level. The writing is the one where I am most unsure. It seems like it's a big jump from Town to Voyage, and that he might be in between. I like the idea of Voyage more, and think he's ready to do essays rather than paragraphs. But I don't want him to struggle. Poetry - we haven't done much of this, other than memorizing poems and a few poetry lessons from the English book. I already have the MCT Town level poetry book - Building Poems. It sure would be nice to just use that and not have to buy an additional poetry book. Has anyone combined books from different levels, such as Town and Voyage? So I'm really unsure what level to go with. I like the idea of Voyage, but part of what is really holding me back is all the excerpts and articles and things. WOW, they seem really advanced. It seems like they will be hard for him to understand, and likely bore him. He isn't gifted (I see that the curriculum is a good fit for gifted kids), but he's pretty bright. What do people's kids think about these? I should mention that next year will be my last year homeschooling him, so if we choose Town we are unlikely to ever get to Voyage. I sure wish we could do Voyage, but want to choose the right level for him. ------------------------------------------- One other question! I also have a 7th grader (finishing 7th grade) at school who really needs some writing instruction. I want to start this after school and through the summer (and into next year 8th grade). So it needs to be pretty painless. His grammar is awful, so I'm thinking of doing Easy Grammar with him (it looks like he can do it on his own mostly). Do you think I could jump into MCT Voyage with him for writing? I really hate to start him on paragraph, since I don't think I'll get him to agree to more than one course. So if we do Town, that'll likely be the end of it. His ideas and organization are fairly decent, it's mostly his sentence structure/grammar/word choice that is problematic. THANK YOU for reading through all this and offering any advice. Heidi
  3. Jamee - thanks. When you suggest previewing it, do you mean for romance scenes? Yikes, I don't think I can preview 24 hours! Was hoping to find people who have seen it and can tell me what kinds of scenes there are. I think I'll skip the War and Remembrance one. theelfqueen - I LOVE the idea about the 1940s House show. Great idea, thank you. I love those house shows.
  4. Thank you both so much. Very helpful. Yes, North and South is about the Civil War. Whoops, I added that to my list after I'd written my post!
  5. These miniseries look great for some fun summer TV-watching, and learning about WWII in the process. But I'm having a hard time finding any parental reviews or information about how appropriate it is for young kids. I'm not concerned about violence, but wondering about any romance scenes. I'll want to avoid it if there is any nudity or much beyond basic short scenes of kissing. I get the impression that North and South might have a bit more romance action than I'm looking for. If anyone has seen any of these and remembers anything as far as this, I'd love your input. Thanks so much!
  6. My 6th grader is doing R&S 6 this year. If we use ALL next year for 7th grade, would the first level (ALL 1) be too easy after having completed R&S 6, or is this where we need to start? I REALLY want to try this, but not sure what level we'd use next year. Thanks! p.s. I love that it will only be 3x week!
  7. Gotcha - thanks! And back at you! (The day-brightener, that is).

  8. Yes, I come to your page, and then I leave a random smiley to brighten up your day (or at least that is my intention LOL). Not really a private message, because it can be seen by others too, but cute for a quick smiley when you cannot resist leaving one. :)

  9. Ok, thanks for the message - (smiley face). I am confused about what this is. Is this a private message? Looks different. Oh..... I think I'm catching on. You must have come to my page and clicked something about visitor message? Will have to check that out. Thanks. Learn something new every day!

  10. Angela - I love your avatar photo and wonder who it's by and the name of it! Also, I have no idea how I get your response! I assume I come back here to check? Thanks!



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