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  1. Laminate some blackline maps (by continent or whatever), and have them fill in as many countries as they can, or capitals, or physical features, etc. Even if they have to copy from an atlas, no problem. ThinkFun games like Chocolate Fix, Solitaire Chess. Tangoes. GeoPuzzles. They can even do those together.
  2. Can I just say I think you're awesome? I know I shouldn't have, but I really enjoyed reading this post! Not what you're going through, but just the pleasure of imagining saying this to that woman's face! Sorry that she said that and hopefully someone will have some advice for you. I think I'd enjoy hanging out with you!
  3. Gotcha - thanks! And back at you! (The day-brightener, that is).

  4. Yes, I come to your page, and then I leave a random smiley to brighten up your day (or at least that is my intention LOL). Not really a private message, because it can be seen by others too, but cute for a quick smiley when you cannot resist leaving one. :)

  5. Ok, thanks for the message - (smiley face). I am confused about what this is. Is this a private message? Looks different. Oh..... I think I'm catching on. You must have come to my page and clicked something about visitor message? Will have to check that out. Thanks. Learn something new every day!

  6. We have about a dozen of them and the kids LOVE every single one. As you can see from the posts, everyone seems to like something different and there aren't a couple that stand out or anything. So I'd just go with the topics you'd think your kids will like. I guess these are probably our favorites (I have boys!): - Greek Myths - Robin Hood\Three Musketeers - Arabian Nights - Queen's Pirate - Treasure Island - Tom Sawyer Also, my 6-year-old son got the STOW Vol. 1 for Christmas, and he STILL wants to listen to parts of it every single night! I'd say THAT is his favorite Jim Weiss C
  7. Angela - I love your avatar photo and wonder who it's by and the name of it! Also, I have no idea how I get your response! I assume I come back here to check? Thanks!



  8. Dairy Farm Federal Reserve Bank Woodworking Shop Race Car (check out engine) Bring in Native American dancer/living history person Call local museums, nature centers, etc. and see what programs they have for Scouts. Many have these listed on their websites. Usually $5-10 fee/person. Sometimes free. Local historical sites, especially if they have interpreters there. I think our field trips have been the most fun for the boys.
  9. Jackie - I didn't take your post as preachy or anything at all, just a very nice thought for everyone. Obviously this type of format will sometimes make someone misunderstood, which is a bummer. But of course you belong here! How many tons of people are there on here? So there are going to be some people that disagree with you on things and that might feel personal. But I'm guessing that that is pretty rare and that mostly you get a lot out of this forum and hopefully lots of support, as well as providing helpful input to others. Here's hoping you're feeling better by the time you read thi
  10. Eeek! I knew this would be a hard one! Sorry. When I asked whether they were creationist, I believe the definition of that is not that God created the earth (which I THINK all Christians believe!), but something more like this: Definition: Creationism is the religious doctrine, opposed to naturalistic evolution, that life on this planet was created by a special, unique act of God. Creationism goes beyond this traditional religious belief, however, in asserting that this belief can be proven empirically and scientifically. I guess I could look up online what each mainline Protestant
  11. Thanks for reading...I am not looking for any kind of debate or explanation. Now that I'm looking at various homeschool groups/co-ops, etc. and many of them are associated with Christian churches, I'm just wondering if I can safely assume that they do not believe in the theory of evolution and are creationist. Of course I could ask... but I'd rather not! And not interested in discussing it with them! So I guess these are the groups I'm wondering about: - Mainline Protestant denominations - Evangelical Protestant churches - (I know the Catholic Church does not have a firm position on
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