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  1. His enthusiasm is a wonderful thing! but a juice fast is not the answer. He should obsessively and enthusiastically follow a diet that will be better for him. If he goes paleo or atkins he will have a dramatic 1st week weight loss. No doubt. Then his cravings for bread and pasta will almost disappear (I'm Italian too, I get it!) as hard as that is to believe/
  2. I know I'm joining late, but I'd love to join this group. I'm going to read Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris for this week.
  3. You can't go low fat, low carb and low calorie at the same time... I'm not sure if you tried them separately or all at once. Low carb diets need to be higher fat and thankfully the food is much more appealing that way. Is he following a certain diet? I lost 60 pounds following Marks Daily Apple (paleo/primal) and everyone in my house ate what I ate, and loved it! I do add white potatoes, rice or sweet potatoes to the kid's meals. Those were okay for me if I couldn't resist. Crusty Italian bread would not have been so okay for me to indulge in, so I didn't serve it.
  4. It's about time! Yay BSA!
  5. :leaving: Don't think I didn't think of that! (after it was done of course, :lol:) I couldn't resist the box. Cheap, immediate, and the lady on the cover had beautiful hair. :tongue_smilie::tongue_smilie::tongue_smilie:
  6. :lol: Leave it to Wendy to ask for pics! ;) I tried to take a picture but strangely enough it looks better in the picture than it does on my head :confused:
  7. Thanks for the advice, I guess I'm going to call a salon and see what they can do. I'm glad to hear that it can probably be fixed :)
  8. Can a salon color over my store bought home dye job? I'm sure if I called a salon, they would want me to recolor there $$ but will it look ok? Has anyone done this before and had it look "right"? My roots are growing in and the rest of my hair is this weird light red color :001_huh: I'd like it to be a nice brown with blond highlights. :bigear:
  9. Avatar: The Last Airbender The Legend of Korra (sequel to avatar) My kids love these two shows plus Liberty's Kids that was mentioned earlier is a big hit.
  10. Wayne (and Oakland) have horrific flooding. If you find something in Wayne and it doesn't say anything about it, then make sure you ask (maybe neighbors or a local agent?). Last year Hurricane Irene devastated areas of Wayne along Rt. 23. In that area, Oakland is really nice. Have you looked at Nutley? I worked there (and Martha Stewart grew up there, lol) and it has a small town feel with a nice town center and close to highways for convenience.
  11. It's amazing how easily children can memorize but it is equally as amazing how quickly something is forgotten if it is not reviewed or used. It's mind boggling to realize that if a child moves to another country at around 5-6years of age, if they don't use the language they were speaking and hearing since birth -- their entire first language can be forgotten!
  12. I don't know if this has been mentioned yet but one option is for the student to get a job where the employer pays tuition. My stbxh works for Verizon and had his undergraduate degree paid in full including student fees and actually, all fees by the company. He only paid for books. He went to Thomas Edison State College BUT he could have gone to NYU, Rutgers... wherever! They do not have a cap. You go - they pay. My stbxh majored in criminal justice. If he wants to pursue a masters -- it's on Verizon. Plus they earn a decent wage (full base pay after 3 years! with full benefits that they do not pay in to!) They are hiring in many states and will fully train you. I haven't looked into it, but Verizon can't be the only company to offer this.
  13. There are many homeschoolers in the Ridgewood area and endless variety of classes, sports, languages, museums etc. Riverdale is a nice town too as are the towns around that area (Wayne, Pequannock, Butler) but not as close to Lyndhurst and no direct train if that was important.
  14. I would check out Midland Park, Ho-Ho-Kus (low taxes.. but higher priced homes), Glen Rock, Waldwick, Fair Lawn, Paramus (low taxes) and Ridgewood (downside is crazy high taxes). All of those towns are great neighborhoods to be in (especially Ridgewood, my hometown lol) and are an easy commute to Lyndhurst and every one of those towns except Paramus has a train to Lyndhurst but even if he drives he will be just 10 minutes away (30 in rush hour). Don't be discouraged by the super high priced homes because there are million dollar homes but there are also affordable smaller homes in different sections of town. Except maybe Paramus (the highway busy section) but there are NO bad sections in those other towns. Oh and Paramus has Dick Blick, Apple, Trader Joe's, Fairway, Ikea, Whole Foods... and pretty much any other store you could think of. :) ETA: Washing Twshp and Westwood are also nice. I don't personally like Bloomfield but I haven't been there in many many years so maybe it has changed for the better. Hawthorne may be a more affordable option to think about too. Some parts bordering on Paterson may not be desirable.
  15. Thank You! I may use this for myself, Portuguese is sounding more interesting (yet more difficult) by the minute. :) My kids will be in 2nd grade and 4th grade in the fall (They are almost 8 years old and 9 years old) Interesting, I had no idea there were no AP or SAT credit available for Portuguese. I would love to get some ISBNs suitable for children! Thank you so much!
  16. This sounds perfect for my kids, thank you!
  17. :w00t: Really? WOW, we MUST do this! WE MUST DO THIS!! I have never been so encouraged about foreign language until this moment! :w00t: When can we start? Friday's after co-op would be great... we should get a class together. We can do it here, or by you... LET ME KNOW, text or call me when you can!!
  18. It is a beautiful language, great food too. :) Wow, that seemed like the easy way to become fluent.. :001_huh: Not very encouraging, LOL! That's what I want for my children -- the ability to pick up languages with ease. Me too. Italian food, Japanese food, Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German...:D Can you tell I love food too? :lol:
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