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  1. He won't turn 9 until the school year is over though! (Assume the OP ends school by end of June) My dd turned 7 in June but will be 7 the WHOLE school year. Many, many of her 1st grade peers will turn 7 in Sept, Oct., Nov. etc. So she is the oldest in her class by a few months but if she were in 2nd grade... she would be seven the whole time she is in 2nd grade, not turning 8 until the school year is done. With some kids, it doesn't matter and they are able to be newly 5 and start kindergarten and easily fit in and be the youngest in the class but some thrive by waiting a year.
  2. This thread is making me realize that I should not tell my children what grade they are working or how many levels above (or below) their age peers. They are where they need to be, whether behind or ahead. I love curriculum that doesn't state a grade, like RSD or WWS1. If my 3rd grade ds was in WWS1, I certainly won't tell him "sweetie... time for your 5th grade writing!!". :tongue_smilie: Really, we would not expect a ps kid to say "well, I'm in 4th grade but I am only reading on a 2nd grade level so I get extra help... oh but I love science and I'm working at home on a 6th grade curriculum after school" :001_huh::001_huh: You just expect the kid to say. "4th grade". :lol:
  3. But it can make a preadolescent , molested by the same sex, very confused about their sexuality. I know a transgendered child, age 9. She is a first born, and born a female but has identified as being a male since age 4. Her parents are a a mess (and in the middle of a divorce), her mother is constantly on edge and think people are judging her dd. "Just a phase". :confused: I just heard last week, that Katie is now being called Jake by all her friends and her mother. (So I start saying "he" now?) The public school won't let him use the boys room, the parents at the bus stop call him "it" and won't let their children play with him. Oh, and Jake was talking with his guy friends about the girl he was in love with over the summer and his mother had a nervous breakdown. Like that's doing her kid any favors. :mad:
  4. I apologize even when I'm not wrong. :001_huh: I like to keep the peace. :tongue_smilie: My dh never apologizes. Actually, my dh never use to apologize, ever! Now he apologizes a lot because he is a bit scared I'm going to leave him. :001_huh: One thing that bugs me more than someone not apologizing, is someone not accepting an apology! (over something general, not murder and such, LOL!)
  5. I just bought some Udi's whole grain sandwich bread today and I was surprised at how good it is. :)
  6. :grouphug: Also, did I miss how your test results turned out? You didn't want to say at the time what the doctors suspected, until further testing? Sorry if I missed it! :grouphug:
  7. Oh, I would do anything for homeschool, but I won't do that. No I won't do that. :tongue_smilie:
  8. How are you treating parasites? Did you test positive as having parasites or does he think from your symptoms that you may have them?
  9. Working in the Food Network kitchens as a food stylist and recipe developer. After my son was born, I worked part time preparing food for the chefs on morning shows (like GMA and the View) because I could prep at my house for the show, then the next morning, the studio would send a car to my house to bring me/the food into NYC for the segment. I would tell the chef what was prepared, the chef would do the segment and I was home by 9am!
  10. Wow, I was thinking I might start thinking about what we were going to have that morning so I don't have to think about it at about 5pm. Radical :tongue_smilie: How can you plan days, weeks, months (:eek:) in advance when you don't know what you'll be in the mood for? :001_huh: I don't know how many dinners are in my repertoire because I just mix and match. I would say I could make dozens of different meals out of the same few ingredients. I'm also doing low carb so it makes it a little more challenging but I know what I like and I know what's in the house so I have the luxury of waiting to see what I feel like making/eating. Tonight, I made choucroute garni (sausages and sauerkraut) because, well I was in the mood for it! Tomorrow, maybe tomato/roasted pepper salad with steak and french green beans? Or maybe steak with ratatouille... hmmm. Maybe I'll be tired and just want to throw a few burgers on the grill and serve with lettuce, tom., onion and coleslaw.
  11. Justamouse is a friend (and I can vouch that she lives in an amazing, big old home and she really does have 7 kids, and she is sweet, generous and incredibly talented... check out her blog!) Capt_Uhura but lots of people can vouch for her here because she put together the amazing MCT/SWB conference in Valley Forge! Capt Uhura = :cool: Also Kalmia, the woman who wrote the book on nature study! Many of you know Kalmia from the VF conference too but she is another local WTM'er for me ;) I also have spoken on the phone with, emailed, and pm'd OnTheBrink. I can not find the right words for how wonderful OTB really is and I'm getting choked up thinking about it. :crying: She only knows me from the boards but when I didn't even think I could take another breath, she was there for me. She may be the kindest, most unselfish person I've ever known.
  12. IBEW. CWA and IBEW are striking together. 45,000 guys (and gals) will not be reporting to work in the morning. :glare:
  13. Thank you, I have a feeling this is going to be a long one but I hope I'm wrong!
  14. I hope an agreement can be made quickly because (stating the obvious) if he doesn't work, he doesn't get paid. :eek: I can do freelance work in NYC for some extra money but I hate the uncertainty. I can book a job then my h could be back at work if a contract is signed! If I work then I guess he would homeschool the kids? I CAN NOT imagine. :001_huh: So I guess I'm just venting... and a few prayers might help ;)
  15. I am plannning: RightStart D WWE3 MCT Island HWT Cursive SOTW3 CO-OP for art, music gym SCIENCE ??? SPELLING???? I feel like I'm missing something. :confused:
  16. Phase 1 for underbite = $4000. Insurance paid half. That includes 4 braces on upper teeth and expander. I wish it were only $2100! I guess I should have shopped around.
  17. I would love to do this to but since my sister in law had a really bad experience with it... I'm pretty scared to even try it. :001_huh: I'm thinking of going to the pill Lybrel which is birth control pill that stops your period completely. :w00t: If there are side effects that I don't like, I can just stop taking the pill and switch. If you don't like the side effects of the ablation, there is not much you can do about it. I have considered the novasure IUD, which stops your period too but I'm a bit afraid because it seems almost universal that weight loss is near impossible while on the novasure. That's a deal breaker for me.
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