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  1. My son finally got his PSAT scores in the mail yesterday. His first set. He started getting emails from colleges in January, which is when I thought scores would be out. So I came on here and realized they'd been out for a long time. I looked online and linked his college board account with our home address. Last week, my son started getting physical mail from colleges. And then he got his paper scores yesterday. I'm wondering if he didn't write his mailing address clearly on the PSAT and that caused the delay. I'm really glad to have the paper scores, as there is a lot more information th
  2. That's a great idea. I think I'll do this with my next children. It was a struggle to find a school for my oldest to take the PSAT. Per the College Board website, I started early. Local high school told me in May that I'd have to wait until August to sign him up, so I worried all summer about whether they would let him. Late August, they finally gave us an answer: No. We found a public school in the next town that said he could sign up after Sept. 14. On the phone, someone said we could. In person, another person said we couldn't. Luckily we got in because we had the first person's name, she w
  3. Thank you all! My 10th-grade son started at our local CC last week, and he suddenly decided he wants to get an AA before he graduates from high school. I had already heard that a semester at CC = a year in high school, but the Spanish classes at the CC are 101A, 101B, 102A, 102B. This made me stop to come here to look for answers as to whether I could treat each semester course as a year of high school. Considering they are 5 credits each at the CC, I think he can get 1 high-school credit out of each one! Taking just 2 of the 4 semesters will save him a lot of time. Thank you all for sharing y
  4. Yikes! Now I'm kicking myself even harder for not pushing more for my son to take the PSAT this month. We made an initial attempt to sign him up, got knocked aside by the local high school, went home to double check my facts (yes he could take it as a 10th grader, yes he needed to sign up at the school and not online), and never made it back to the school to try again. Thanks for posting, so I can add these things to a list of prep items.
  5. My son did this two years ago with zero preparation. We were in the middle of a cross-country move, so it was great for him to have any kind of educational goal. He met it, but we didn't realize until too late that he could have had his book published. This year, I discovered the workbook, and he has gone through some of it over the past few months. He hasn't visited the web site yet, though I did see there were some webinars, which we missed. My son loves to write, do he does this for fun. I won't be assigning much other writing during November, though. And we will try to pay more attention t
  6. I start formal spelling lessons with my children when they are in third grade, as I prefer to focus on reading and writing first. I was surprised yesterday when giving my 8-year-old his first spelling test. He still isn't as strong a reader as his older brothers were at this age, and I was actually surprised at how well he did with his spelling test (11/12 correct). On one word, he told me the spelling rule as he confirmed he had spelled the word correctly. I asked how he knew that, and he said it had been in his phonics book, OPGTTR, which he finished more than a year ago. Just anecdotal evid
  7. For those of you using Joy of Science, can you share how you'll use it? I see that it is on sale right now (but still $125 for the video download version). It does look like a great overview before starting high school science.
  8. My oldest son used the above 5-8 Outlining book (Remedia). It was easy for him, as well, and he was very comfortable outlining other materials after using it. It is his preferred form of notetaking now. It's probably about time to have my second son use it, though all of that writing will be harder for him. He did just come to some outlining in Rod and Staff, but he didn't do the exercises. So as not to overload my children, they are required to read the writing/composition lessons in R&S but rarely have to actually do the exercises. As for where the outlining is found in Rod and Staff
  9. I read somewhere on this forum last year that the even years are the most important for Rod and Staff English (Gr. 4, 6, 8, 10), so those should be studied the most. Sorry, but I don't remember who said it. It seemed to be a consensus in the threads I was reading. We missed a year of grammar and picked up in Gr. 4 and 6 for two of my boys (skipping Gr. 3 and 5), but my older son is doing Gr. 8 rather than skipping it to do Gr. 9 this year. All are doing fine. That would seem to indicate starting with Gr. 6 for your daughter would be a good idea.
  10. I don't see this posted anywhere, but I apologize if it already has been. I got an email today saying The Teaching Company (The Great Courses) has ALL of its courses on sale 70% off today and tomorrow. Free shipping code: 104475 within the United States. Of course, first check your library, and Audible may be cheaper, but I know some people wait for sales like this one and didn't want you to miss it. :)
  11. I'm so glad I found this thread today. I have been debating about getting some Vandiver and Daileader courses from Audible or waiting for a sale on the Teaching Company web site. Getting them from the library won't work because there is just one copy of each series, and they have holds, so I know I won't be able to keep renewing for months as we use 2 lectures/week. With the sale and a coupon code I found in my inbox, I got the lectures I wanted. Sure, I paid more than I would have on Audible, but my hesitation was that I really wanted the Course Guidebooks. They aren't vital, of course, b
  12. It is very helpful to hear your perspective. Thank you so much for all of your time. I am feeling more confident now.
  13. You are helping a lot, actually. Aside from "Listen to the lecture and write about it" what can I do if I don't know what the lectures are about? The titles don't tell much. I could have him write a list of important people mentioned or events or just 10 things he remembers. I'm a visual learner, so this would be difficult for me, but my son is more auditory. Any more insight you can give me about how you use the lectures would be great. Take notes while listening, listen and discuss, listen and write... I need to spend a week just on this, but I can't. OK, most important is probably --
  14. I want to be sure I understand how Audible works. Is this right? I could get the entire Early Middle Ages set (all of the lectures) as a free audio book upon enrollment. Then after one month, I would pay $14.95 and would get another audio book so could choose the High Middle Ages. Then another month later, I'd pay $14.95 and get the Late Middle Ages? I can cancel then or keep getting more audio books (Elizabeth Vandiver... Ooh, what a great way to get these courses cheaply. Exciting.) Once I buy these, I can download them, burn them to CD, put on an mp3 player, etc., right? Am I understand
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