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  1. That's a great idea. I think I'll do this with my next children. It was a struggle to find a school for my oldest to take the PSAT. Per the College Board website, I started early. Local high school told me in May that I'd have to wait until August to sign him up, so I worried all summer about whether they would let him. Late August, they finally gave us an answer: No. We found a public school in the next town that said he could sign up after Sept. 14. On the phone, someone said we could. In person, another person said we couldn't. Luckily we got in because we had the first person's name, she w
  2. Thank you for the clarification. I will certainly look into the new recommendations, as well.
  3. Thank you for these updates, Susan. I especially appreciate the various paths given and options for natural writers. Do you no longer recommend Weston's Rulebook for Arguments? Can you tell us why? I was planning to use it with my oldest in the coming year or two. Thanks, Teonei
  4. I think this would work. I am speeding my 11yo through CC Fable and then CC Narrative this year. We'll finish the year with CW Homer Accelerated, so he'll be ready to start 7th grade in Diogenes. He started the year with 12 weeks of WWS. I agree with the other posters that skipping WWE 4 is fine, assuming your child is doing well with writing summaries and taking dictation. SWB said you could skip WWE 4 and go on to WWS, so adding any amount of CC will only help. WWE 4 is really just more of the same as what's in WWE 3. My 9yo son who is currently doing WWE 3 will probably do CC Fable
  5. Thank you, Ruth. I really appreciate your comparison of Herodotus with SWB's rhetoric recommendations. Now we just need to know about Plutarch, Shakespeare, and Demosthenes! And no, I don't expect you to do that review, though you're very good at it. :) How much of Kane, Weston, and Corbett would you say remain to be covered after a student uses Herodotus? I am awaiting the arrival of those first three but won't be buying Herodotus for a while, as we're just about to start Homer. I'm curious to know what to expect from the last three CW books for this to fully replace the self-study SWB ha
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