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  1. Not a problem! I will say that the chairs don't get a lot of roughhousing, but dh is a big guy and they hold his weight fine.
  2. We have the exact chair (2, in fact) that you linked, in navy. We have a very small house and needed a way to have additional living room seating, when we have guests, that could be stored the rest of the time. I think our couches are pretty comfy, but the chairs are definitely the hot item. People love them and think they're super-comfortable. My dh has a class group come over regularly and grown men call dibs on them. 🙂 so positive reviews from us. I'm planning to send one to my college kid for the dorm sitting room when I can.
  3. I keep a small inkjet around for color printing, scanning and copying. We actually got a color laser a couple of years ago when I bought a ridiculous amount of print it yourself curricula that we never used, but I had a total geek-out time all summer printing all those pretty color pages and binding them... Sigh. Anyway, even with the color laser, the inkjet gets used a lot. The inkjet we have is a Canon (TS6020, for what that's worth) and it was right around $50 about 2 years ago. It has some quirks but gets the job done and doesn't take up much space. I don't spend much money inkj
  4. You all have been so helpful, and supportive. Crying some tears of relief tonight, instead of exhaustion or guilt. Some excellent take-aways for me in here -- about what really does need to happen, and about my level of control of that. Words cannot express how grateful I am, for the compassion but also for the helpful thoughts about things to do and ways to reframe how I'm viewing it all. Also, enormously helpful is the reminder that people's comments are made from concern for my parents, and from their perspective, and probably mostly with good intentions but without a full understandin
  5. Thanks to each of you. I really appreciate your thoughts and your encouragement. After this last trip, I really came home questioning myself. It helps a lot to have an outside perspective from people more removed from the situation. I also appreciate the springboard of ideas to think about different ways of helping from afar. Some of these are already happening, but reviewing them helps me brainstorm other things.
  6. Financial concerns and connection to their community are big reasons they won't move. Also, my brother and I both move frequently. Oh, I forgot another big one -- my grandmother lives next door to them and my dad checks on her, drives her to the grocery store, etc. He's absolutely amazing. But he is doing too much and it is starting to take a toll.
  7. Details removed for privacy. How to handle being the peanut butter in the sandwich when both kids at home and parents far away need you. And how to deal with comments from people who would like you to help more. And how to know if/when you're doing enough. I want truth, but please be gentle.
  8. Oh my goodness. I just figured out how to run the reports on what you've ordered/returned/etc. We spend a LOT of $ at Amazon. Wowsa. But we've bought entire rooms of furniture, appliances, tools, computers, textbooks, curriculum -- as well as regular monthly orders of paper goods, pantry staples, personal care items. I ran a two-year report, and it showed 684 orders, with 67 returns, representing under 10% of the total. A decent chunk of them (close to 20) happened in the last two months because of our move, and one single defective appliance in that time frame accounted for a big ch
  9. I return things *all the time*. Of course I also order things all the time, but I return a pretty decent percentage of the things I order. Sometimes it's because they were just flat out wrong or not up to par. Sometimes it's clothing, and we don't know if it will fit or not. We moved a couple of months ago, and sold or got rid of a lot of our stuff before the move in anticipation of much smaller space. But I still ended up needing a lot of new purchases, smaller items, throw pillows to go with new rugs etc. And at one point I returned 8 or 10 items in a single day. I tried thro
  10. It sold, so I guess it's moot now. And my wallet is less empty, so all is well. 🙂 (In case anyone was curious, "it" was a lot of Lego Christmas Village sets. I'm in a family of Lego fanatics, and I'm the least so, and get tired of finding homes for Legos -- but a seasonal Christmas Lego village? That sounds just my style! But oh my what an expensive thing to get started... So I run Ebay and Marketplace searches occasionally, looking for a good deal. This one was -- but hours away from me. 😞 )
  11. Anyone in Sayville, NY? Or have a friend or student near there? Someone with transportation who'd like to make a little money? I have an item on FB Marketplace I'd like to purchase but the seller won't ship. So I'm trying to find a way to get someone to pick it up, pack it and mail it to me. I am far enough away to make the whole thing just not very workable otherwise.
  12. I don't think that you'll ever regret ripping that band-aid. And hopefully now that you've started, it will get easier. Besides, a kid's capsule wardrobe is easy and inexpensive to replace, even without hand-me-downs. Think of it this way (because I know you are): if it was this hard for you, imagine how much harder it would be for your dh or one of your girls? At least you have all the institutional knowledge of where things came from/how old they are/growth rate patterns in your kiddos/etc... Streamlining *now* is a gift you are giving THEM, in the event you aren't able to help *later.*
  13. Well, I'm not sure that it would be considered budget-friendly, but SimpleHuman makes really good trash bags, and they're available from Amazon, and the price point is better if you buy in bulk and/or Subscribe and Save. I have odd-sized square cans for trash and recycling, and love that I can get a perfect fit from SimpleHuman, and that I can buy in advance and never have to worry about running out. And I've never had one break or split or any other kind of trash bag disaster. Also, I'm weird, but it makes me really happy to be able to have the white bag for trash and the blue for recycl
  14. May her memory be eternal. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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