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  1. I'm not sure that most kids wouldn't listen to classical music without a hook.. my thoughts on BW is that the songs themselves are not randomly silly but each song contains facts about the composers and the piece. So my kids can appreciate the music without silly lyrics but now because of BW they know that Clara Schumman was married to Robert Schumman and together with their children they were a family joined in harmony. :D That is something they won't forget but not something that they could have gotten listening to The Merry Peasant without vocals. When my kids hear La Donna è mobile (from Rigoletto) They say "VERDI!" and I'm sure they are perfectly capable of learning Vivaldi's Spring without cute lyrics but it sure makes it easier!
  2. That's funny about the R/L problems! The doctor asked if they knew their L/R and I said they did -- I asked them to hold up their left hand, touch r knee etc. and they did great! On the vision test, they confused l/r and up down.. weird!
  3. Yesterday, both my children went to a developmental optometrist to get their vision checked. The doctor said he would probably need about 46 weeks of VT (when the average is about 32) because he has severe needs in all areas of vision. Then she checked my dd7 and said she has more vision problems than ds! I don't remember the exact terms the doctor used for their problems but one thing I remember is that she said my son never crossed the midline in her tests. He always turns his head to look with one eye... but she is surprised he can tie his shoes. Something strange is that he was the first kid in Kindergarten class to tie his shoes and he knows dozens of knots from cub scouts! So I'm not sure what to think about that. She said today, try having him read with one eye covered and see if that makes a difference in how accurate his reading is. He has a neuropsych eval scheduled for February.
  4. For week 3, I'm continuing Ahab's Wife and starting A Perfect Mess: The hidden benefits of Disorder - How Crammed Closets, Cluttered Offices, and on-the-Fly Planning Make the World a Better Place Week 2: Little Heathens (and started Ahab's Wife) Week 1: Water for Elephants
  5. nooooooooooo! Please mods, lock it if you must, but please leave it for posterity! :D Usually a thread like this will go off topic (ahem.. kilts *cough*) but this topic is so insanely ridiculous that we've managed to stay on topic. Oh the hilarity of the tags... the puns, the wit, the laughter and the shame! This thread has it all! :lol::lol::lol:
  6. I eat Alaskan Cod, Salmon, Sablefish and Portuguese Sardines. I am afraid to eat any fish from streams, lakes and fish from northeast coast of the Atlantic. I spend way too much money to get my Alaskan fish. :glare:
  7. I was not expecting your post to end with a SAD smiley!! I would love to live in Paris, what a great opportunity. :)
  8. My Italian Grandmother taught my mother how to make tomato sauce that was so incredibly, unbelievably, remarkably delicious that I never found any other sauce to come close it until I went to Italy! :biggrinjester: I have been served Prego by people who have told me I'd never know it wasn't homemade and I've tasted homemade sauce made by Italian American mothers that was homemade and tasted like Prego... but in both cases those sauces are way to sweet for my taste and overly spiced (or maybe differently spiced?) but I was always polite and told the host that I loved their sauce. :tongue_smilie: I keep a jarred marinara sauce (Victoria) in my pantry that is not too sweet because unlike my mom and grandma, I don't make a huge pot of sauce every Sunday and sometimes I need something quick and easy. Because it's Marinara, it doesn't compete in any way with my memory of my slow cooked sauce. Other than pasta, which we ate every Sunday, my mom usually made beef/chicken/lamb/fish, rice/potato/noodles and a vegetable.
  9. I started Ahab's Wife on Sunday but I realized yesterday that there is no way I will finish that in a week. I'm going to read AW over 2, maybe 3 weeks so I started another book last night that I expect to finish by Friday: Little Heathens: Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During the Great Depression.
  10. Bobby Flay gave me a grill :D <-- that was not exactly what sprang to mind first.. but will never tell, and honestly, you don't want to know. :tongue_smilie: Oooh... a woman "celebrity" told me I was ruining my life when I got pregnant because my career would be over. I see her face everywhere and I always remember that. :001_huh:
  11. This week I'm reading Water for Elephants on my Kindle and I'm going to start Ahab's Wife next week.
  12. The sugar you find in 3 pound bags in the supermarket is not really natural either though and it also is bad for your body (not that you were saying sugar is natural... but I just wanted to put it out there because some people think it is harmless). I use Nutrasweet in my coffee because I'm on a low carb diet and when I want something sweet, a nice creamy cup of sweet coffee is quite satisfying! But I don't get headaches, seizures or weight gain from it. I actually feel better after my cup of coffee! :tongue_smilie::tongue_smilie: If I did have negative side effects, I wouldn't consume it at all. I do get nasty side effects from sugar and healthy carbs. My body just does not do well with them. I feel better after having Nutrasweet coffee than I do when I have a bowl of brown rice! :001_smile:
  13. I make sushi at home but it can get expensive if you use fish. I order fish from VitalChoice Seafood because I don't have a trusted fish market nearby. It is really expensive but an indulgence and I only use about 3 oz. at a time. You'll need: Japanese Sushi Rice, rice vinegar, sugar, salt, water. Nori (I use Eden Foods seaweed but if you have an Asian market near, then I'm sure it's less expensive) Fish: salmon, ikura (salmon eggs), tuna, sablefish, any sushi grade fish. Cucumber Wasabi Soy sauce Bamboo mat for rolling sushi Avocado Pickled Ginger (I pickle my own :) ) I just read the NYT article that was linked and I already knew that Sushi is really a "rice" dish, when I'm doing low carb, I can make sushi with: Nori, raw fish, sliced avocado, sliced cucumber and sliced roasted pepper with sesame seeds rolled up and I make a ginger-soy sauce and wasabi on the side and it is AWESOME (and low carb!) but I guess not technically sushi.
  14. Thank you all for the discussion. :grouphug: I am going to make an appointment for vision therapy and a neuropsych evaluation. Now, I am off to search the boards too for reading and spelling programs. Thanks again!
  15. Thank you OhElizabeth and Merry, it's a lot to think about. I'm typing on my phone right now, but I'm going to do the research you both suggested when I get some time this afternoon. My son gets an eye exam every 2 years on our Vision insurance plan. His vision is 25/20... So better than normal vision. I understand that I need to see a different type of eye doctor though. I hope our plan will pay for it!
  16. Thank you all for the responses. :grouphug: From the Barton site, my son really only has the symptom of: reversing b and d slow, choppy, inaccurate reading: - guesses based on shape or context - skips or misreads prepositions (at, to, of) - ignores suffixes. He has the opposite of many of the symptoms: He tied his shoes early, talked early, has never had an ear infection, large vocabulary and is great in math. :confused: There is obviously a problem though! A bright 3rd grader should be able to read.
  17. I have been spending quite a bit of time this week researching dyslexia and it is making me cross-eyed! Maybe someone here can help me. My 3rd grade ds (will be 9 in March) reads frustratingly slow. He guesses constantly with words and 90% of the time will skip the "s" at the end of the word or "ing", or other endings. It took him about 3 seconds the other day to read the word "will" in a sentence. :confused: (his name is Will) :001_huh: He can sound out any word but doesn't get the stress on some multi syllable words correctly or won't really flex the sounds to get the right vowel sound. For example: paragraph - he will say Puh Ruh Graph but I have to remind him (every time) that a can say uh but don't forget it can say ah or a. He has incredible listening and comprehension skills. When we do WWE, his answers are often word for word in the sample answer which makes it easy for me to say "great!" because I know it's right! ;) He listens to me read plus he listens to audiobooks everyday. He told me audiobooks are exactly the same as watching a movie but he gets to watch it in his head. His vocabulary is excellent and he finds grammar interesting plus he speaks clearly and in complete sentences. He has wonderful handwriting and his cursive is beautiful. He always has a pencil in his hand doodling or drawing and art is his favorite subject. His spelling is mostly phonetic but I have not been super consistent on teaching spelling. He started speaking very early and when he was a toddler, people use to comment on how brilliant he was (because he spoke so clearly and was interested in everything) and here he is almost nine and still can't read! His eyes usually tear up a little bit every single day when I tell him it is time to read. So does anyone think this is normal and he'll read better with just practicing or is it possible he has a problem and what I'm doing is not ever going to work?
  18. :crying: Whoa... can't we just go back to the usual fighting about whether we are lying to our kids about Santa or how much money we spend on Christmas presents? :tongue_smilie: EDIT: Obviously I haven't haven't checked the main board much lately because I see there are quite a few of these threads already! oops.
  19. When my son was 6, he stuck his fingers in a planter that was filled with "water" outside the train station in Hoboken. The planter was filled with empty Vodka bottles, cigarettes, needles and it reeked of Urine. :ack2::ack2::ack2::ack2: What about any of that says "I would love to stick my fingers in that!"? :confused::confused: I ran him to the nearest bathroom and made him scrub with soap for about 15 minutes.
  20. The cleaning is the worst part of the job. On weekends, the clean up would be 11:30 at night! I'm going to have nightmares tonight! :tongue_smilie::tongue_smilie: I have friends that work for Kraft testing and tasting recipes and they have easy 9-5 gigs too. Again, that requires culinary school (or a major in Home Ec). One of the easiest and best paying jobs one can get without school is as a private chef. The jobs are out there for the jobs with better working conditions but there are more options for those with the CS degree. I also agree with you that people are going to culinary school and taking the jobs that don't need a degree. It is not so much that they don't learn anything, but the price $$$$$$$ of school is ridiculous. :001_huh:
  21. ...and that is why I went to culinary school! :lol: To go to school to land a job (quite typical IMHO) like the one above is insanity!
  22. It wouldn't be my top source for info either but a bit of discussion among laymen can sometimes give you a feel for what potential customers are thinking. I also went to culinary school. I worked in a restaurant for many years before going to culinary school which is exactly what I think everyone should do before going to school. Even though I worked in an excellent restaurant, I had to go to culinary school to break into the food media field. It was worth it for me because I was hired by the company where I did my externship. Culinary School is not a waste of time or money for everyone. If you want to be a line cook, a sous chef, pastry chef (often just considered the cook who "does the desserts") in restaurants you will most likely never need to go to culinary school. If you are incredibly ambitious and your dream is to - say, be a pastry chef at Jean Georges in NYC, then your best shot is to be coming out of culinary school specializing in pastry. Then you will need to work long hours for little pay until you prove that you have the talent and knowledge. This is probably the faster route for most cooks.
  23. I would never refer to Mario Batali as a chef. He is a restaurateur, cookbook author and a TV personality but I admit I'm not sure - maybe most people would refer to him as a chef. What you actually see on TV from celebrity "chefs" is the face of an entire team of trained chefs, prop stylists, food stylists, script writers producers etc. It is the middle of the night here so I may be not reading this right, but your boss would like you to be called the restaurant's Pastry Chef and you don't want to be called that because you don't have a degree? If that is the case, just keep in mind that it is in the restaurant owners best interest to designate you as the pastry chef instead of "the lady that makes our desserts." I probably wouldn't refer to/introduce myself as a Pastry Chef though.. but I would be totally understanding if the chef/owner wanted to use the term for me in the context above ("please contact the pastry chef... ") In general, I think an apprenticeship can equal a degree but that is also different than someone who knows how to bake well and can follow recipes and was hired by a local restaurant to bake the desserts.
  24. Just last night, I was talking with someone that I thought would benefit from anti depressants. Actually, I think it would change her life dramatically but she doesn't want to take the medication because she is "against ad's". :001_huh: On the other hand, I went with my husband to his appointment with a psychiatrist and the doctor thought that I was the patient. :glare: He told me he really wanted to talk to me. I walked out of the office with a script for Xanax, Prozac, and Wellbutrin! I started to take all of them (Xanax 3X day, Prozac in the evening and Wellbutrin in the morning) and after about 2 weeks I realized that I was taking all the drugs but I wasn't really clinically depressed! I was STRESSED and maybe a bit obsessive about some things that I have no control over and I'm hurt over a major marital problem... but what I thought I needed was counseling. I stopped the drugs (although when I feel a bit overly stressed, I will take a xanax and I'm glad I have them!) but I have other better ways of dealing with my emotions and problems. My husband on the other hand needs his AD. If he forgets a dose, I start getting anxious for him!
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