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  1. After reading this thread last week, I only included my self-made homeschool transcript and class description document on the common app and requested the community college to send their official transcript. My DD has been corresponding with the EA schools, and today, Providence College asked for her math transcripts (Derek Owens). She's sending the signed grade report now. Hopefully that will suffice. Glad she asked if there was any other information the admissions officer needed.
  2. I loved the show! An amazing performance. I'd say the tickets at face value are worth the price. I bought tickets for my family last fall when a new block was released for American Express cardholders. It was one of those deals where you had to be ready to buy the tickets the minute they went on sale. All the Mez level tickets were sold out within 10 minutes. They were about $180 each. It was the best Christmas present ever last year--despite having to wait six months it!
  3. April, If you don't mind could you explain how you got out-of state tuition waived? USC is on our list as well. Thank you, Kerry
  4. I feel the same way. I've been teaching co-op classes for seven years now and some certainly require more hours than others, but they are all time consuming. One tip is to work on planning during the co-op day while your kids are in other classes. My co-op consists of four one-hour classes with a 30 minute lunch in the middle. I try to devote one of those hours to class planning. Also repeating a class a year or two later for younger kids is easier than teaching it the first time.
  5. The state colleges and universities in my state (MA) require 4 years of high school math (minimum Alg II) and in bold print it states "including math in the final year of high school." I believe this requirement is fairly new. So you may want to encourage precalc to keep her options open.
  6. I did not read that particular book, but I wanted to share that I purchased that curriculum (HO Modern level 2) last summer to use with my 6th grader. After going through the many resourses, I found that it is definately geared more toward 8th grade or higher. We used level one and just beefed it up a bit. Im saving level 2 for my son, who will return to that time period in 8th.
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