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  1. thank you so much! And thanks to the OP for starting this thread. We used Jacob's with Dr Callahan in Algebra 1 - found it rigorous and good but a little too teacher (me) intensive for grading and reteaching things that weren't clear to my DD. Used CTC for Geometry and found out after a school year that it was lacking (compared to another program my other dd was taking at the time). And now are having a struggle finding a fit for Algebra 2. We're looking at Unlock now, comparing it to Dive videos. Thank you! 🙂
  2. Hi, Bumping this up as I'm wondering too 🙂 Looking at Algebra 2. Thanks!
  3. I thought if I replied here maybe I would feel more organized. Or less ?: Math - Singapore 6 Science - Apologia Anatomy Writing - IEW Ancient Themed, mom-made writer's workshop, journal writing Phonics - Explode the Code, maybe some AAS review? Grammar - Rod and Staff 5 Reading - lots of read alouds and..... TBD? I need to reread TWTM for this Spelling - Sequential spelling, probably History - ancient history, MOH 1 French or Latin - ?? DuoLingo? BBLL? Now I think I need to go find a 'how to schedule it' thread ?
  4. Thanks for that reassurance TCB! ? What I had read a few months back on this forum made me excited for her class - I'm glad to know your experience was good, I'll go back to looking forward to it ?and hope Mallorie2245 has gotten her grade!
  5. Yikes. this makes me nervous. I don't have an answer to your question but rather am hoping you have received the grade. It makes me nervous because we are signed up for this course this fall.... have you been happy otherwise?
  6. I'm also planning to use it without the course this year. I did watch the DVDs 3 years ago but am not sure I remember any of it (; and don't want to invest in either the time or money to get them this year. I also question using it and WWS (I've used both but at different times with my olders) but it may depend on the child. One of mine who loves to write may have enjoyed doing them at the same time (or alternating days/weeks) but another one of mine who would rather do calculus (she's only in Geometry) than write would have been stretched too much to do both at the same time. Hope that
  7. Thank you so much hollyhock2! I appreciate it, that helps a lot. Since I'm ordering the quiz book and the answer key for that I will call that enough ( :
  8. Hi I'd like to ask the same thing - I'm trying to order a Health Curriculum for my 9th grader. I had thought we'd order the video streaming health class from Abeka, but I am now looking at the much cheaper text alone. Has anyone used either? And if we go the book route alone, is the teacher guide necessary? Thanks ?
  9. Thank you so much!! I just stumbled upon this thread and am so glad I did. My oldest is starting 8th and I'm realizing how much I have to learn, so this is great. Thank you! :hurray:
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