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    I'm not sure if I can list this here as a freebie, but I have the complete set of 19 Black Stallion books, most of them from my childhood. I'd like to pass them on to someone else who'd love them :) Send me a PM (I'm not on the forums much anymore - no longer homeschooling).


  2. I agree, too. My ds was extremely shy and had a lot of anxiety in new situations and with new people. We just supported him and did not push (I was pushed and it only made my anxiety worse). He's now 11 and is very good with people, confident in new situations, and has been able to mature because of the support he had. He even decided on his own to go to boys' church camp for a week this summer and had a great time.
  3. That's where I've bought my coconut oil for probably the past 9 years - their products are wonderful and they have great customer service!
  4. I think the frustration issue is key - we've implemented techniques from Transforming the Difficult Child for about 6 years now, but although a lot of the time, things seemed to be getting better overall, we still were hitting walls with some issues, and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I finally read The Explosive Child (recommended on here) and that opened my eyes to the issues with frustration and how to work with a child that has a very low frustration tolerance and threshold. It has helped a lot. Ds started to see that I was trying to understand what was making him so frustrated a
  5. Same here - I just got done reading it (thought I should educate myself on some of the classics I've never read). I had to force myself to finish it.
  6. Dh is the computer guy here, but here's my explanation :tongue_smilie: If you have an extra computer or are able to connect your regular computer to your TV, and it has Windows Media Player, and has a TV tuner card, there will be an option in Windows Media Player to record TV. It will ask questions to get it setup with your local cable, and then will have an onscreen guide, or allow you to search by title/keyword, etc., and then has options to record one show or record the series. We just got a new TV and the computer is hooked up to it via an HDMI cable (purchased from an Amazon seller
  7. Even though I've received books not as described from Abebooks, their return process is pretty easy, and I've received fast refunds both times. If the book is not as described, you can initiate the return/refund process yourself, and send the book back.
  8. Here is my favorite quilting website - the drop down menu has links to instructions and other info, and (my favorite) quilt block patterns, rated by difficulty: http://quilterscache.com/ I don't do a lot of quilting, but do like the process of piecing the blocks together. I have 2 old Singers that are very basic, but great old machines. If you happen to find an older Singer, here's a great Yahoo group on how to care for them and fix them: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vintagesingers/
  9. I think it varies depending on the dr. We went to a private practice dr. after we first moved here and although she was very nice, she was also very pushy about only purchasing through her office, and I didn't feel like it was any better of an exam. Then we tried out Sears, and it was just mediocre. We've now been going to Sam's and the drs there are fantastic! They are both extremely thorough and attentive and take time making sure things are right and spending time with the patient. Ds has one nearsighted eye and one farsighted eye, and Sears optical didn't catch that.
  10. And if you have a computer you can hook up to your TV that has Windows Media player, you can use a computer to record TV and then watch it off the computer, or burn it to a DVD (if it has a DVD burner). I have never wanted to pay for that type of service, and still have my VCR, but we have recently hooked up another computer to our TV that allows me to record programs. It's great, free, and we can watch Netflix instant movies through it, too.
  11. If he's having trouble with the other Ambleside selections you mentioned, then I'd definitely hold off on Robin Hood. We used it in Year 2 and although ds did enjoy it - my dd found it difficult.
  12. We've had the same issue (along with not being allowed to get a free library card when we first moved here), which is why I started on building our own library. I use Ambleside booklists and the 1000 Good Books list to help find quality books: http://www.amblesideonline.org/BooklistTitle.shtml http://www.classical-homeschooling.org/celoop/1000.html And I've been able to get a number of books through Paperbackswap and Bookmooch.
  13. I know there are a couple of brand names of stevia now (Truvia is one) and they might even be with the other sweeteners in a regular grocery store.
  14. I won't use Splenda, but if you're just looking for something to sweeten your coffee, you might check into stevia.
  15. I do most of ours on the weekends (at least the usual loads - I'll do extra things like rugs, winter coats to be put away, etc., during the week). Our electric rates are 1/3 the cost on the weekends, which I why I started this routine. I keep the kids' clothes separate from mine and dh's so I don't have to sort theirs out later (except for jeans). So, on Saturday, I sort out the clothes and I usually do 4 loads of my/dh's clothes, then one each for the dc, and maybe jeans, if I get that far. Sundays, I do our sheets, bathroom towels and kitchen towels (the kids' sheets usually get don
  16. I would really like to. . .these past few years, I've had a lot of trouble keeping those 10-15 lbs off. . .
  17. I still have very heavy flow for a couple days, so am not sure what helps with that, but magnesium should help with the muscle cramping.
  18. I don't know if you want to bother with trying to sell them, but out of curiosity, I did a search on Ebay and there are auctions for empty, used CD cases.
  19. I started taking Enzymatic Therapy AM/PM PeriMenopause Formula about 6 months ago to help with hormonal headaches and the occasional, out of the blue, hot flash. I also take a multi, calcium lactate (my chiro says it's a good bioavailable form), fish oil, magnesium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and glucosamine/MSM.
  20. We've ordered from Zenni, too, and have been pleased. My son loves his glasses from them and they even double checked with me after I ordered because ds has one near sighted eye and one far sighted eye (which is unusual). Dh got glasses from them, too, and he thought maybe they got the prescription wrong, so he took them into Sam's, where he got his eyes checked, and they're fine, he just doesn't like his new prescription (he only wears glasses at night, while watching TV usually, and has just been wearing his old glasses). Ds is due to get his eyes checked again in the next couple of
  21. The funny thing is, my kids are quite charmed by humor and ds has memorized some parts of books he's finds particularly amusing and will spout them off sometimes. So I thought they'd really enjoy a break from the traditional with grammar. . .we did some discussing, but dd especially, would just groan when I'd start reading and be so turned off by the storyline, that she didn't want to talk about it more. (Before I decided that we'd go back to R&S, I let ds look at a sample of Life of Fred math online, again, thinking that he might find it fun, since school isn't something he looks forwar
  22. I started dd on the Island level and ds on the Town level. They both just really didn't like the silliness of the stories (they *love* reading and love some silliness in their books, but I guess not in things like grammar or math. . .) And I was really surprised when ds said he didn't feel like he had learned anything throughout the entire book. I am continuing with the Practice books, and they both seem to like those and I do think they have learned quite a bit with the four level analysis.
  23. We do have a pretty good library, but when we moved back to this area, the city library was not letting county residents get library cards w/o paying $80+ a year. So I decided I could buy a lot of my own books for that, and started building a home library. Within a couple of years, they changed to once again allow county residents to have a free library card, but we really enjoyed having a lot of good books at home, and so I've just continued to work on my own library :) We might go to the library a few times a year (not every month even). I buy most of the books I need for school, and use
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