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  1. I appreciate the tips! I’m inspired to try roasting pumpkin seeds again and experiment a little. ? The results of my one and only attempt a year or two ago were rather blah. ?
  2. I’m feeling sure this is a stupid question but will ask anyway... the bacon being added to the water... is it already cooked or raw?
  3. We are three weeks in and, besides some new adjustments to grammar and writing, this is actually what is getting done (besides art and craft stuff that I have left outside of scheduled school time and happens sporadically as interest fluctuates).
  4. Three weeks in and I think I've finally nailed this down for the year (except a future Latin decision). Saxon 87 Sonlight G World History & literature Apologia General Science w/ student notebook Getting Started with Latin (to review/refresh and following that with something off my shelf -- Visual Latin, Henle, or Cambridge ... or something) Rod and Staff English 6 Writing With Skill 1 karate piano Japanese From Zero his own self directed art
  5. I would have returned it immediately. I don’t call Amazon for problems with items shipped via Prime — just initiate the return, state the reason, select refund preference, return shipping preference, repackage, and wait for UPS to pick it up next day. Recieving a product that was not as listed automatically grants free return shipping and free pick up (in my personal experience).
  6. Still gleaning inspiration but so far ... Saxon Math 87 or maybe AoPS Pre Algebra which we will trial this summer Spelling Workout G Sonlight G, world history, literature & LA Apologia General Science Henle Visual Latin Greek Piano with tutor Spanish ... he draws and is always working on that. There may be some classes next year, also. He is hoping for a public speaking class. (probably no outside classes next year besides the art classes within walking distance of home)
  7. Saxon Math 65 CLE 500 Saxon 65 MAYBE Rod and Staff English 5, maybe Igniting Your Writing, Spelling Workout E, Writing With Ease, studied dictation ... writing undecided Sonlight D American history, Draw the USA, States and Capitals Apologia zoology Science in the Beginning Ukulele Piano with tutor Spanish and/or Latin with Big Book of Lively Latin Spanish & Greek Drawing, painting and stuff Touch typing
  8. Math Mammoth, Miquon Rod and Staff English, Spelling Workout, Writing With Ease, studied dictation Apologia Elementary Series, Zoology Sonlight D, American history; Draw the USA; States and Capitals Ukulele Spanish ... but I don’t know with what, yet. Currently working through Getting Started with Spanish.
  9. Aw! <3 What a thoughtful and sweet guy! I had to google what that was. The flosser, not the thoughtful and sweet guy lol
  10. Well, we already broke the most defining family tradition by disassociating from the NPD SIL and so eliminating the yearly multi-triangulating, emotional bulldozing, insults/threats/cuss-outs, etc. without which other family members will not even join us because what is a traditional family holiday without all of that?! So we are wide open for new traditions and if I already had tested purple mashed potatoes and found them just as good (and actually had a supply) I would absolutely serve them for Thanksgiving. :D
  11. Some stretches it's daily and sometimes we've gone days, weeks, even months of no contact. I quit FB but when I used to check in randomly I would notice a lot of things she shared there that I had no idea about. On the other hand I also noticed that I knew about a whole lot of things she didn't share on FB.
  12. My daughter also became instantly attached to a pillow pet she was gifted years ago and still takes it on every trip and to every sleep over. It's a zebra and she had no history of specifically favoring zebras or lovies of any type but now Zebra the pillow pet is a member of the family. :huh:
  13. No. I have a digital planner for each child to record what gets done each day after it actually gets done (if I remember to use it). I get through homeschooling by having (a) long term goals for their overall education and (b) short term progress goals for the current school year and © a list of core resources (and a mental list of general, extra resources) that I intend to use (but will change up as needed) to accomplish this progress towards the overall goals and then (d) a weekly and daily routine for spending time with those resources. I stress and start twitching if it gets more specific than that (re: homeschool and life in general).
  14. I need to eat earlier but the children eat with DH when he gets home from work. That's only three nights per five day work week because he does some of the grocery shopping on his way home one night and is therefore later than usual (in which case he typically has already eaten at work), and on another night he takes a child out on a dinner date.
  15. The Lowes stores around here have glasses made by one of the approved companies (the same sold by some of the legit sellers on Amazon but I can't recall the name off hand) for a hair under $2 each.
  16. This is for real this time. Math: finish Saxon 76, begin Saxon 87 Latin: First Year Henle Latin units I-II with Memoria Press study guide Grammar: finish R&S English 4, begin R&S English 5 Writing: Writing With Skill 1 History: history encyclopedia + history notebook (summaries & drawing), interest led topic studies w/ monthly reports Literature: WTM literature list, other lists Geography: Draw the USA, history related map work Science: Wile's elementary series, interest led topic studies Also music, drawing, Spanish but I start having mild panic attacks when this list starts looking really long and besides, music and drawing are independent and Spanish is in a group with a weekly tutor and commited to only for a trial period until I see how doable it is on top of everything else.
  17. the PDFs from currclick are only $6.50 each and would be far more convenient for the purpose.
  18. Edited 7/18/17: ignore this whole post ... imagine it scrunched up and in the waste basket. Sheesh, what a mess. :laugh: Let me just start again ... Math: [finish Saxon 76 and follow with] pre-algebra (Dolciani, Life of Fred supplementing) Saxon 87 (but it could still change to Dolciani, Lial, LoF, or AOPS--all on my shelf :blushing: ) Latin: Henle w/ Memoria Press's First Year Henle Latin Study Guide Units I & II [might put this off one more year .. maybe] Grammar: Rod and Staff English 5 Writing: Writing With Skill 1 Literature: WTM middle school/Middle Ages list History/geography: Heart of Dakota's Resurrection to Reformation Science: Science in the Beginning attention to spelling as needed + various resources for coding, Spanish, piano, chess, drawing, etc.
  19. I wasn't. I'm really glad I asked these questions. You've given me a lot to think about and I deeply appreciate it.
  20. The Woodcock-Johnson measures the children in the areas of "applied problems" (word problems), "calculation" (pencil and paper number crunching), and "math facts fluency" (timed drill) and then from what I understand, gives them a "broad mathematics" score from the average of those three scores. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Oh, and I didn't ask the tester all these things because it's taken me days to put them in words and at the time I was weary and distracted. First question: What would explain "above grade" applied problems scores (especially when along side an average, or even below "grade level" calculation score) in children NOT working above grade level? (As an example, the child in fourth grade last year completed Saxon 54 [ie. non-accelerated/4th grade curriculum] and scored a "grade level equivalency" of 11.0 on applied problems, and my third grader this year completing Teaching Textbooks 3 scored 7.0 on applied problems and only 3.3 on calculation.) Second, third & fourth questions: Should I even care about lower calculation and facts fluency scores? And how does one score highly on word problems when they are not on par with calculation anyway? Mathematical word problems ultimately require calculating, right? Fifth question (and sixth): And while I'm here, what does "grade level equivalency" even mean when in the range of 13.0 to ">17.9"? (not math related, obviously .. we see those kinds of scores more in reading comprehension and vocab -- but then, could this be somehow related to higher math word problem scores? .. but still .. every word problem ends with calculation, right?) And in spite of their "broad math" scores at and above "grade level" (in spite of being dragged down by low calculation or fluency scores .. or rather, apparently, puffed up by high applied problem scores), my 5th grader could not pass the first chapter test for MM5 nor my 3rd grader the first chapter test for MM3. -_- I have so much I could ramble on about regarding what they did this year and thoughts about changes and possibilities moving forward which I would love input on but I'll limit this post to these questions re: understanding test scores.
  21. Worked: Rod & Staff English Didn't Work: My math choices this past year. Just days ago I would have put them in the previous category but we did the compulsory state testing this week. :closedeyes:
  22. I've been making decisions. Decisiveness is such unfamiliar territory for me. ^_^
  23. I finished the book yesterday, read the 18th chapter, then rented Picnic at Hanging Rock on Amazon video ... and missed the scene with the swan on the bed?! (there is only one version so far, right? Peter Weir's?) I only realized during the movie that Albert and Sara were long lost siblings who never learned of one another's proximity which seemed most tragic in light of how the events turned for Sara vs Albert (in the book since Albert's part didn't make it into the movie). Totally missed that in the book. I confess that while the book was a page turner, I actually wasn't disappointed by the parts omitted or changed in the movie to condense the story as the movie felt really long and it didn't leave the same sense of eeriness with me that it did as a child. I guess it was all the details of the individual stories and reactions to the events that can't be (or wasn't) conveyed as well on screen that made the book so interesting. I feel conflicted about that lack in the movie when, as I mentioned, I also felt okay with what was skipped so that the movie wasn't longer than it already was. Maybe because even what was there just didn't measure up for me in comparison to reading the book? Maybe I just ruined the whole movie for myself by reading the book! :sleep:
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