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  1. I appreciate the tips! I’m inspired to try roasting pumpkin seeds again and experiment a little. ? The results of my one and only attempt a year or two ago were rather blah. ?
  2. I’m feeling sure this is a stupid question but will ask anyway... the bacon being added to the water... is it already cooked or raw?
  3. We are three weeks in and, besides some new adjustments to grammar and writing, this is actually what is getting done (besides art and craft stuff that I have left outside of scheduled school time and happens sporadically as interest fluctuates).
  4. Three weeks in and I think I've finally nailed this down for the year (except a future Latin decision). Saxon 87 Sonlight G World History & literature Apologia General Science w/ student notebook Getting Started with Latin (to review/refresh and following that with something off my shelf -- Visual Latin, Henle, or Cambridge ... or something) Rod and Staff English 6 Writing With Skill 1 karate piano Japanese From Zero his own self directed art
  5. I would have returned it immediately. I don’t call Amazon for problems with items shipped via Prime — just initiate the return, state the reason, select refund preference, return shipping preference, repackage, and wait for UPS to pick it up next day. Recieving a product that was not as listed automatically grants free return shipping and free pick up (in my personal experience).
  6. Still gleaning inspiration but so far ... Saxon Math 87 or maybe AoPS Pre Algebra which we will trial this summer Spelling Workout G Sonlight G, world history, literature & LA Apologia General Science Henle Visual Latin Greek Piano with tutor Spanish ... he draws and is always working on that. There may be some classes next year, also. He is hoping for a public speaking class. (probably no outside classes next year besides the art classes within walking distance of home)
  7. Saxon Math 65 CLE 500 Saxon 65 MAYBE Rod and Staff English 5, maybe Igniting Your Writing, Spelling Workout E, Writing With Ease, studied dictation ... writing undecided Sonlight D American history, Draw the USA, States and Capitals Apologia zoology Science in the Beginning Ukulele Piano with tutor Spanish and/or Latin with Big Book of Lively Latin Spanish & Greek Drawing, painting and stuff Touch typing
  8. Math Mammoth, Miquon Rod and Staff English, Spelling Workout, Writing With Ease, studied dictation Apologia Elementary Series, Zoology Sonlight D, American history; Draw the USA; States and Capitals Ukulele Spanish ... but I don’t know with what, yet. Currently working through Getting Started with Spanish.
  9. Aw! <3 What a thoughtful and sweet guy! I had to google what that was. The flosser, not the thoughtful and sweet guy lol
  10. Well, we already broke the most defining family tradition by disassociating from the NPD SIL and so eliminating the yearly multi-triangulating, emotional bulldozing, insults/threats/cuss-outs, etc. without which other family members will not even join us because what is a traditional family holiday without all of that?! So we are wide open for new traditions and if I already had tested purple mashed potatoes and found them just as good (and actually had a supply) I would absolutely serve them for Thanksgiving. :D
  11. So far (there is a lot we haven't started yet, like history and science, due to September being so busy): Loving ... Saxon (for oldest two) Miquon (for 2nd grader) Rod and Staff English Spelling Workout Writing With Ease workbooks, modified to meet individual goals Also highly appreciating: DuoLingo Tux Typing
  12. Discovered my 6yo had written on the patio in chalk, "Mom's a robot." I was so impressed with his correct use of the apostrophe.

  13. One of those school days spent popping dark choc chips and ordering new math curriculum. :-/

    1. GailV


      There are days that don't include those things?

    2. SGPS


      Yeah. :-/ Most days I only THINK about scrunching up the math page, tossing it across the room and then ordering something new, shiny and full of the promise of happy math students.

  14. DS breaks from reading The Invisible Man to ask, "Can I go get the computer and start writing a novel? I've been inspired by H. G. Wells."

    1. Chrysalis Academy

      Chrysalis Academy

      I love it! I get inspired by HG Wells too.

    2. MerryAtHope
  15. I admit this was just really selfish of me to come out and confess this now after all this time when y'all would never have known otherwise. Sorry. And in another thread, I began a sentence with "So". I'm not really sorry about that.
  16. I don't personally share the kilt lust, I was honestly just thinking of all y'all who would appreciate a kilt (and then felt guilty for even thinking of encouraging it, at the expense of a stranger, no less). I know many won't believe that but I maintain it is the truth. Im on my ipad and so cannot access the right emoticon to express my sincerity and innocence (if such a one exists).
  17. For clarification, there was no "under" view. Only someone at the base of the wall would have had that kind of angle. There was no indecency involved. The moral conviction was over posting a photo of an unwitting stranger to a forum of kilt-lusting homeschool moms.
  18. I have a confession to make. I hope y'all can forgive me. I was at a renaissance fair a few years back. There was this climbing wall .. and a guy scaling it .. in a kilt. Seriously. I thought of you ladies. I even snuck a photo for you (modest in spite of angle, no face). But still ... my conscience got the better of me. Instead of posting it, I deleted it. There. I admit it. I'm a traitor. No grudges, K?
  19. "If you cannot 'Kamihameha' quietly, you may not 'Kamihameha' at all." Trying to get my little super saiyans to wind down before bed.

    1. Renai


      Ha! I kamihameha myself at times. :)

  20. I have just repurchased MM Light Blue 1-6 and now my eyes are closed and ears plugged to all math threads until pre-algebra. LALALALALA

    1. mama25angels


      I think that's a good idea! I'm thinking of doing something similar

    2. Chrysalis Academy

      Chrysalis Academy

      Good luck with that! ;-)

    3. Tress


      You can do it!!

  21. I cannot believe I had to explicitly instruct my 8yo not to both ride his bike and read his Kindle at the same time.

    1. Korrale


      Oh my! I used to ride a bike and read a book when I was kid. I can relate.

    2. KathyBC


      Distracted driving begins early. ;-)

    3. SGPS


      Yeah, I felt silly for being surprised when it finally occurred to me that I regularly witness adults doing similar things while in control of much larger vehicles. :P

  22. I asked (history lover) DS8 to be specific about what he meant when he said he didn't like math. In response he shared a personal observation that he seemed to respond poorly to unexpected subject changes. He wanted to be forewarned and given time to ready himself for the new material. He then drew an illustrative example that began something like this, "You know, it's kind of like The Hague Convention when ..." but it all got fuzzy after that because I was all like, "Wait, the WHAT convention??" and various other confused inquiries about context and details that had nothing to do with his poi
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