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  1. You may find shoemall.com helpful. They sell new shoes always 20-30% off retail. They usually have the colors that never sold well, but not always. It's where I buy the family's KEENS. I buy a pair per child nearly every year. They hold up so well and are machine washable. Older DS passes his to younger DS and my two DDs will do the same.
  2. Thanks. This is what I'm getting at yet I've become the anti-world anti-traveler, which couldn't be further from the truth. People haven't read my posts because I get that photos are part of culture now, security or otherwise and have stated so several times. All I'm left with is that people must find it self gratifying to rudely gouge at a woman online whose only effort was to take assertive measures to protect her child from out of control tourists. And they were out of control. The irrational leaps folks have made here are outstanding! To go from a JAWM post right on to how I must need to hide in my house. Lol. Shakes head. Parents have to become advocates for their kids. All I'd be doing for my child and others by writing to embassies would be to be an advocate. If people roll their eyes, who cares. It's amazing posters here have basically damned me for wanting to make a bit of an effort to help educate others on what is acceptable and what isn't. Chasing a child under NO circumstances is acceptable or normal. If you think otherwise then you must be the odd one.
  3. Yep because chasing a freaked out four year old at a high cliff overlooking a waterfall to get his picture is totally acceptable. Eye rolls at you. You have no idea that this was not a photo from afar. It was a blatant disregard for safety, privacy, wishes of a parent, and scared a small child. I get societal norms...I'm a world traveler. This is not that. This isn't taking someone's photo at a distance of even five or ten feet. This is trying to push around me to get a pic of my terrified son. By the way, I didn't say State Department, I said embassies. Why would I write to the US State Dep when the issue lies with the Asian nations? I don't want your answer. Just a rhetorical question.
  4. I've never heard of this book. Gonna buy it... I have two very young daughters.
  5. Here's what gets me... I know it's a public place. So if you must photograph my kids then do so at a distance with zoom or out of their and my space. It still enrages me, but whatever, it's out of my control legally. These people were in my kids' personal space. Once when I saw it happening I loudly shouted "No!" And jumped in front of my son. Another time I blocked a woman from getting a good shot and she proceeded to try and outsmart my movements to take his picture. These examples are out right violations of private and personal space of minors. So no I didn't smash her camera, however, it's darn near close to that when they get into touching space of my kids and my family. My children aren't the same as mud pots or bison. Unacceptable. I'm going to write letters to the nations' embassies in D.C.. it's THAT bad.
  6. Photographing my kids. We've been traveling for nearly two weeks out west and about five days in Yellowstone. I have four light skinned, blue eyed, blond or brown haired kids. Some middle aged Asian women were chasing, yes chasing, my kids to get their pics! I would say "No!" and step in front of my kids. One woman tried to go around me and snap the pic at another angle. I told my kids if they saw someone taking their photo who wasn't dad or mom to turn their back. It's beyond obnoxious. Are Asian tourists advised that this is unacceptable?
  7. Math. Show him the math. The numbers laid out in black and white. IF you make X you can have and do Y. IF you make A you can have and do B. Let him decide whether he wants X or A.
  8. Insurance varies across state and international lines. Some here have said insurance follows the car, whereas I've also heard of insurance following a driver. This is solely a question for your insurance. In general I'd be in a "no" position to allow someone that much use of my vehicle. You won't be able to control where they go besides school. Parties? Stop overs elsewhere. All this equals more possible liability.
  9. I was your daughter and it's truly painful. Looking back, here's what I would've done differently... Rather than sulk at the corner, or be sad, I wish I would have not let them know it. I think it gives nasty girls ammunition. What also gives nasty girls ammunition is being happy and finding new friends. Rock and hard place. I'd do this...ask the question, "What's your problem? I'm fine to hang out with on xyz but here you won't. That's so 6th grade. If you don't want to be my friend, fine, have the guts to tell me. If you do, I'll meet you at the flag at 2pm and we can walk home and forget this happened." This makes DD bigger than the nasty girl and puts nasty girl in place to have to answer to her nastiness. Chances are, there's something about your DD this one lead nasty girl finds threatening. Her coping method is to throw knives at your DD rather than deal with her own short comings or failings. But this never changes in adult life either. Best your DD faces it now...it's not going away...women are such witches to one another.
  10. You deserve respect and privacy in your own home. But it sounds like kid has free range of your home. Maybe bedrooms/private areas need to be off limits now? You should trust your gut. Also, I had a BFF in HS that was stealing from retail stores. It was tough but I actually ended my friendship with her. I was worried I'd get "blamed" if I was with her "guilty by association." Chances are if this kid is stealing at your home, he's doing it elsewhere. Or will do it elsewhere in the future. Are you prepared to have your child "guilty by association?" Change the rules at your home. Like he stays in the foyer. Or don't drive him.
  11. I agree. It's a lengthy process to freeze Childrens credit. I've looked into it. They want copies of birth certs, parents' IDs, and other info to verify who is freezing on the kids' behalf. That's fine (makes total sense) but it's harder to do. My credit is frozen. I think it's $6 per agency in MN to thaw it. But when you thaw, you can select for how long (a few days up to six months).
  12. On Amazon, buy a product called Wee Cleaner. It's marketed for pets, but works for humans too. We used it for my grandma with the same troubles on upholstery.
  13. The general guideline on water is a gallon per person per day. That accounts for drinking, hygiene, and cooking. Plus more if there are pets or extra if you just want to. Water tabs and droplets expire and can become toxic after their expiration. I'd advise a good gravity driven hanging filter. Also, its helpful to know a local natural water source like a lake, steam, or pond. If you see cat tails growing it means there is water within 1-2 feet of the surface even if you see no visible water.
  14. There is propane (we can cook). Checked fuses. Ignition works, heater is seized up. DH and FIL looked it all over about four days ago. Problem is the heater itself. Fuse box is a joke too...several are by-passed/hot wired.
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