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  1. Somewhere on their blog, they have the transcript of one of the textbook debates from a couple years ago. Frightening.
  2. That was so stupid I had to watch it twice, then share it with my niece, then watched it a third time so I could laugh at Captain Jack. Again. This very nearly got that Fox song out of my head.
  3. I use this one because of the price and extra fine nib. I've had no issues. It writes on regular paper and Moleskine very smoothly. Jet Pens sells a good range of ink and converters. I like the blue-black, so I don't have to bother with converting, but I might order another fountain just for the fun colors.
  4. Our Blvd. is about to expire at the end of the year. We're getting a Recaro. DD just turned 6 and is 35lbs. She's tiny. I'm barely 5', so I imagine she'll be in it for a while.
  5. We love A Town Called Panic, Amelie, A Very Long Engagement, Delicatessen, and DH loves District B13.
  6. My mother never learned to cook properly. Or rather, she believed Kraft mac and cheese with tuna was a wholesome enough meal. She very rarely bought meat except the cheapest hamburger or pork chops if it was marked down. I'm slowly but surely teaching me sister to cook now and she's 32. Last week we had a setback because she didn't understand butter and margarine were two different things. Country crock=butter. We were raised this way. Most of the kids in my extended family were as well.
  7. Another consideration is single parents who work evenings and the oldest takes care of the meals. I was like a hamburger helper master chef. I had access to a full kitchen, but uh, cooking from scratch mean Kraft Macaroni and Cheese with the can of tuna in it. Sometimes I put in a couple extra slices of cheese to feel decadent. It took me all of my 20s to learn to cook properly.
  8. Ah yes, backstory. You did a really good job choosing episodes. That exercise would have completely stressed me out. :D We only knew as much as the Doctor in Silence in the Library. It makes me want to just go back and watch River Song episodes in some sort of cohesive timeline. I'm sure some Whovian online has them in some sort of order for me. Except Silence would be last...spoilers!
  9. Eccleston is a very serious Doctor. Because he left after one season, it's hard to see where it would have gone with him. I'm not a huge Rose fan, but I cried at the end of season 2. I didn't cry when Martha left, but I did when Donna did, and when Tennant regenerated. And Smith. I don't even know where to start with him. I don't know when he ended up being my favorite, but he's just so good. The writing is just excellent and Smith just embodies the Doctor in a way that I didn't think could happen. Smith made a proper fan out of DH when he only just sort of tolerated it before (except for Blink and Empty Child, those he liked). I even think he's considering knocking me up again just so we can have a Stormageddon of our own. I'd stick it out for Eccleston, if only just to feel the impact of the regeneration. Mrs Mungo's list is pretty much spot on though I do love episode 8 of season 6, because I adore River Song. I really love the whole story of her.
  10. Well, now Cumberbatched is just a memory. I didn't think it could be overthrown. And by the Canadians of all people.
  11. We moved to San Antonio a little over a year ago from Houston (which we spent the whole 6-7 years trying to get back to Austin), and once we were here for about a month, I was surprised how very cool it was. It was like Austin was back when I was in college ('95-'97), but they're much more quiet about their coolness. We still enjoy going back to Austin, though. We just won't move back unless DH gets an offer for the *perfect* job.
  12. My Papaw, the nudist one, used to mow the lawn in one of those tiny speedo-type bikini bottoms. After the baby, I went and got properly fitted for an expensive nursing bra. Apparently I'd been wearing an enormous band to squeeze into a DDD because local department stores didn't sell a larger cup. When I finally got on one that fit, whoa. I'm cursed with cleavage in anything but a turtleneck and now when I look down, I can be smug now. I've only ever been to a peep show in Austin. There is a gay bar called 'Bout Time Cocktails (I think it's still there) and behind it there was this place called Oasis. Part video store and novelty shop, then down the hall, go into the stall, and put in some coins. I remember thinking that if I was going to strip, this is the way I'd go. :P I knew some the girls who worked at Joy (Rick's Cabaret now?) and once you pull out of the parking lot and do the loop around to go back to Austin, you'd be in Williamson County for a short bit. It's the poorest location for a strip club. My grandparents are friends with the couple that does one of those nudist magazines. They meet for lunch occasionally. That couple have an RV now and go to the nudist beach that is I don't know exactly where, but far east on Bolivar Peninsula. I don't think it's actually a nudist beach, but it's so far out that nobody cares.
  13. I'm 5' tall and um, massively um, endowed. That's an idea. Hmm. I'd need to get some like 6" heels with platforms to give me some height. My 15yo can do our makeup. If we're lucky, we might get invited on stage!
  14. I refuse to go to Hippie Hollow. My grandparents go there. Not ever going to happen. As an aside, my husband never wanted to go to a strip club because he didn't know which one in Austin his sister worked at.
  15. I was worried they would slap me with prostitution in Williamson Co. I'd probably just get indecency in Travis. Either way, it would have been an embarrassing phone call to make to my grandparents to come spring us. They'd find it hilarious.
  16. That's the easy part. DH talked me into one of those drive-thru carwash thingies. Bought the expensive package LOL. I was reluctant not because it was well, daring, but because it was in Georgetown, Texas, and I'd rather get arrested in Travis County than Williamson.
  17. Hussiest of all the Hussies in Hussyland.
  18. There might be a case for that. :p I know they have a bottle opener one.
  19. You should ditch the bra and tee and surprise him. Then report back.
  20. I lust after that S4. I shouldn't since I have the Note, but there it is.
  21. Works on fleas, too. But the smell. It's really really bad. Terrible.
  22. Paula, your avatar makes me sing religious music. Usually opening a new thing of coffee does that. It's not a small thing.
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