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  1. Led Zeppelin. Viking kitties second. It was one of the first things I ever saw on the internet. Cats on a boat with the Immigrant Song playing.
  2. Oldest. 17. Smartphone since about 14. Computer around the same. I don't limit or control time or content with her. She's always been one that leaves her phone lying around and her computer open on the couch. Youngest. 7. She plays games, takes pictures, videos from all various mobile devices. I don't think she knows how to work the Internet for that. There are a few games she plays along with saving pictures to play with in GIMP or paint, but I usually have those things bookmarked. She Youtubes on the Roku. Minecraft on tablet and computer. Honestly it's me that's a problem. I usually have to clean up my download folder before I hand off the tablet to the 7yo. And my phone and tablet have started storing photos from private FB messages that I have to sanitize. These aren't pictures I saved. Just opened. I don't like it.
  3. There are wolf spiders in Giddings, Texas. They like to carry all their babies on their backs. All 1000 of their babies. And in 6 months, twice a month, they would make their way into our apartment. So, if I'm doing math right, that's more than 12K spiders in my apartment. In our tiny 600sf apartment. 12K spiders. 12,000. Twelve-thousand. It's been 15 years, and I've still not recovered. Mosquitoes don't like me, but they love my 7yo. She gets plum sized knots on her. I could do without the flying roaches. But it's mostly spiders I can't deal with. And now the Hill Country doesn't sound so great. I'm thinking downtown. 10 stories up.
  4. The Hill Country is the most ideal, I think. Close (enough) proximity to both SA and Austin. I'm trying to figure out the freedom thing, too. :P Sod0my isn't illegal anymore. And I can't think of anything else. :P I haven't checked lately, but I don't think I'm able to run for any political office because I don't 'acknowledge the existence of a supreme being'.
  5. I'm in SA and it takes about an hour and a half to get to North Padre (maybe two hours; I can't recall). North Padre used to be my favorite place in Texas, until they built a Schlitterbahn. We still go during off season. The sand is nicer than the ones in Galveston, but as far as beaches go, eh. Mustang Island is right there, though. South Padre is just too dang far. We looked at real estate in Corpus not too long ago. The island is a little more expensive than Corpus, but ultimately, we will probably aim for the Hill Country and take a weekend every now and then and go to the coast. I really love SA, though. It takes little time to get to the water, and the diversity and food and history keep us here. We love Austin as well, but I loathe I35, so the Hill Country will give us access to both cities without dealing with that particular interstate. I think it's important for you to come check them out the beaches, though. In August. Because if you are used to nicer beaches, the ones in Texas aren't going to impress you. Sometimes they're even kinda gross (I go for the sound.) I've visited Biloxi and Mobile and Texas doesn't come close (unless South Padre is nice. I've never been. It's way too far.) And if you come across a bug as big as your hand, don't look it in the eye. And if you get brave and decide to go at it with your shoe, you'll discover it has wings. As for freedoms unique to Texas, IDK. I can't imagine what that could be. I find the politicians here embarrassing for the most part.
  6. I have a domain. I have a professional email. I work for myself. I use a personal gmail 99% of the time for business. For the simple reason that I am too lazy to set up my work one on my phone. There's like a whole page of filling in stuff that I just don't feel like doing. I'm obstinately lazy about it.
  7. I think Jesus would've loved Harry Potter. I think the last book would've made him cry.
  8. If math isn't causing you spiritual unrest, you need to find a new math. As an atheist, I don't pray often, but when I do, it's about math. Because math.
  9. But what's it called if you like asexual aromantic sociopaths? :D
  10. Alas, cough syrup ain't what it used to be.
  11. We're the namby pamby sort. We've been floundering now for nearly 20 years.
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