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  1. When I managed my dd travel soccer team I set a budget for the year. The coach and I would choose 4 tournaments to travel to. Usually the lists of required hotels were already available so I could get an accurate estimate for hotel rooms. The club gave us suggested per diem (sp) and we covered gas for the coach to and from the tournament. I paid the hotel directly from the team bank account. The rest I gave to the coach as a check before the tournament to cut down on their out of pocket expenses. I sent out a detailed budget to my team before each season. The coaches are there because they are paid. It’s a job like any other. To be honest the coach traveling expenses were minor compared to all the other expenses that go along with travel sports.
  2. Monday - 1 hour elliptical and foam rolling Tuesday - 5 mile run strength training and foam rolling eating has been going well so far this week. My ds has xc practice at 7 am during the summer so I’ve been running at 5:00 am in order to get back home to drive him to practice. However with my hip bothering me I’ve discovered I run better if I’m up an hour or so before running. So I’ve been running after his practice. It’s hot as blazes but I’m getting my runs in. Today I’m hoping for 7 miles.
  3. My goals for the week (thru next Sunday) 5 runs 30 miles total 5, 7, 3, 12, 3 (time doesn’t matter just want to get the miles in) strength training 3x Yoga 2x Elliptical 1x Get back to focusing on Foam rolling
  4. I ran 2 miserable miles yesterday morning. I didn’t start my Garmin properly (I can’t wear my glasses while running I sweat too much and I can’t see the clock face without them 😢). So while running I was thinking I know it’s been more than a mile but no beep reset the watch and ran another mile. I felt terrible the entire run. I dropped my ds off at xc practice and by that time felt pretty good. I went ahead and ran a decent 3 miles when I got home. Today I went to yoga and ran a very slow 5 miles this afternoon.
  5. I have great willpower as long as I don’t have junk food in the house 😂😂 My right hip flexor is bothering me so I’m taking today off from running. I’m going to try and go to yoga.
  6. Ran 5 miles and got in a strength workout.
  7. The oldest moving out while the youngest is a baby was the same dynamic we had. My oldest moved out for college when my youngest was 2 months old. For us that was 7 years ago. For me it was hard being postpartum and knowing it would never be the same as when I had 5 growing up together. They have a great relationship now but it’s more aunt niece than sisters. The oldest lives 2 1/2 hours away. My 2 oldest (25 and 23) just took my youngest to Disney for her 7th birthday. They video chat and play video games together online when they can. It’s ok to be sad and mourn. Give yourself time and grace.
  8. Yesterday was an extra rest day. My dh and I went for a quick overnight getaway Saturday and Sunday 😁 Today I got an hour in on the elliptical and some foam rolling. Monday’s are my cross training days.
  9. I was planning on running 12 miles today but only managed 10 before I gave up. It was miserably hot and humid. I left at 6:30 this morning I really should have started much earlier. Oh well. I ran the same route last week and was able to run the whole 12. I may try another long run Wednesday since I won’t be able to run next weekend due to family camping.
  10. Ran 3 miles yesterday and got in strength training and foam rolling. Today’s my rest day may get in a yoga session. My right quad muscle is achy some stretching may help. I find my Garmin estimates on the low side for calorie burn as well but I think it’s pretty accurate (unfortunately 😂)
  11. Does she want bootcut jeans? I’ve got highschoolers and haven’t seen kids wear bootcut jeans in years. I see women of all sizes wearing skinny jeans and leggings. I think overall teens are way more body confident then we were back in the day. I was picking up ds from cross country practice the other day and it really struck me how much more confidence girls have today. Where I live it’s hot as blazes. Most girls regardless of body type wear shorts mostly spandex and bra tops (which honestly cover more that swimsuit tops). I had run before practice wearing T-shirt and shorts sweating like a pig. I wish I had the confidence to ditch the shirt.
  12. I got in a 7 mile run this morning and a yoga class before lunch. I always wonder with cross fit how many injuries are caused by people pushing themselves too far due to the group atmosphere. I understand the atmosphere is positive and encouraging but I know for myself that would cause me to push too hard.
  13. A good way to start strength training is body weight exercises planks pushups glute bridges squats lunges. You can work your way up to being strong enough to use the weights they have available. Also check with your gym to see if they have kettlebells they may start at 5lb
  14. Stretching is my short coming as well. I was watching a YouTube video on foam rolling today and tried to do some after strength training today but consistency is my problem.
  15. I don’t really have any favorites. I like the book Younger Next Year just for the philosophy of it takes hard aerobic workouts to maintain fitness after 50. Some Facebook groups Slow Runners -very active and encouraging Another Mother Runner - practical tips (run early in the morning because you won’t fit it in later etc) there’s a podcast too. I got in 5 miles this morning. Off to strength training after an orthodontist consultation for ds.
  16. I find it takes a concerted effort to reach 10000 steps as well. It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking you’re walking more than you are but a fitness watch keeps you honest 😂
  17. I like running. A lot of plans have you run various amounts and types of workouts 5 days 1 day of cross training and 1 day rest. Hal Higdon, Runner’s World, Train Like A Mother etc.
  18. I’m so glad this thread is back!! I’m training for a half marathon in Nov so I’m running 5 days a week. I’ve got my long run up to a slow 12 miles. I’m working my way through the strength training book Strong 3x a week and I’m trying to get a couple of yoga sessions in a week for stretching.
  19. I’ve been In the same situation with the car. I just sent a text every week while they were at work for them to text it to me. They didn’t mind sending it to me and I didn’t mind asking. As far as the illegal situation I agree with Dawn.
  20. Are you looking for something you can do at home or do you still have a gym membership? I had been taking bodypump at the y for months but recently switched to using the workout routines in the book Strong. It takes about 30 minutes excluding interval training but I run a lot instead.
  21. I don’t us that app but I use MyFitnessPal when I want to keep track of calories. It will connect to my Garmin app to track my steps and exercise.
  22. Dungeons and Dragons. There’s a phone app for the dice. Everything else can be done verbally. Kids play it all the time on my daughter’s Latin club trips.
  23. Why must we constantly make accommodations to make it easier for boys?
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