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  1. That’s what I see here as well. I live in the south and people will post on Facebook pray for my husband/parent/friend because they are hospitalized with COVID and you can’t go more than five posts before it starts- are they overweight? do they have high blood pressure? etc. It’s from the anti vaxx covid is a hoax crowd. The part of the south I live in people post prayer request all the time and you never see this push back but soon as someone mentions covid it becomes a series of justification as to why it’s the hospitalized person’s fault.
  2. I am shocked at how many middle age white women are letting conspiracy theories consume their lives, both famous women and women I know in real life.
  3. I’d like to join back in. I used to posted about a year and a half ago then fell off the posting wagon but kept running and strength training. I’ve joined a running group that meets 2 a week doing track/hills/tempo workouts. That’s been tremendously helpful. Those are the workouts that I tend to skip and just replace with more miles. I generally run about 30-35 miles a week and strength train twice a week. With gyms opening back up I’d like to do some more yoga. I am not consistent when I am just using a video. I have 3 half marathons coming up 1 in August 1 in October and 1 in November. I’m toying with running a marathon in February and trying a sprint triathlon next year. Today is my rest day.
  4. I’m looking to purchase a road bike. I will purchase from a local bike store. What should I look for? I’ve never had anything beyond a Walmart bike. I’m planning on using it to participate in a sprint triathlon (I don’t ever anticipate going beyond Olympic distance). Any tips? Thanks
  5. If you go to a store like Costco which currently has the policy that if you are vaccinated you do not need to mask and you are not vaccinated and do not mask to me that qualifies as lying. Granted no one is at door asking but you know the policy.
  6. I do wonder if feeling the number of unvaccinated planning ditching masks or people claiming vaccinating children under 12 is a waste of time is just a function of who frequent the board. I think it’s a greater quantity of homeschoolers and evangelicals that hold that view point than the general public. I was at Costco yesterday the only family I saw with kids under 12 unmasked was a fellow homeschooler. The vast majority of families I’ve seen out since lifting the mandate have been masked. Honestly it restores my hope in society 😁.
  7. It’s nice that your state is following cdc guidelines. Not all of us are that fortunate.
  8. This after the CDC announcement there has been immense pressure to drop the mask mandate in schools. There’s only 2 weeks left hopefully they can remain strong and keep the mandate since the vast majority of students can’t get vaccinated or are not fully vaccinated but my hopes are not high. There’s no chance there will be a mask mandate for k-6 in the fall.
  9. I know this thread has unfortunately veered into all the usual topics that are used to obscure COVID threads from their main purpose (masks don’t work, COVID is no big deal, the vaccine is worse than the disease) but I thought I’d update our experience. My daughter had her 1st Reconciliation yesterday all the kids were masked about 1/3 of the adults. Where I live if you’re an adult you’ve had ample time to get vaccinated. I assume some of the adults were masking in solidarity with their children. I was. Our diocese policy going forward is the unvaccinated will be seated in a separate section masked and socially distant. We’ll see how that works going forward. I’m Catholic and sometimes I think with priests and bishops being unmarried they don’t think these things through. Basically this section needs to be larger enough for every family with kids under 12. Publix’s policy is you don’t have to mask if you’re vaccinated. The vast majority of shoppers were masked. Walmart is the same but I would not assume the same level of compliance. So I will probably just avoid taking her there. I don’t need for her to see large groups of parents/children blatantly lying.
  10. We’re in the same boat here the vitriol, conspiracy thinking, and for a Christian group lack of follow the Bible (Love your neighbor) during the pandemic is a burned bridge that can’t be fixed. Going forward we’re looking to make friends with kids outside of homeschooling and starting a new more secular leaning homeschooling group. Fortunately my only homeschooler is 8. I have homeschooled my older children through 8th grade and socialization with true friends not acquaintances has always been hard. Most have made friends through non homeschool activities. Also they all went to public school high school and tbh that’s where they made their first close friends. I don’t know if that’s an option for you.
  11. My state has almost tripled that amount of cases yesterday positivity rate is high and the vaccination rate that is much lower than 50%. I’m fine not masking as a vaccinated adult. Originally our state was going to wait to remove the mask mandate until 66% of those eligible had one shot not herd immunity but at least closer to it.
  12. My dh and I are fully vaccinated. My 15 year old ds will be vaccinated soon. My 8 year old dd is obviously not. I live in an area where the majority of the adult population is unvaccinated and in my humble opinion will most likely lie about it (all you have to do is look at the number of people who all of a sudden had a medical issue and could not mask). Assuming all states will soon follow CDC guidance and allow the fully vaccinated to go unmasked (which I am completely comfortable with for my vaccinated self) based on the honor system and the majority of the antivaxxers will lie what are you planning to do with your under 12 dc?
  13. I live in a state where COVID is pretty rampant. Meals on Wheels are still being delivered scouts still need volunteers etc. the only place not welcoming in person volunteers are schools but pta still needs behind the scenes volunteers. If there’s a will there’s a way. COVID is going to be an issue for a long while social distancing masks etc are going to be a way of life for a while if people want to connect with their community they can work to find a way.
  14. I think we need move civic involvement. The more people work together to improve their community the more we will be unified as a country regardless of political affiliation. Joining League of Women Voters, delivering Home Delivered Meals, volunteering with Boy Scouts or Girl Scout, PTA, food banks etc. gets us out of our silos and working together. Working towards a goal together that is not defined by Democrats vs Republicans let’s people get to know each other in a more neutral environment. I think the death of civic involvement as a natural default for adults is a major contributor to this us vs them attitude.
  15. They are allowing international students to remain in dorms. Hopefully that helps.
  16. I saw that Wake county announced they’re planning on breaking the classes up in to 3 groups and you would attend school 1 week in person and have 2 weeks remote. Right now I think one of the biggest issues with N.C.’s phase b is being at 50% capacity. There’s only 1 school in my large district that is not currently over capacity. I’m not particularly thrilled with either Wake or Durham’s plan but at least your districts have released a plan we’ve heard nothing from ours. I have a 2nd grader who needs the social interaction of school and an 11th grader. If my 2nd grader was up for it I’d homeschool in a minute but alas...
  17. Do you have a link for waving all tests? I’m in NC as well. I would be surprised if we go back as well. As a side note I find it interesting that the first state to say they’re out for the year has a woman governor. I feel as a woman you know parents want to know and plan as soon as possible. I have a high school senior and a college senior. I don’t expect to see either of them have a graduation ceremony. My college senior is very worried about post graduation. She was having a good number of job interviews but as of the past week and a half everything has dried up. She was commenting about how this is probably as bad as graduating during the Great Recession. I told her I think this is harder. I don’t ever remember living through such uncertainty.
  18. I get that. We’re a large family as well. Fortunately 2 are adults now and on there own. Are any of your kids on the older side so they can shop as well? It’s a way to get around limits ( not to horde) to get what you need.
  19. Is the airport closing international flights or all flights?
  20. I ran my 15k this morning and it was good. I ran the same course in September and beat my September time by 9 minutes. I came in second in my age group. This week I’ll take tomorrow as a rest day run Tuesday 5, Thursday 3, Friday 5, and a 12-13 mile trail run Saturday, yoga and strength Tuesday and Thursday, and barre on Wednesday. I’m tracking my food this month as part of a running group challenge. It’s always helpful to track every now and then. Makes me see where I am short. I’m realizing I need to add more protein.
  21. The group I ran with yesterday basically started that way. Four years ago the woman who founded the group started a Facebook page for runners in the area. Since then it’s grown to over 400 people
  22. I think it depends on what you want to track. I have a Garmin forerunner 35 that I love for walking running and aerobic activities. Pairing it with the app I can track a lot of information.
  23. I went to the group trail run yesterday and it was fun. It was also pouring so we only did 4 on the trail. The ladies were nice and welcoming and one ran my pace so we chatted some while running. One of my personal goals for the year is to make more irl friends. Since I didn’t get my long run in yesterday I’m going to try and get that in today. This week I’ll run 5 on Monday and 6 on Tuesday, strength train and yoga Tuesday, barre on Wednesday, yoga Thursday and then nothing until race day Sunday. Have a good week ladies
  24. If you have a local shop loose leaf chamomile blends that contain the whole dried flowers would be my choice followed by mint. My favorite bagged tea is Celestial Seasons Candy Cane Lane decaf green tea with peppermint and a hint of vanilla. I would prefer a ceramic mug for the cozy factor. I drink my hot beverages fast enough that cooling down isn’t a factor.
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