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  1. I have a son who is struggling also - as am I. I really thought I was ready for the first quiz (LOL) and didn't bomb it but scored a really solid C. I'm scared because it's only the first quiz (my son got a D). We did it closed book but would it be acceptable to do open notes on these? I don't want to cheat but it seems that the computer grading is just a little too strict sometimes - I guess in the finaly analysis I do want to cheat the computer just a little :). Janet
  2. Not Michelle - but I'm using Apples and Pears (just finished Book A) with my almost 11 yods so I would think it may work for your 10 yo also.
  3. they are working: Apples and Pears Spelling for my squirrely middle son has improved his spelling by leaps and bounds with very little pain on either of our parts. All about Spelling Level I is giving my younger son an amazing start so that hopefully I won't have to use Apple and Pears during the middle school years for him. SOS Spanish I has been a surprising hit here as my kids usually hate computer program based education but my ninth grader is actually doing his Spanish and going above and beyond the daily requirements.
  4. I've got seven dc: 15, 14, 11, 6, 4, 2, 2 mos. When my oldest were in the grammar and early logic stage we stayed together for everything except math and grammar but as they have gotten older I've had to seperate them. They still do Latin together but my 14 yo was tired of keeping up with her older brother and wanted to do her own thing. The gap down to my 11 year old was always a little too much for combining him with them and now the second gap down to 6yo is the same way. I'll probably start combining the younger kids as they reach school age to some extent. We are using Sonlight this year for everyone. The two olders work on their cores independently (Core 100 and 7). Even my 11 yo does a lot of his core work by himself now that he's able to read and comprehend (Core 4). Of course, my 6 yo requires my attention for most of his school work but that's just the way first grade is! Other curr.: Noeo science for the youngers, Apologia for the olders. Rod and Staff English and Analytical Grammar, Math U See for the youngers and Teaching Textbooks for the olders. HTH Janet
  5. We actually started at the end of Kindergarten last spring and are continuing this year. It starts out very slowly - a lot of the early lessons require no actual spelling just learning the phonograms and using the tiles to identify beginning and ending sounds, etc. We moved really slowly during the first lessons and are now on Step 17 (of 24) and he's probably the speller I've had. The lesson we're on now is teaching how to tell if c or k is the first letter of a word and he's caught onto it really quickly. I can't say enough good things about this program. The only modification I've made is that he (and I) were getting really tired of spreading all the tiles out everyday so I put magnet tape on the back of all of them and stuck them to a new cookie sheet and now we always have them ready to use, in order. HTH Janet
  6. was to buy each kidlet a .9 mm mechanical pencil and it's been working out well. No one wants to go back to using the yellow pencils so it's been great motivation for them to keep track of their pencil. I also bought cheap pencil bags for each one from Walmart so now they keep their pencil and their big pink eraser in their bag. Janet
  7. I'm following the schedule in The Vaccine Book by Robert Sears. My pediatrician and I both agreed that it seemed a reasonable compromise between the two extremes of "no vaccines" and "six-at-a-time". My pediatrician also liked that the first ones given at two months include the DTap because he's seen too many babies getting sick early in their lives with perteussis. I don't know how to link but I got the book from Amazon late in 2007. Janet
  8. Thanks Robyn and Caroline - After I posted I tried nursing him again and he nursed like a champ so maybe it's passed. It was really scary and frustrating last night and today but I'm feeling better about it now.
  9. Do you remember how long the reaction lasted? I'm hoping that he's back to normal tomorrow.
  10. My two-month old got his first vaccines yesterday - only the Dtap and the oral rotavirus - we're following a slightly delayed and spread-out vaccine schedule. After the appointment and continuing until now he's gone from nursing every two and a half hours to stretching to three hours or more during the day. He'll nurse just a little then start fussing and crying: I really have to be persistent to get him to nurse anywhere near as much as he was before yesterday. Could this be because of the rotavirus vaccine? My pediatrician's office doesn't think it's possible (of course, they also don't believe that teething can cause diarrhea, fever or fussiness - we won't even go there!) but I was curious if anyone else has had this experience. He's my first child that has had this particular vaccine because of it's relative newness. Thanks Janet
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