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  1. I didn't keep my WTM book out when we packed - I figured I wouldn't need it until after we were done moving. Now I have to fill out these forms to get an exempt status in Nebraska and I need to know what we're going to be studying in Second Grade Science. Can someone please look that up for me? TIA! Lisa
  2. I would have to agree with what has been said. We use Spelling Workout and my kids like it - I like it because it is so easy to use. And for reading, well, we do just that - books about what we're covering in History & Science and we read together from religious texts (simplified and original) and then they have individual reading time too - anything they want. Good luck finding something that works for you! Lisa
  3. I really liked them. The initial setup is cutting them apart - so I would recommend using a big cutter and I keep mine in plastic baggies. I think they're worth the money. Lisa
  4. I love doing the voices! The other day my son asked how I knew the characters sounded like that - we were reading an Irish Cinderella story, and I was doing my best Irish accent - so I told him that and he got it. There are some voices that I just can't do though so I just try to give them a different voice. And I know it's been said - drinking and taking turns with the older kids is key. Plus, that way I trick them in to practicing reading aloud. . . lol! With all that being said, if doing the voices is going to make it horrible for you, then I would say don't. You said you emote like crazy, and that is great - and I think your kids would be able to tell if you really didn't like doing it and my hope in reading aloud is to share something I love and help the kids learn to love reading too - so your hating it would defeat that purpose. does that make sense? good luck! Lisa
  5. Thanks for these responses! I wasn't sure about the level that WWE started at - so I guess I'll go ahead and get it and work it in. Thanks again! Lisa
  6. I'm using FLL with my two older boys, 7 and almost 6, and loving it. We are on lessons 113 and 47 respectively. My 7 yo does fine with writing - he doesn't really like to do it, but he will and he has been progressing. My 6 yo is not a writer - he hasn't really progressed over the last year. So I'm not overly concerned because they are young and they are boys, but I'm feeling the need to do something more than just handwriting practice. . . So I see that Peace Hill Press has WWE and I'm wondering how and when or if WWE fits in with FLL. TIA! Lisa
  7. I use my magic bullet way more and I think it is easier to clean. In fact, I haven't used the stick blender in forever but I use the magic bullet almost every day. Lisa
  8. Thanks so much! I was wondering when I should be introducing this anyway, so putting it with history will work out well! Lisa
  9. I'm always looking for (and coming up short) great coloring pages for my kids! Thank you so much! I'm so excited! Lisa
  10. I don't even know what SWR is without looking at the abbreviations list. But I was given 100 EL and HOP so I used those to teach my 2 kids to read. I loved 100 EL and I don't think I would have done HOP or anything else for that matter if it hadn't been given to me. We did the HOP after 100 EL just because we had it and the boys really wanted to (they got all excited about the posters and stickers and books). They breezed right through it (well, ds5 is on level 4 now). So I'm certainly not an expert or anything, but there's what I know for what it's worth. :) Lisa
  11. I have a set of the Great Illustrated Classics that I was given when I was 5 and I loved them. My ds6 is not interested in them yet - his friend got him hooked on Magic Tree House, so I'm hoping once he's read all of those I can steer him to the classics. I just remember thinking how great it was that I could have and read these "great books" on my own. Plus, when I read the real Classics, I was familiar with the story line so I think that helped. Lisa
  12. I wasn't sure and I figured that there might be important things in level A, even though I knew my ds was a good speller, I didn't want him to miss something, so I just let him do level A (and it was easy, so he started with a lesson a day) and toward the middle he did half a lesson a day. Now he's in B and I'm glad we started where we did because he is used to it and I don't have to wonder if he missed something. My ds5 is in level A now. So I guess what I'm saying (with my limited experience) is that I would put them both in A and let them take it at their speed. HTH! Lisa
  13. And wow! I didn't even realize how many different programs there were! :o
  14. And History was the same for me as for you - pass the test and forget it. So I'm learning a lot as we go through SOTW. I haven't seen anything that would make it gender specific at all and I really like the activity pages (so does my son:)) Lisa
  15. but I'm more leanient - All year we take breaks when we need to, especially for travel, or family etc. We may be moving in the summer so we'd take some time off for that, but honestly, if I'm not having the kids do lessons they turn into vegetables! In the summer, I'll let them off for playing with friends or swimming or playing outside, and I won't interrupt creative play to start lessons, but it will always be there as something we can and should do. Lisa
  16. My kids don't always like to color the blocks on the pages, but when they do they like it better (but if I remind them of that then they don't believe me) They do like to doodle a lot and I just decided to let them. Sometimes text with colors and pictures distracts too much or gets too busy for them to concentrate imo. Lisa
  17. My MIL has handwriting like this! It is interesting to me too because she wrote exactly the same in my dh's baby book as she did on the birthday check she sent me last month! My dad keeps insisting that I should use Palmer method with my kids, but I don't know how or what or when or where. . . Lisa
  18. my ds6 is using MUS Alpha and my ds5 is using the older books (they were given to us, so I thought why not?). Yes mastery is important for math success and that is part of why I love that they have online drills - my kids think it is a game - and the online worksheet generator. Also, there are days that we don't do a worksheet but just play with the blocks - ds6 is "stopped" to make sure he can do all of his addition without fingers or counting before we move on to subtraction. We've been building a lot of "walls" (to see all of the different ways to make each number), using the wrap ups, and racing in an addition workbook that my dad gave him (he wanted me to time him and see if he can go faster each time). We like the video and the games/lessons that we do before we move on to the books. I like that there are pages for the new skill and then the review pages. If the new skill is totally mastered, we can skip some pages, but we always do all of the review. We have the cd with the songs too and my ds5 sings them all the time. So from my limited experience, I whole heartedly recommend MUS. Lisa
  19. One of the things that really appealed to me about TWTM was the whole learning history in order idea. I don't know much of anything about history personally so I'm learning right along with my 1st grader. So I keep thinking it would be great to just put up a basic timeline and add things as we learn them. Lisa
  20. He really doesn't care if we homeschool or not. He does seem proud of our kids' accomplishments and he offers the needed "cool" or "uh huh" when I prompt the kids to tell their daddy about what they learned that day. Basically, it is my job to see that the kids are educated and if I choose to do it myself, fine, but if I choose to send them to school, fine. I really wish he were more supportive and involved. But I read an article today about how even "uninvolved" dads are teaching their children and it was almost like it was just for me. Basically it said that dads that don't "teach" really do by their example - my husband works so I don't have to and so I can homeschool. He is involved in the church and community and encourages the kids to be also. And the end of the article was almost a slap in the face: I should be thankful for and focus on what he does do and not on what I would change (even though I would really like for him to start the conversation . . . "So what did you learn today?") But my parents are both really supportive and are always giving us stuff to help with it. My husband's parents seem to forget that we're doing it until they are stunned when comparing my kids to my sil's kids the same age. . . Lisa
  21. I just ordered Drawing with Children and the Child size Materpieces so we can start studying art. So I'm wondering if those who teach their children to paint and use different mediums have had training in art themselves. . . Lisa
  22. Okay, so I missed that part. . .TJ was done with phonics FOREVER ago and my 5 yr old is almost done (he reads, but we're still going over phonics) Now I'm going to go do some more re-reading then find my McGuffy books! Lisa
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