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  1. Are you all in VA? I noticed your schools are VA schools. Funny we live in Fredericksburg but never considered UMW because of majors.
  2. Congrats to you all! So exciting! I agree the forum has helped many of us in finding scholarships and helps! I think my son is fairly confident that he will be going to Liberty. With that being the best financial decision as well as majors and being in our state makes the most sense. With getting full tuition and the VA in state scholarship it is looking like the best. I am happy for him my husband and I both graduated there but it has changed quite a bit! :( I think if I had my way I'd send him to Pensacola or Bob Jones (which he has considered) :laugh: so hard letting go!
  3. Okay thanks...so you need to have the technic sets for that motor set...
  4. You have a lot of good ideas other people have already mentioned so I'll add a few ideas to the mix. I have a 6 yr. old as well and since we are done with school by lunch this is what we do in the afternoons. handicrafts (I teach in the beginning and then can do on own: weaving, sewing, woodworking, housework, painting, sculpting, etc.) getting outside and playing exploring/ nature hunts, scavenger hunts, (give them their own nature notebook and let them draw, write, paint whatever) playing/practicing an instrument audio books in the afternoon (my son loves to listen to them and can d
  5. I am wondering if there is an add on motor out there that one could use regular Legos and make things that move like robotic? Just curious we have this for K'nex and was curious if there is anything out there for Lego beside Mindstorms. Thanks so much looking for an idea for Christmas. :)
  6. How do you use streaming video content in your educational efforts? Do you watch videos about homeschooling, parenting, skill development, or education? We don't use any screens for our educational day and I personally don't watch any videos on education however I do listen to podcasts on educational topics and will occasionally use you tube for music I am streaming for our fine arts part of our day. Do you use videos with your children as part of your lessons (not counting full online classes such as Well-Trained Mind Academy)? NO What are your favorite programs/channels/prese
  7. Sounds like our boys would get along well. :) Here are my ideas that my son has loved and he is now 6. Citiblocs If you are crafty - great idea to make (we are doing this for our 6 yr. old for Christmas- DIY wooden blocks Lego Crazy Contraptions (for your 6 yr. old) Thames & kosmos remote control machines (6 yr. old) There are so many different kits for k'nex we have quite a few of those which you can expand on for normal kits.
  8. Rhetoric1 he took when he was in 9th grade but was a strong writer and had taken logic. Most take in 10th or 11th. HTH. It was not a W&R course this came afterwards.
  9. I used it in my early days of homeschooling and loved it! It’s perfect for those just starting out and/or likes checking the box. Similar to Memoria Press. I used for elementary ages from1st grade-5th. If you have any questions just ask. I’ve gone to CM but for those seeking neoclassical it’s great!
  10. Sorry...not up on poll posting...thanks for your help hopefully all good now...😊 Thanks for all posts very interesting!!
  11. Thanks for letting me know, hopefully the edited version is better hard to tell how to fix that. Let me know if I didn't fix it. Thanks!
  12. That's great! I know many of us if you make over $100k as a family are out when it comes to financial help and so after school scholarships outside ones are the way to go. Thanks for the ideas....why did my son have to work for a cheap company. Ha!
  13. Thought it would be interesting to see and if one should focus on one type more than another. Feel free to list the type of scholarship awarded. Would help each of us out! :)
  14. Outside scholarships I know are hard to come by...I think I'll take a poll and see how many people have received one...that would be interesting! :)
  15. That's terrible! We are dealing with our own blow....we were told (and they put out on a webinar by the college) that they could stack their scholarships but now stating they will not allow it to go past full tuition so all we are getting is full tuition which is great but now what to do with the other $10k for room and board... :-( What a roller coaster ride! I feel ya and big hugs....I have heard through most schools you have til May to up your scores to boost merit. Maybe you should look at others. So sorry!
  16. I am doing my happy dance now.... :w00t: :party: We just heard yesterday that my son got the merit scholarship at Liberty (his first choice) and with the other scholarships that stack he is almost at a full ride just about $1000 short. (only awarded tuition free) We are so ecstatic and praising God for giving him the ability for him to succeed as well as for providing his old Ma direction in guiding his education. I couldn't have done it with out the Holy Spirit's direction and for the hive and the wonderful advice many of you ladies have shared through the years. I am so grateful and
  17. So we are waiting to here about what scholarships my son will be getting. His first choice is Liberty and honestly as grads from there we are rooting for it... :-P but if scholarships don't pan out we are looking at University of Alabama in Huntsville. I am asking to see if anyone has students who attend there and is willing to talk with me a few minutes about their experience so far. I would greatly appreciate it! PM me and I'll give you my info. Thanks so much for any help and insight in advance!!!
  18. We just finished all of our applications in September yeah! Now we are working on the scholarship angle. He got accepted everywhere he applied but is mostly looking at what school will give him the most money. ;) Acceptances: University of Alabama (Huntsville) (2nd choice if the merit doesn't pan out at LU at least tuition free) Liberty University (1st choice if gets merit/honors scholarship and close to a full ride...fingers crossed!) Louisiana Tech Virginia Tech (still haven't heard on this one but not too
  19. This is what we read our kindergarten year in regards to read alouds. His favorites I'll star. :) Flat Stanley · Little House in the Big Woods · Bears on Hemlock Mountain · Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Tom Kitten, Johnny Town Mouse · Boxcar Children #1 & 2 **** Ivy and Bean & others***** Betsy Tacy*** Twig*** B is for Betsy George and the Marvelous Medicine ******* The Chocolate Touch****** Velveteen Rabbit Matilda · James and the Giant Peach · Lion Witch and the Wardrob
  20. My middle son is practicing this year and is in 9th. I didn't make a big deal about it this year since it was a practice and a baseline for us. He started at 8ish and was done at 11:30. I hope he took the right test....I dropped him off with instructions and of course didn't follow them exactly.... :glare: teenagers! He was taken to a room with 9th graders so hoping he took the PSAT and not one for the 9th graders (that is a bit different). He said he did really well with the reading portion and the math without calculator portion but when he got to the calculator portion had trouble...(ex
  21. Potters School Schole Academy Wilson Hill Academy Scholars Online
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