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  1. My son has been reading the original Pilgrim's Progress and has done well with it (he is 6 yrs.) I am partial to reading the real will be amazed at how well they catch on. And if your child already has some familiarity with the story then they should be fine. :) My two cents..
  2. There are so many ways to go about it and you are right classical/CM has many varieties. I would try to see first what you are trying to accomplish and your goals before diving into a curriculum. There are SO many choices now a days. My son was in 1st grade this year and this is what we did but we focus more on a CM here. I didn't need to teach reading since my son picked it up on his own too .... but there are many programs out there just need to decide what's best for your child. Math- used this new program at SCM and have loved it!! Science- we used many living good books but we also did Christian Liberty Reader level 1 & 2 (so he could read most himself) Other than those changes we joined a new group that had lesson plans laid out for ALL subjects and it has been GREAT this year! I particularly love the foreign language that they incorporate into the program. It has been amazing! Here is the link below it is great for those who want the planning done for you. :) Charlotte Mason Institute HTH :)
  3. Thanks everyone, I guess I shouldn't be too concerned when he reads aloud he reads well and not too fast. It is only when he reads silently on his own that he goes quickly. I guess for free reading and extra reading I shouldn't be concerned. Thanks for the great tips and links!
  4. My son taught himself to read very early around 3 yrs. old and is quite a fluent reader and has been reading broadly and quite advanced books for a couple of years now. He is now 6 1/2 and I am struggling with him reading way too fast and believe he is missing pieces of the story or only getting highlights. I have decided since he is young for his school books I read them to him so I know we are going at a slower pace and therefore will get most out of his reading. Any suggestions on how to slow him up for his other reading? I know if I had him read aloud it might slow him down but he likes to read for long periods of time and I know he would get tired of reading aloud and then want to know why I was making him. Plus I don't want his enjoyment of reading to be squashed by me making him do things that would stifle it. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Well definitely should check where planning on attending but we are in VA and they transferred to state schools here and also Liberty U which is where I think my son will end up. Yes make sure to do your homework...😉
  6. Yes, it is. That price is for normal college students or for online college students. For dual enrollment the price is $150 per course. Can't beat the price. :) You need to contact the Admissions counselor and request dual enrollment. They will get you where you need to be. I know most people over there now and they are easy to work with. PM if you want specific contact info. HTH
  7. No, I decided I wanted my son to have "in person" labs so we didn't do science with them. I am funny with that subject. ;)
  8. My son has taken courses through them for the past three years. They have grown and so getting into the courses you need is a bit of a challenge but it was worth it due to the cost being so cheap at $150 (I believe that is what it is now) a course. His teachers have varied some great, some okay. If you are really wanting to major in a particular subject then I probably wouldn't go that route but it has been perfect for getting rid of prerequisites for college. Classes are structured in an 8 wk. time frame. You don't have to log in at a certain time but you have to complete each weeks coursework within a period of time. My son often worked ahead in case of needing time off or unforeseen circumstances. You do need to buy books for each course but most can rent or find used pretty cheap. Assignments and tests are all done through the online portal. Tests vary depending on the teacher in regards to open book or essays...etc. Honor code I know is big here...No special "monitoring" is done. My son took the following there if you have specific questions: Fundamentals of Speech, Statistics, Microeconomics, British Lit, Sociology, Personal Computers, Eng 1023 & Eng 1013, Music Appreciation Hope this helps. :)
  9. I'm so glad! I did too....I was dragging my feet trying to decide which books to buy my kids for Christmas and for once it paid off. :laugh:
  10. Right now $5 off of any book(s) purchase of $15 or more. Enjoy!
  11. I will take a stab and a suggestion that I have really liked if you are looking for something planned, not Apologia, not textbooky, and where you have your kids think. If you don't mind it not being "classical" it is more CM based but I personally really enjoyed. She has many schedules already planned and I love that you can focus on a few topics not just one subject for the year. HTH :)
  12. This year (for my 1st grader we did the following but the ideas are endless): Museums: Historical since that was the time period we were studying this year: Mary Washington's house, Ferry Farm, Mount Vernon, etc. We also did an area museum that focused on Indians and if you can get a few families together many times they will do a homeschool field trip like they would with the schools. That is what I do for many of these and they make them fun! Also Science museums and children's museums! Art museums too!! Farm: a definite must for one time of the year. :) Theater- must attend one a year or even concerts. Zoos- many types from Aquariums to walk through zoos. We also did a nature day one day each month with a local lady who works for the parks and rec. It's been great.
  13. My son got it is based just on GPA and your SAT score and once you apply and are accepted; the scholarship is automatically applied so we heard a few weeks after applying he was being given full tuition too. It is a great opportunity...and one of two schools my son is considering. Another board member on here was telling me recently that her son is attending there on a full ride and is really enjoying it. Looks like a great school for engineering!! :)
  14. Gotcha....we moved here 14 yrs. ago and LOVE it...sorry to derail. :)
  15. When everyone has signed for our 2018 graduating class....we will have to start a new thread in the spring of where they end up! I love to see where they all go! :)
  16. Are you all in VA? I noticed your schools are VA schools. Funny we live in Fredericksburg but never considered UMW because of majors.
  17. Congrats to you all! So exciting! I agree the forum has helped many of us in finding scholarships and helps! I think my son is fairly confident that he will be going to Liberty. With that being the best financial decision as well as majors and being in our state makes the most sense. With getting full tuition and the VA in state scholarship it is looking like the best. I am happy for him my husband and I both graduated there but it has changed quite a bit! :( I think if I had my way I'd send him to Pensacola or Bob Jones (which he has considered) :laugh: so hard letting go! It sure will be nice when he signs and is for sure settled...hate to rush him though such a big decision!
  18. Gotcha...thanks everyone for schooling me. :-)
  19. Okay you need to have the technic sets for that motor set...
  20. You have a lot of good ideas other people have already mentioned so I'll add a few ideas to the mix. I have a 6 yr. old as well and since we are done with school by lunch this is what we do in the afternoons. handicrafts (I teach in the beginning and then can do on own: weaving, sewing, woodworking, housework, painting, sculpting, etc.) getting outside and playing exploring/ nature hunts, scavenger hunts, (give them their own nature notebook and let them draw, write, paint whatever) playing/practicing an instrument audio books in the afternoon (my son loves to listen to them and can do it while working puzzles, playing legos, k'nex etc.) Maybe your child thrives on routine and a sort of schedule like mine so I just tell him he will do such and such for the times in the afternoon even though most of the time he is doing things by himself or with me just by working on my own things. :) HTH
  21. I am wondering if there is an add on motor out there that one could use regular Legos and make things that move like robotic? Just curious we have this for K'nex and was curious if there is anything out there for Lego beside Mindstorms. Thanks so much looking for an idea for Christmas. :)
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