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  1. My son did Potters for Arabic I & II and has loved his teacher there...considering on staying on but if we could get college credit starting in 11th it would be a plus. My son met with the professor at our community college and was very impressed with where he was at and stated he could skip the intro class. Wish we could work out our times or find a place closer.
  2. Anyone know of a dual enrollment option for Arabic that has many levels that meets live? My son has taken online Arabic with Potters School for a couple of years now, but wants to start college courses his junior year. We met with an Arabic college professor today and was very impressed with his ability and was allowing him to skip a couple courses to where he could begin in his class but they only offer two courses and then we are not sure where to go after that. We would hate to skip around too much. We are looking for an online option that is live not self paced...he wants to really learn it well. Thanks for any ideas!! We have exhausted our efforts in our area with nothing locally. 😞
  3. Thanks for all of your suggestions...funny you mentioned VMI, my brother attended there and they have a high school program for the summer there too. I think he will probably do an international studies major with Arabic as his foreign language. Seems like more opportunities there and where he can go military or CIA whatever he decides after college. It has been fun learning about all options and really appreciate all of your ideas and thoughts!
  4. Thank you all for your ideas...a lot to chew on. I was looking at other majors with Arabic as a minor. I was excited to see some of the ideas for summer immersion programs that would be a good for him as well. He is hoping for a basketball scholarship but hey he is only 6'2" right now so he needs to get a bit more height but he is getting there and has two more years to grow...the doc always said he'd be 6'4" so not center positions. So we are looking at more Division II and probably NAIA. Christian school is very important to us and we are really hoping to make it happen- but money talks. Ha! We got lucky with my first he was a national merit student so got free tuition at Liberty. This son may he is close to getting scores but who knows and I know he won't be making the basketball team there! Whoever mentioned Princeton that's awesome but don't think that's in the cards here for us. Thanks for sharing stories and ideas you all have encountered...this is definitely new territory for me!
  5. Thanks everyone, yes we are looking on the East coast...preferably near VA. Thank for all of your ideas!!
  6. Thanks Claire that is good to know! Funny they picked the same two languages 😊
  7. I accidentally logged in wrong ... Homeschoolmom3 was my old user name...trying to log back in.
  8. He has read quite a large amount...he is one of those kids who I have to tell to stop reading and go do something else because if left he would just read ALL day! I haven't heard of the Moomintrolls, Great Brain books or the 39 clue books you mentioned so will have to do some digging there and I won't allow my kids to read Harry Potter...but as to the others yes he has done most. I am interested in a few of those older series you all mentioned and am so excited to check out if I can find them. ? I also found at the library the Redwall series which he has not done along with Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander and Freddy the Detective so will try those. Thanks for all of your guys are great!!
  9. W He has read some of the Sugar Creek Gang series but wasn't hooked. ? May try again....I am going to look into the others you have mentioned. You all are awesome! Great ideas!!
  10. Yes he has I forgot to mention he has finished the capital mysteries and read some of the a-z mysteries but I haven't heard of the Hollisters....will check out! (wow they look great! never saw those before thanks for the suggestion!) I was hoping to find good literature rich books but not sure if I'll find that in a series. ? Thanks everyone!
  11. Thanks everyone for your ideas...sad that many we have read but maybe he'd like to read again. Thanks for your words of encouragement and I guess I shouldn't worry too much I was just trying to see if there was more out there I am not aware of. ? Yes you are right he loves mysteries. We have done the Saturday's too because of his Penderwicks love. And yes, Lori D is awesome! Lloyd's Alexander books -The Chronicles of Prydain I am unfamiliar with so will check out is there anything questionable for a 7 yr. old to read? I am looking into the Redwall series too, looks promising. Thanks so much!!
  12. Thanks for your ideas...unfortunately he has read most of those and is a HUGE fan of all Roald Dahl books. ? There is a couple in there I haven't heard of and will check out...
  13. My son is an avid reader and a very strong one at that but at age 7 he is stuck on reading these chapter books that are well par for literature? I am trying to find some good series that he could read that would perk his interest and be literature rich. He loves series... ? Any suggestions? He has gone through the Cul de Sac Kids (loves these and still rereads them over and why?) The Boxcar Children &The Bobsey Twins and most of the Magic Tree House books (trying to steer away from these). Thanks for any suggestions! Forgot to mention he loved The Penderwicks series and we are listening to the last one that just came out now. ?
  14. Thanks....I finally figured it out! It was under the wrong email. ?
  15. The adult version would be fine but I just deleted or had him skip the inappropriate parts. Uhh...

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    Please let me know if you are willing to part with either or both and how much you would take for them looking to pay about 1/2 retail value. Thanks!


  17. We put in our first deposit and are glad the roller coaster is over and we can move on. :) We are all excited about his choice and the scholarships he was given..couldn't do much better anywhere else even community college so we are happy! Of course my hubby and I are secretly celebrating since it is our Alma mater :) Go LU Flames
  18. So my son got his VA Tech engineering acceptance letter today we didn't apply for scholarships since he decided before the cutoff that he was attending LU so didn't pursue but great to know he got in everywhere applied. Homeschooling didn't hurt him. :) Congrats exciting!
  19. DId you use the self-paced option or the Omni books alone? He did the classes online live.
  20. I agree with above posters and if I could add any is for you to just sit down and weigh the pros and cons. I wouldn't stress to much on the younger ones except reading, math, writing, etc. Also, you can combine so much of your kids together and tackle a lot! I don't have that many but I can combine my 6 yr. old with my 14 yr. old with many subjects. It is amazing what the younger ones will pick up. Like others have said get the older to help with the younger. Set times and stick to them! Even if you don't "finish" a lesson just set times to work on certain children and then move on. Keep morning time for school and then give yourself a break for the afternoon to get the other stuff done. Let your older kids work in the afternoon on stuff on their own. Know it is a season and do what you can do. I like the ideas of getting others to help with household essence you will have to decide what is most important whether to homeschool or not. I have had to let a lot go...uhmmm my house. :sad: Which was SO hard for me...but my perfectionist tendencies had to go! Pray and ask God to give you the wisdom to make the right decision...hugs!
  21. With my credit and wanting to get some back...I had my son this past fall take the 2 day lab course with him which was wonderful because it was in my city and I didn't have to pay for it! Ha! My son had a great time and learned a lot....but as for going in and paying more money for a class...I would be a bit hesitant. That's my opinion though... However, the lab was a nice addition to our course this year and if you have credits...I say use them! HTH
  22. My son did Composition in 7th grade at VP and did fine but he had come from Shurley so not familiar with CC but should be okay. Just be prepared to write! I believe that taking that course plus Omni Primary & Secondary is overkill at son did it and it about killed him. He is gifted and very self motivated and it was a tough year for him granted he is a perfectionist and was striving always for the A. Besides those courses he did Latin there that year was a lot and I did not go back after that...too much!! I recommend if you want to do Omnibus to try the combined course like where Wilson Hill Academy started because the reading is more doable and they only need to meet half the time as if you were doing two courses. VP might be doing that now too but I am not familiar with the caliber of the class. I can speak for WHA that the Omnibus courses are good but are not overkill like VP is. In regards to Omni 1 I didn't think my kids were ready for that so I had them start with Omni 3 and one kid I started with Omni 2 and it worked out just fine for them. Then we circled back around. I know many do it in 7th but 6th I think would be too young. There are many books they include that I would not want my young kids to read much less when they were older so we skipped those. You will have to make the call on that. HTH
  23. Ha...I hear ya! I had two of my kids using Saxon up until Algebra and then we switched but it did lay a good foundation. My kids liked it but ONLY because they liked "not" to think outside the box which could be a problem in higher math but it didn't cause a problem for my kids. I liked it because I am NOT a math teacher and that is my weakest subject it was nice to have it laid out and where I "couldn't" mess up. Ha! My kids liked worksheets and the independence...crazy! So if it is because it is taking too long which might be part of the reason... I would cut it in odd one day and in the next lesson do odd. That's what we did. It seemed to work just fine. I think there are too many problems for a day! However, with my youngest I am coming out of my comfort zone and trying something new...less problems more deep understanding and oral problems....not worksheets. Funny I think he'd prefer Saxon because of the love of worksheets and not having to explain himself and how he got an answer...ha ha! Too bad....anyway I would try that if you want to stay with Saxon...its not all bad and it is tried and true. Good luck!
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