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  1. Next year I will be teaching 3 kids in kinder, 3rd, and 4/5th. My oldest is behind several grades due to learning difficulties. I'm looking for a curriculum that we can teach family style for history, art, and science. I am hoping to find something that my older kids can understand and it not to advanced for their age. Please give me suggestions and if you have used it before etc.
  2. Is the teacher’s guide needed for the lower levels? I’m starting my 2nd grader in level 1 to fill some gaps. My daughter would start in level 3. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I recently took my second grade son out of public school and am looking for a math program. What are the best scripted math programs? He seems to process math quickly and doesn't seem to need any manipulatives. I have 3 kids at home so I would like a scripted open and go program. Thanks!
  4. Need help with math curriculum! I just withdrew my son from 2nd grade. He has been working with EUREKA math which is common core. He can’t stand number bonds but I’m wondering if I should find a similar curriculum until he settles into homeschool? I don’t want him to hate homeschool and fall behind if he decides to return to public school. Any suggestions?
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